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  • Toxins are substances that don’t nourish the body and interfere with optimum health. For example, f ine particles in exhaust, smog, and industry dust can be bad for your heart and lungs.
  • There are approximately 80,000 synthetic chemicals registered for use in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Research has shown that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems. In 2009, the EPA estimated that 3.42 billion pounds of chemicals were disposed of or released to the environment.
  • Liver: Filters toxins; aids the body in metabolizing fat, protein, and carbohydrates; helps transform many toxins into harmless agents Kidneys: Filter out waste and excess fluid from the blood; regulate and release the right balance of sodium, phosphorus, and potassium for the body to function properly Small intestine: digests food so that nutrients can be absorbed into the blood and transported to the liver; provides a barrier that blocks toxins from the rest of the body Large intestine: absorbs water and electrolytes, forming waste that is excreted from the body; produces antibodies for GI health; contains bacterium that create fatty acids and some vitamins for additional nutritional support
  • Phase I enzymes break toxins apart so they can be metabolized – in some cases toxins can’t be removed b/c they can’t be broken down and processed out of the kidneys. Phase I can make toxins more toxic so it’s key to have both phase I and phase II – the p II enzymes repackage the parts of the toxins so they are neutralized and can be taken of the body through urine.
  • Sources: http://www.businessweek.com/1996/19/b3474101.htm http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/Publications/DietaryGuidelines/2010/PolicyDoc/Chapter3.pdf - pg 8 according to adobe, 27 on the document.
  • These questionnaires can be ordered free of charge from Standard Process. It would be helpful to pass these out during your workshop.
  • Tasty shake recipes can be found in the patient guide.
  • Whole Food Fiber is a powder which contains more insoluble fiber, while Gastro-Fiber is a capsule which contains more soluble fiber.
  • Some patients may benefit from the support of one or more of these additional products.
  • On this slide, you could reference page 10 of the patient guide (available through Standard Process). Recipes are also available on the Standard Process website.
  • Taper off of caffeine before you begin your program to lessen headaches.
  • Purification powerpoint

    1. 1. Tired?Weight LossChallenges?Poor Digestion?Purify Your Body.Transform Your Life.
    2. 2. Why Purification?Why Purification?Help you remove natural toxinsfrom your bodyHelp maintain a healthy weight
    3. 3. Toxins Affect Our HealthToxins Affect Our HealthFatigue or difficulty sleepingDigestion and other gastrointestinal problemsFood cravings and weight gainReduced mental clarityLow libido
    4. 4. We Live in a Toxic EnvironmentWe Live in a Toxic EnvironmentAir and water pollutantsCaffeineCigarette smokeCosmeticsHeavy metalsHousehold cleaning productsPesticides and herbicidesPharmaceuticalsPreservativesAnd many more…
    5. 5. How do toxins enter the body?How do toxins enter the body?LungsExhaustToxic fumesSecond-hand smokeDigestive TrackFood additivesSoft drinksSkin PenetrationPerfumesLotionsHair sprays
    6. 6. How are toxins removed from the body?How are toxins removed from the body?LiverKidneysSmall IntestineLarge Intestine
    7. 7. Liver—Primary Organ of DetoxificationLiver—Primary Organ of Detoxification
    8. 8. MSGoften listed natural flavorsSugarTrans fatsHigh Fructose Corn SyrupDiet Contributes to Our Toxic Loadand Excess WeightDiet Contributes to Our Toxic Loadand Excess Weight
    9. 9. The U.S. allows over 3,000chemicals to be added intoour foods.1The average American consumesmore than 75 lbs of sugar annually.Sugar contributes an averageof 16 percent of the totalcalorie in American diets.2What Are Americans Eating?What Are Americans Eating?
    10. 10. Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 1990Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 1990(*BMI ≥30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5’ 4” person)No Data <10% 10%–14%
    11. 11. Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 2000Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 2000(*BMI ≥30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5’ 4” person)No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% ≥20%
    12. 12. Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 2009Overweight Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 2009(*BMI ≥30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5’ 4” person)No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% 20%–24% 25%–29% ≥30%
    13. 13. Toxicity QuestionnaireToxicity QuestionnaireThe Toxicity Questionnairehelps you evaluate yourtoxicity levels anddetermine if youneed to detoxify.
    14. 14. Eliminate toxinsMaintain a healthier weightLive a healthier lifestyleHave more energyImprove digestion*What Can Be Achieved in 21 days?What Can Be Achieved in 21 days?
    15. 15. Research Points to SuccessResearch Points to SuccessStandard Process Purification ProgramThe results from 28 chiropractic patients strengthened thetheory that a calorie-restricted whole food diet, along withnutritional supplements, can support healthy serum lipids andweight when administered under the guidance of a trainedhealth care professional.“A nutritional program improved lipid profiles and weight in 28 chiropractic patients:a retrospective case series.” James P. Powell, Joseph S. Leonard. (September, 2008)Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
    16. 16. Purification ProductsPurification ProductsSP Cleanse®—purificationSP Complete®or SP Complete®Dairy Free—nutritious supplement shakesGastro-Fiber®or Whole Food Fiber—fiber supportSP Green Food®—phytonutrients*
    17. 17. Combines 20 unique whole foodand botanical ingredientsSupports healthy kidney, liver,and gallbladder functionEncourages healthy digestive functionSupports the normal elimination of toxinsPromotes healthy elimination*SP CleanseSP Cleanse
    18. 18. SP Complete orSP Complete Dairy FreeSP Complete orSP Complete Dairy FreeEssential whole food nutrition ina convenient powderProvides amino acids, essential fatty acids,and other vitaminsSupports intestinal, muscular, and immune healthProvides antioxidantsSupports healthy liver functionSupports the normal elimination of toxinsSupports the maintenance of a healthy weightwhen combined with a healthy lifestyle*
    19. 19. Key Ingredients in SP CompleteKey Ingredients in SP CompleteWhey protein (SP Complete) or rice protein (SP Complete Dairy Free)—Provide the building blocks of protein called amino acids; help supporthealthy muscle tissue maintenanceBarley grass—Supplies antioxidants to assist in removing toxins from the bodyRice, buckwheat, and flax—Provide fiber to support healthy eliminationAlfalfa—Promotes digestive health*
    20. 20. Key Ingredients in SP CompleteKey Ingredients in SP CompleteCalcium and magnesium—Assist in keepingbones and teeth strongGrape seed and red wine extracts—ProvideOPCs for cardiovascular support and protectionfrom free radicalsBuckwheat—Supports healthy blood vessel wallsCholine and inositol—Support healthy nerve andbrain function*
    21. 21. SP Green FoodSP Green FoodContains five organically grown whole foodsPromotes healthy liver functionProvides antioxidantsSupports overall cellular healthProvides phytonutrientsSupports cholesterol metabolism, alreadywithin a normal rangeSupports the normal elimination of toxins*
    22. 22. Key Ingredients in SP Green FoodKey Ingredients in SP Green FoodBrussels sprouts and kaleSupport normal growth and division of cellsImprove cholesterol metabolismProvide antioxidant protectionHelp remove toxins from the liverBuckwheatProtein extract has been shown to helpincrease muscle mass and reduce body fatContains powerful antioxidants tohelp detoxify the liver*
    23. 23. Key Ingredients in SP Green FoodKey Ingredients in SP Green FoodBarley grassProvides antioxidant supportSupplies mineralsAlfalfaUsed historically for bladder andkidney supportToday used for indigestion andridding toxins from the body*
    24. 24. Gastro-Fiber or Whole Food FiberGastro-Fiber or Whole Food FiberSoften the stool and encourageregular eliminationPromote a healthy gutMaintain healthy lipid andblood glucose levels alreadyin normal ranges*
    25. 25. Supportive ProductsSupportive ProductsWhey Pro Complete—Supplies protein to increaseenergy and support muscle tissue growthTuna Omega-3 Oil—Provides omega-3 fatty acidsGymnema 4g—Maintains healthy blood sugarlevels already within a normal range whencombined with a healthy dietProSynbiotic—Supports gut flora and overallintestinal healthLinum B6—contains flaxseed oil to help maintainhealthy skin, nerve tissue, and blood fat levels*
    26. 26. Days 1-10Unlimited raw, organic (if possible) fruits and vegetables,particularly green, leafy vegetablesEat twice as many vegetables as fruit—very importantLentils or wild/brown riceSpring waterHigh-quality oilsExercise at least four days (30-45 minutes) per weekDays 11-21Same as above, plus protein (fish and lean meat)The Journey Begins…The Journey Begins…
    27. 27. What to AvoidWhat to AvoidWhen in doubt, avoid anything not listed in the programguide. This is vitally important to your success.Margarine, spreads, corn oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil,sunflower oil, and ALL hydrogenated oils and trans fatsCaffeine and alcoholCoffee, tobacco, or other stimulantsSoft drinksNuts, beans, dairy, and grainsProcessed or refined foodsDried/canned vegetables and fruitCured, smoked, or luncheon meat
    28. 28. SupplementsSupplementsDays 1-7Drink at least 2-3 SP Complete or SP CompleteDairy Free shakes/day7 SP Cleanse capsules 3 times per day(One bottle lasts 7days.)3 Gastro-Fiber capsules 3 times per day or1 Tbs. Whole Food Fiber per SP Complete shakeDays 8-21Add 5 SP Green Food capsules 2 times per dayin place of the SP CleanseNote: Supplements can be added to theSP Complete shakes if swallowing capsulesis not preferred.
    29. 29. 4-Body Types4-Body Types4-Body Types ByDr. Eric Berg D.C.Supports WeightLoss bysupportingEndocrineFunction andHealth
    30. 30. • Body type andWeight Loss• Reshaping theBody• The EndocrineConnection4-Body Types4-Body Types
    31. 31. Liver TypeLiver Type• Potbelly• Bloating aftermeals• Cravings for friedfoods• Tired in themorning• Stiff joints in4-Body Types4-Body Types
    32. 32. Liver TypeLiver Type• 1 serving per day ofmeat. (Fish is best!)The size of your palm• 1-2 Organic Eggs perday• 2 small hand fulls ofraw nuts per day. (NOPeanuts!)• 5 Servings+ ofCruciferous Vegetables4-Body Types4-Body Types
    33. 33. Liver TypeLiver Type• Critical to Avoid!• Fried foods(Including PotatoChips, Bacon,Chicken etc)• Grains, (Wheat,Corn, Rice, Oats,Flour etc.)• Alcohol4-Body Types4-Body Types
    34. 34. Liver TypeLiver TypeSupplements:• “LivaplexCapsules” 2twice per dayPower Foods:• Beets,CruciferousVeggies4-Body Types4-Body Types
    35. 35. Adrenal TypeAdrenal Type• “Buffalo Hump” of fat on shoulders.Stomach loose and hanging overwaist.• Unable to rest at night• Tired around 10:00 Am, 2:00 PM,and 4:00 PM• Excess Stress and Worry!• Craving Salt• Retaining Water, especially around4-Body Types4-Body Types
    36. 36. Adrenal TypeAdrenal Type• Smaller meals more frequentthroughout day.• DO NOT eat 1-2 large mealsper day• Eat raw nuts in between mealsto support blood sugar• Sea Salt; 1/4 teaspoon in themorning, and 1/4 teaspoon in theevening.• Do Not Over drink water. (Drinkwater when you are thirsty!)4-Body Types4-Body Types
    37. 37. Adrenal TypeAdrenal Type• Critical to Avoid!• Sugar• Refinedcarbohydrates(bread, pasta,desserts, candy,colas etc.)• Coffee andstimulants4-Body Types4-Body Types
    38. 38. Adrenal TypeAdrenal TypeSupplements:• “Drenamin Tablets” 3tablet twice per day• “Adrenal Complex” 1tablet three times per day(Caution: Do not use inHypertension)• “Gymnema” 1 tablet 3times per day. (Helpswith carb cravings)4-Body Types4-Body Types
    39. 39. Thyroid TypeThyroid Type• Weight is more evenlydistributed, heavy all over• Cold extremities• Craves bread and sugaryfoods• Tired all the time• Dry skin4-Body Types4-Body Types
    40. 40. Thyroid TypeThyroid Type• Lots of vegetables! Steam your CruciferousVegetables• Kelp-power foods• Lentils/beans at 1/3 of vegetableconsumption• 25 grams of protein per day. (Slowmetabolism)• Light on fats, make sure all fat youconsume is healthy fat!• Organic Meat and Dairy• Raw nuts between meals4-Body Types4-Body Types
    41. 41. Thyroid TypeThyroid Type• Critical to Avoid!• Overeating• Too many raw cruciferousvegetables• Bread, Pasta, Candy,Colas, refinedcarbohydrates4-Body Types4-Body Types
    42. 42. Thyroid TypeThyroid TypeSupplements:– “Thyroid ComplexTablets” Tablets 2 twiceper day– “Thytrophin PMG” 2tablets three times perday4-Body Types4-Body Types
    43. 43. Ovary TypeOvary Type• “Saddlebags”, Thighs, LowerStomach and Buttocks.• Bad PMS• Hormonal Problems• Cyclic Acne• Cyclic Pain• Cyclic moodSwings/Depression4-Body Types4-Body Types
    44. 44. Ovary TypeOvary Type• Lots and Lots of CruciferousVegetables. (Helps balanceestrogen)• 50-75 grams of Protein toincrease fat burning• Hormone Free fats (Butter,raw cheese, milk, cream etc)• Kelp• Red vegetables and fruits4-Body Types4-Body Types
    45. 45. Ovary TypeOvary Type• Critical to Avoid!• Estrogen Sources (Eatingor drinking out of plastics,commercial meats anddairy)• Sugar and RefinedCarbohydrates4-Body Types4-Body Types
    46. 46. Ovary TypeOvary TypeSupplements:• “Ovex-P” 2 tabletstwice per day• “Chaste TreeTablets” 2 in themorning4-Body Types4-Body Types
    47. 47. ExerciseExerciseExerciseExercise• An excellent way tosupport an evenly shapedbody is to use arebounder.• First goal might be 3minutes per day• Try to get to 7 minutesper day• 7 Minutes is equal towalking 1 mileCaution: Use one with handlesif you are older, or havebalance problems
    48. 48. Purify 1-2x/yearPurify 1-2x/yearPurify 1-2x/yearPurify 1-2x/year• Human tendency is to goback to the bad foods thatcaused you to feel bad inthe first place.• Try hard to avoid these,but if you slip, perform a 21day purification programagain.• Remember, You are only10 days away from feelinggood again!The Path Home!
    49. 49. Feel You Need a Private Consultwith Dr. Gregson?Feel You Need a Private Consultwith Dr. Gregson?E-mail Christina at:GregsonHealthStaff@gmail.com1) Include your Name and Best Callback Number2) Indicate your Time Zone so we call back at anappropriate hourChristina will schedule a time with 48-72 hoursfor me to begin the consultation process overthe phone