How To Play Dragon Delta


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How To Play Dragon Delta

  1. 1. How to play…A series by Wendy Derman
  2. 2. Dragon Delta German-style board game 2 to 6 players Ages 8 and up 1 hour or less to play
  3. 3. The ChallengeBe the first to cross the Dragon River by: Placing stones on sandbars Placing planks on stones Walking across the planksYou must reach the shore directly opposite your starting location.
  4. 4. The risksThwart your opponents by: Blocking them Removing their planks Summoning dragons
  5. 5. The pieces A pawn for each player A set of 6 planks for each player A common pool of stones
  6. 6. Placement cards Place 1 or 2 stones Place 1 or 2 planks Remove a plank or a stone  You may not remove a plank that someone is standing on  You may not remove a stone that is supporting a plank
  7. 7. Movement cards Move pawn 1 space Move pawn 2 spaces Jump your pawn over an opponent’s pawn Two players may not stand on the same plank. If you cannot complete movement exactly as shown on the card, you fall into the river and go back to your starting zone.
  8. 8. Here be dragons Every player has 5 dragon cards, matching the colors of their opponents When you play a dragon card, the opponent who has the color you play loses their turn You may only play 1 dragon card per round
  9. 9. The Play Every player secretly picks 5 cards from all available cards and stacks them in the order in which they will be played. Everyone turns up card #1. Actions on the cards are carried out, beginning with the starting player and moving clockwise. Turns 2 through 5 are completed in the same way. After turn 5, the round ends. All cards are returned to the players hands. Starting player moves to the next person clockwise.
  10. 10. Round 1 Here is what the board might look like at the end of round 1. Most players have headed towards the center, and are on a collision course. Blue has decided to go around the outside edge instead. It is a longer path, but with less risk of bumping into opponents.
  11. 11. The catch You may not change the cards you picked or the order you picked for them once the round begins. This means that based on your opponent’s moves, you may not be able to legally complete a move that you had planned.
  12. 12. Oh no! If you play a movement card but your pawn is not able to complete the movement, you fall into the river and go back to your starting zone. The next image shows yellow blocked by other players in all directions. If yellow’s next card is to move one or two spaces, yellow will fall into the river. However, if yellow’s next card is placement, a dragon, or jump a pawn, they are safe.
  13. 13. The win The first player to touch the shore ofthe zone directly opposite their starting zone, wins the game.