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Drupalcamp Estonia - Drupal 7
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Drupalcamp Estonia - Drupal 7



Drupal 7 and way forward by Kristjan Jansen in DrupalCamp Estonia 2011.

Drupal 7 and way forward by Kristjan Jansen in DrupalCamp Estonia 2011.



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Drupalcamp Estonia - Drupal 7 Drupalcamp Estonia - Drupal 7 Presentation Transcript

  • Drupal 7 anDway forwarDKristjan Jansenhttp://kika.trip.ee
  • we will talk about1 why Drupal 7?2 upgrade process3 Drupal 8 and beyond
  • 1why Drupal 7?
  • Visible changes
  • overlay and new themes
  • CCK (fields) in core
  • Images + ImageCache in core
  • new information architecture
  • lots of small improvements
  • under the hood
  • new database layer + drivers
  • Semantic web: rDfa
  • Testing framework
  • nice, but..D7 helps you get started more quickly on newprojects but what about upgrading from D6? why should I bother?
  • Security
  • Drupal development supports current (D7)and previous release (D6) fixes (including securityones) are applied to these releases, not ealier ones
  • D7 took three years to make, target for D8 is two years. This means D6 sites will be obsolete and likely insecure by late 2012
  • web is moving on
  • latest web technologies are beingintegrated with Drupal...but only for D7 and D8
  • Brave newinterfaces
  • Key contributed modules are rewritten for D7 and have next-gen user interface and functionality
  • Views
  • Media
  • Commerce (ex-ubercart)
  • Convinced?It’s oK not to be :)
  • 2upgrade process
  • Start with /upGraDE.txt
  • Drush makes things easier, here’s how to disable all no-core modules in 1 sec> drush pm-disable `drush pm-list--pipe --status=enabled --no-core` -y
  • If update.php failsphp max_execution_time 0 variablecheck.moduleGoogle for error messages
  • Trickierdata upgrades
  • D7 CCK module for migration
  • D7 references module
  • Image migration D6 image module D6 imagefield module D7 core image module  (D7 media module?)
  • Moduleupgrades
  • Is there a D7 version? Most popular modules are ported There is a steady process of D7 releases “long tail” of modules
  • ScenariosHave D7 portIn D7 coreno D7 port, has alternativeobsoleteno D7 port
  • no D7 portIs there a issue in a project? Contact (co)maintainer Sponsor port or DIy look for alternatives
  • Subscribe to releases rSS
  • Theme upgrades
  • who made your theme? Custom theme?Drupal contrib theme?Based on base theme?
  • Theme code has changed
  • porting alternativesport existing D6 theme to D7 find new base (Stark,starter kits) and reinterpret Create fresh new design
  • If your update.php is successful...
  • ..there’s still lot to do Input (text) formats Imagecache presets Views (partially) Blocks
  • upgradecase studies
  • a Simple blogB Big community site, 8k visitors per day
  • a Simple blog30 minutes (with Drush)to get module statuses and right versions
  • a Simple blog1 hour to debug errors
  • a Simple blog3 hours to port theme.Creating from scratch,reinterpret. 90% ready
  • B Big community site It took 2 hours to run update.php with 45k nodes and 250k comments
  • B Big community site But it failed
  • B Big community site remove all contrib modules, try again? Go for migrate.module?
  • It’s almost impossible to have 100% smooth dataupgrade using update.php D7 tried hard but it’s still buggy
  • D8 might have in-releaseupgrades only(8.0 to 8.5 etc)
  • 3 Drupal 8and beyond
  • D7 development process had lot of weaknesses It took a year too long lot of lessons learned
  • Core initiativesTo solve organizationaldevelopment problems
  • Split development into separate tracks withresponsible initiative owners five initial initiatives (there might be more)
  • Configuration Management web Services Design Internationalization HTMl5
  • CVS  Git To solve technicaldevelopment problems
  • Drupal.org, Github killer?
  • not yet, but the Git impact tonum. of commits is massive
  • new dev modelCore initiatives + Git helps toscale Drupal 8 development
  • There’s a hope that we do not need to wait another three years for Drupal 8
  • Thanks!