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DrupalCape SITA Info Session - Presented by Danie van der Merwe, SITA Consu
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DrupalCape SITA Info Session - Presented by Danie van der Merwe, SITA Consu


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How To Contract WithGovernment for Software Development Services Presented by Danie van der Merwe 07 September 2011 State Information Technology Agency
  • 2. Legal Context Public Finance Management Act, SITA Act, SITA Regulations, Treasury Practice Notes, Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, etc = Fair and Transparent Procurement with Taxpayers Money Government ICT House of Values = Security, Interoperability, Reduced Duplication, Economies of Scale, and Digital Inclusion National Treasury Practice Note 5 of 2009 – Section 6:  Departments may not go out on own bids if the goods/services are the subject matter of a transversal contract  Departments must procure from the relevant supplier(s) under that contract Departments can procure via SITA or directly from suppliers that are approved on a transversal contract State Information Technology Agency
  • 3. Contract 570 – Acquisition of IT Services Service types are listed eg. Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Business Solution Development Companies are listed per Province Excludes provision of hardware or software No labour brokers – “Managed Skill Set” managed by a contracted service provider Contract 570 listed at Notices, Client Engagement Model, Vendor Contact List, Task Directive Template, MOUs Agreements Quotes for under R500,000 and Formal Bid/Tender for over R500,000 State Information Technology Agency
  • 4. Actual Contracting Departments must contract with the named listed supplier for Transversal Contracts Two Ways for New Suppliers:  Sub-contract to a listed company but they quote government and are accountable – should have signed agreement with listed company  Register with SITA on website under “Supplier Registration” and produce company details, tax clearance certificate, certified bank account, then Open or Contract Specific Engagement Two Types of Registration at No Cost or Obligation:  Contract Specific – Limited to Listed Suppliers, Could be Direct Engagement, Specific Windows to Register ie. 570 in next few Months  Open Bids – Open to Any Registered Supplier to Quote or Bid, Can Register at Any Time, Usually via SITA, Covers Any ICT Goods or Services not on Contract Invites via SITA Website (Open) or to Listed Suppliers as per Contact Details on Contract Contract only Valid after Official Government Order Form Issued State Information Technology Agency
  • 5. Additional Notes Selected Government Standards/Policy/Acts:  MISS – Minimum Information Security Standards governing access to information, classification, etc – see remier/MISS.pdf  MIOS V4.1 – Minimum Interoperability Standards eg. ODF, PDF, XML see standards?orderby=dmdate_published  Managing Electronic Records in Governmental Bodies: Metadata Requirements – see 4915-v1-NARS_DMLIB- Managing_electronic_records_metadata_requirements.PDF  FOSS – Free and Open Source Software Policy see policy  Government Wide Enterprise Architecture Framework – to be used as a Basis for Certification and Validation - see /GWEA%20Framework%201.2%20EA%20Forum%2030%20J une%2009.pdf  Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act – see State Information Technology Agency
  • 6. Questions Q&AState Information Technology Agency