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  • Where do the disease care doctors get involved on this continuum? Symptomatic – more progressive ones may even do early detection and address asymptomatic? Where does the wellness DC get involved? Anywhere, but the goal is to move you to optimum health.
  • 1/20 th the amount of energy to do the same thing after a chiropractic adjustment?
  • Wellness lay lecture

    1. 1. The WellnessRevolutionPRESENTED BY:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center
    2. 2. Health CareOr Sick Care?
    3. 3. What isWellness?
    4. 4. We define wellness as:The degree to which anIndividual experienceshealth and vitality in anydimension of life.
    5. 5. The degreedegree to which an individualexperiences health and vitality in anydimension of live.Wellness and illness exist on a continuum.The human body is never static. Everydecision you make moves you towardswellness or away from it.degree
    6. 6. The degree to which an individualexperiences health and vitalityhealth and vitality inany dimension of life.health and vitalityHealth and vitality refer to your life force.The Power to live, grow, and express yourmaximum potential as a human being.
    7. 7. The degree to which an individualexperiences health and vitality inany dimensiondimension of life.dimensionYour life is made up of multipledimensions that are separate, yetprofoundly connected. You canmove toward wellness in onedimension while moving awayfrom it in another.
    8. 8. The 3Dimensionsof StressIn order to achieve truewellness we must addressall 3 dimensionssimultaneously.
    9. 9. The PhysicalDimension:How You Use Your BodyPositive Physical Stress:• Regular exercise• Stretching• Proper DigestionNegative Physical Stress:• Sleep deprivation• Sports injuries• High blood pressure
    10. 10. The Bio-ChemicalDimension:What You Put IntoYour BodyPositive Bio-Chemical Stress:• Staying properly hydrated• Vitamin consumption• Eating well balanced mealsNegative Bio-Chemical Stress:• Excessive consumption ofalcohol• Smoking• Artificial preservatives
    11. 11. The PsychologicalDimension:The Mind-Body ConnectionPositive Psychological Stress:• Taking steps toward your goals• Solving a problem• Doing something good for yourselfNegative Psychological Stress:• Financial troubles• Argument with spouse• Impossible career deadlines
    13. 13. How do you “feel”versus…G.A.P.
    14. 14. SPINAL SUBLUXATION• A state of the body where overwhelminglifestyle stress causes interference withnervous system function and results inspinal misalignment.• A major focus of chiropractic is toaddress spinal subluxation.
    15. 15. It’s No WonderSo Few PeopleSucceed
    16. 16. In order toachieve truewellness all 3dimensionsmust improvesimultaneously.
    17. 17. CreatingWellness
    18. 18. Step 1The Creating WellnessAssessmentWe determine your individualneeds through state-of-the-artassessment technology and acomprehensive lifestyle survey.
    19. 19. Step 2Your WellnessQuotientFrom your assessment weestablish your wellnessquotient. This is the sum totalof your current physical, bio-chemical, and psychologicalwell-being, and the foundationfrom which you will begin tocreate wellness in your life.
    20. 20. Dramatic Results with theCreating Wellness System80 103Initial Wellness Quotient After Phase One(These are average. Results may vary)
    21. 21. Step 4Weekly CoachingIn Weekly sessions, yourpersonal coach will help youface challenges, overcomeobstacles---and share in yourvictories! Our personalcoaching program is acornerstone of the CreatingWellness System.
    22. 22. Step 5Measurable ResultsWe reassess you every 3months to make sure you areachieving measurable results.The program adaptsdynamically to your changingneeds.
    23. 23. Dramatic Results with theCreating Wellness program10 Weeks on the Creating Wellness ProgramAverage Patient BenefitsBody Fat decreases 4.90%Waist Line decreases 4.75%Systolic BP decreases 3.75%Diastolic BP decreases 4.17%Seated HR decreases 5.45%Standing HR decreases 7.37%Arm Strength increases 34.37%Leg Strength increases 20.32%Torso Strength increases 26.16%
    24. 24. Dramatic Results with theCreating Wellness programA Sampling of Other Measured Results• Sugar cravings decreased• Controlling worries and anxieties improved• Significant increase in eating fruits, vegetables andbalanced meals…especially breakfast.• Significant decrease in eating fast food• Significant increase in sleep quality• Increase ability to face negative stress• Increase in completing goals and tasks• Increased efficiency at work
    25. 25. An Offer YouShouldn’t Refuse