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Drupal 6 Performance Tips


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This is an introductory presentation to the content of my book Drupal 6 Performance Tips published in February 2010 by Packt Publishing. -Trevor James

This is an introductory presentation to the content of my book Drupal 6 Performance Tips published in February 2010 by Packt Publishing. -Trevor James

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  • 1. Performance Strategies for the Drupal Webmaster Presented by Trevor James Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA
  • 2. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Author Trevor James | Drupal Developer & Webmaster | http:// / Trevor has been designing Web sites for over 13 years, specializing in HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, and has worked with Drupal intensively for over 2 years. Trevor is interested in all aspects of Drupal including best methods of developing Drupal themes, Drupal site performance, and using CCK, Views and Panels to develop Frontend interfaces to support data intensive Web sites. Trevor is currently working on a number of Drupal related projects for non-profit, Education-based and small business organizations. Trevor created an 11.5 hour video tutorial series comprising 114 lessons titled Introduction to Drupal 6 for VTC (Virtual Training Company) in 2009. The videos are Available here:
  • 3. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Why a book on Drupal Performance?
    • Many Drupal books are on the market but no other book focuses specifically on Drupal core performance.
    • To contribute to the Drupal community of users, Webmasters, and developers, presenting them with a practical book on how to keep Drupal sites running smoothly and presenting practical tips on keeping sites maintained and updated using core performance strategies.
    • To target both beginners and advanced users of the Drupal framework/CMS. This book provides practical tips and knowledge for novice Drupal users as well as advanced Drupal developers.
    • To help Drupal site Webmasters and developers keep their sites running fast and well maintained.
  • 4. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Sample Chapter and Articles Visit the Packt Publishing Web site for a sample chapter from the book and Articles excerpted from the book – both chapter and articles are available as PDF downloads: Sample Chapter 5: Using DB Maintenance and Boost: Articles: Drupal 6 Performance Optimization Using Throttle and Devel Module Drupal 6 Performance Optimization Using Views and Panels Caching
  • 5. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA What you will learn from the book
    • Upgrade your Drupal site – both full version upgrades and security patches
    • Backup and maintain your Drupal 6 site using core and contributed modules
    • Run core Drupal page compression, CSS and JS compression, and use Drupal core page caching
    • Use the Development (Devel) module to monitor page loads and queries
    • Use the Boost module for anonymous page caching
    • Install and use Memcache API, Authcache, and Advanced Cache modules
    • Configure a Drupal multisite environment
  • 6. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Upgrade your Drupal site
    • Demonstrates how to upgrade a Drupal 5.x site to Drupal 6.x
    • Best methods for backing up your site and database
    • Upgrade to latest Drupal 5.x
    • Install contributed module upgrades and the Update Status module
    • Backup and export Views
    • Upgrade to Drupal 6.x & run update.php
    • Dealing with parse errors, white screens and other upgrade glitches
    • Best practices for tweaking your PHP memory limit; resetting your Views; and upgrading your custom theme
  • 7. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Maintain your Drupal site
    • Understanding your Drupal configuration file (settings.php)
    • Understanding your PHP and MySQL settings
    • Introduction to Drupal caching
    • Enabling Normal and Aggressive page caching
    • Block caching
    • Other bandwidth concerns such as optimizing CSS files; and optimizing Javascript files
    • What CSS optimization looks like in Firebug
    • Performance cache, theme registry; running cron and Poormanscron module; best practices for backing up your Drupal site
  • 8. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Use Development module
    • What do your recent log entries tell you?
    • The Development (Devel) module:
    • The Devel module provides a suite of tools for the Drupal theme and performance
    • developer. Two major components of the Devel module include helper utilities that
    • monitor performance of your site, and tools for themers that allow for quick and
    • more accurate theme development.
    • In chapter 3 we look at how to use the Devel module to enhance performance on our Drupal site. Both Drupal beginners and advanced developers will gain Development module best practice tips from this chapter.
    • We’ll use the Devel module to check on database queries that occur during our page loads and how long these queries take to run. We’ll use the Development block to get easier access to some common performance tools such as cron, performance cache, and theme registry.
  • 9. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Performance Optimization
    • Throttle module and auto throttling features in Drupal
    • Throttling modules and blocks
    • How do you generate test users, content and categories on your Drupal site?
    • Views 2 module caching
    • Panels module caching
  • 10. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Using DB Maintenance and Boost
    • How to use the DB Maintenance module to optimize your MySQL database
    • Introduction to the Boost module
    • Install & configure Boost
    • Boost file cache settings / cacheability settings
    • Boost directories and file extensions
    • Tweaking .htaccess to support our Boost configuration (see code sample on next slide
  • 11. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA ### BOOST START ### AddDefaultCharset utf-8 <FilesMatch &quot;(.html|.xml)$&quot;> <IfModule mod_headers.c> Header set Expires &quot;Sun, 19 Nov 1978 05:00:00 GMT&quot; Header set Cache-Control &quot;no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0&quot; </IfModule> </FilesMatch> <IfModule mod_mime.c> AddCharset utf-8 .html AddCharset utf-8 .xml AddCharset utf-8 .css AddCharset utf-8 .js </IfModule> <FilesMatch &quot;.html.gz$&quot;> ForceType text/html </FilesMatch> <FilesMatch &quot;.xml.gz$&quot;> ForceType text/xml </FilesMatch> <FilesMatch &quot;.css.gz$&quot;> ForceType text/css </FilesMatch> <FilesMatch &quot;.js.gz$&quot;> ForceType text/javascript </FilesMatch> # Gzip Cookie Test RewriteRule boost-gzip-cookie-test.html cache/perm/boost-gzipcookie- test.html.gz [L,T=text/html] # NORMAL - Cached css & js files RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/fire/cache/perm/%{SERVER_ NAME}%{REQUEST_URI}_.css -s RewriteRule .* cache/perm/%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI}_.css [L,QSA,T=text/css] RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/fire/cache/perm/%{SERVER_ NAME}%{REQUEST_URI}_.js -s RewriteRule .* cache/perm/%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI}_.js [L,QSA,T=text/javascript] # Caching for anonymous users
  • 12. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA More on the Boost module
    • Testing your Boost configuration
    • Using Boost with Poormanscron
    • Clearing your Boost cache
    • Boost module admin and stats blocks
    • Boost Pages cache status block & configuration block
  • 13. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Advanced Boost
    • In this chapter, we're going to continue to use the Boost module and look in detail at
    • some of the module's advanced settings and its configuration.
    • Modules that work with Boost – Transliteration, Pathauto and Global Redirect
    • Advanced Boost settings
    • Adding rules using Rules module
    • Testing your Database timestamp settings
    • Boost crawler settings
  • 14. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Using Memcache API and Integration
    • How to install a portable development WAMP server – using MoWeS Portable
    • Installing Memcached libraries and service
    • Integrating and testing Memcached with PHP 5.2.x
    • Installing the Memcache API and Integration module
    • Enabling the Memcache Admin module
    • Memcache status and statistics per page
    • Running Memcache without saving cache data to your database
  • 15. Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA Advanced Caching
    • This chapter will discuss contributed modules for advanced caching including Cache
    • Router, Authenticated User Page Caching, Advanced Cache, APC (Alternative PHP
    • Cache), File Cache, and so on.
    • In this chapter, we're going to return to our discussion of Drupal caching
    • mechanisms and take a detailed look at a group of contributed caching modules
    • that allow for more granular and advanced cache confi gurations within our site.
    • By the end of this chapter you will know how to install and confi gure the following
    • contributed caching modules:
    • Cache Router
    • Authenticated User Page Caching (Authcache)
    • Advanced Cache
  • 16. Buy the book now at The title is also available via ; and via links on my Web site, Trevor James | Drupal Developer | | USA