To View Or Not To View, That Is The Question! - Guy Bedford - 27/06/2011
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To View Or Not To View, That Is The Question! - Guy Bedford - 27/06/2011



A talk on Drupal module Views by Guy Bedford.

A talk on Drupal module Views by Guy Bedford.



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    To View Or Not To View, That Is The Question! - Guy Bedford - 27/06/2011 To View Or Not To View, That Is The Question! - Guy Bedford - 27/06/2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome to: Views To view or not to view? Is that a question? 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford A DrupalCape Presentation by: Guy Bedford
    • Views and Drupal
      • Views and CCK most successful contrib modules
      • Views is a major factor in the growth of Drupal
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Angry Donuts 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford “ Earl Miles is a permanent member and founder of the Drupal Association. In 2005, Earl found Drupal and thought it was exactly the kind of thing that he wanted for a website he was building in his spare time. Then he found out that Drupal lacked a couple of features here and there; so Earl ignored work for about three weeks and created the Views module, which has been instrumental in Drupal's continued growth.”
    • Before views…
      • Drupal released in 2001
      • Views started in 2005
      • What did they do before views?
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Before views… 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford SELECT node.nid AS nid, node.title AS node_title, node_data_field_longteaser.field_longteaser_value AS node_data_field_longteaser_field_longteaser_value, node_data_field_longteaser.field_longteaser_format AS node_data_field_longteaser_field_longteaser_format, node.type AS node_type, node.vid AS node_vid, node_data_field_teaserdescription.field_teaserdescription_value AS node_data_field_teaserdescription_field_teaserdescription_value, node_data_field_longteaser.field_artilcleleadimage_fid AS node_data_field_longteaser_field_artilcleleadimage_fid, node_data_field_longteaser.field_artilcleleadimage_list AS node_data_field_longteaser_field_artilcleleadimage_list, node_data_field_longteaser.field_artilcleleadimage_data AS node_data_field_longteaser_field_artilcleleadimage_data, node_data_field_leadimage.field_leadimage_fid AS node_data_field_leadimage_field_leadimage_fid, node_data_field_leadimage.field_leadimage_list AS node_data_field_leadimage_field_leadimage_list, node_data_field_leadimage.field_leadimage_data AS node_data_field_leadimage_field_leadimage_data, node.created AS node_created FROM node node LEFT JOIN content_field_di_featurecb node_data_field_di_featurecb ON node.vid = node_data_field_di_featurecb.vid LEFT JOIN content_field_frontpage node_data_field_frontpage ON node.vid = node_data_field_frontpage.vid LEFT JOIN content_type_article node_data_field_longteaser ON node.vid = node_data_field_longteaser.vid LEFT JOIN content_field_teaserdescription node_data_field_teaserdescription ON node.vid = node_data_field_teaserdescription.vid LEFT JOIN content_field_leadimage node_data_field_leadimage ON node.vid = node_data_field_leadimage.vid WHERE (node.status <> 0) AND (node.type in ('article', 'news_snippet', 'showcase', 'speaker_presentation')) AND ((node_data_field_di_featurecb.field_di_featurecb_value) != ('Yes, this is a front page feature')) AND ((node_data_field_frontpage.field_frontpage_value) = ('Yes, this should feature in the front page feed')) ORDER BY node_created DESC
    • 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Direct SQL Queries / API functions in code
      • Requires programming
      • Need to understand the inner workings of Drupal
      • Research APIs and tables
      • Lots of debugging
      • Not fun
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Let’s try it 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford Select * from node
    • 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford Select * from node_revisions
    • 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford Select * from node left join node_revisions on node.vid = node_revision.vid
    • Now you know SQL…
      • SELECT node.title, node_revisions.body
      • FROM node
      • LEFT JOIN node_revisions ON node_revisions.vid = node.vid
      • WHERE node.type = 'news_snippet'
      • AND node.status = 1
      • ORDER BY node.created desc
      • LIMIT 5;
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • That’s it
      • Not quite…
        • Files, images
        • CCK fields
        • Field formatters
      • Views hides this all from you….
      • We then think in terms of ‘abstracted’ tables: node, taxonomy, user… with all the fields immediately accessible
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Views in Action Interactive examples and methods 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Views in Action
      • Useful views styles
      • Contexts
      • Using views with Progressive Enhancement
      • Views 3 features in D7
      • Related content
      • Views for administration
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Views Styles Examples
      • Views Slideshow
      • Views Cloud Carousel
      • Dynamic Display Block
      • jCarousel http://di.local/video/konstantin-grcic-milan2011
      • Suggestions of useful modules?
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Contexts
      • What’s a context?
      • How to make category pages with them
      • What about block contexts?
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • When views styles aren’t enough – Progressive Enhancement
      • Running your own JavaScript with progressive enhancement of views (templating)
      • Using semantic views
        • http://di.local/articles-news2/results/taxonomy:869?page=1
      • Want to learn JavaScript? Endless possibilities…
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • D7 Views 3 new features
      • Exposed Sorts, input required
      • No Results, header and footer pluggable (nb URL overloading)
      • Clone & Reorder displays
      • Group By
      • Views OR (module for D6)
      • Support for other databases
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Related Content
      • Related content with node reference (preferable)
      • Related content by taxonomy
      • Views 2 snippets: ,
      • $node = node_load(arg(1));
      • if(isset($node->taxonomy)) {
      • foreach($node->taxonomy as $term){
      • $terms[] = $term->tid;
      • }
      • return implode('+', $terms);
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Some other useful modules
      • View Field (views in views and on content)
      • Views grouping – row grouping and query grouping.
      • Views PHP
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Views for Administration
      • Much better administration pages with tables and exposed filters
      • Drupal node administration isn’t ideal
      • It doesn’t take long to give your clients custom admin pages, but saves a lot of time in editing
      • Bulk Operations with Rules, Views Bonus Pack (CSV, DOC, XML Export D6)
      • DI: admin/products, admin/users
      27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford
    • Thank you Questions and Suggestions Welcome 27/June/2011 Presenter: Guy Bedford