Psychological dimension of stress


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Psychological dimension of stress

  1. 1. CopyrightADVANCED HEALTH and WELLNESS TRAINING 30 MINUTES TO A BETTER LIFESTRESS in the PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONCopyrightPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)
  2. 2. CopyrightWhat is Stress??? A force that causes change inyour life.
  3. 3. CopyrightRemember… Stress comes in 3 dimensionsandcan be positive or negative.
  4. 4. CopyrightThe 3 Dimensions of StressPhysical Bio-Chemical Psychological
  5. 5. CopyrightPositive Psychological Stress examples Loving relationships Accomplishing an important goalor task Healthy self-esteem Doing something good foryourself (when was the last time youdid?)
  6. 6. CopyrightNegative Psychological Stress examples Financial troubles Stress in relationships Low self-esteem Chaos and disorganization
  7. 7. CopyrightTo Increase Positive Psychological Stress… Have a routine where you quiet your mind, relaxand contemplate what you are thankful for in life. Exercise is closely associated with causingincreased psychological well-being. Chiropractic care helps to relieve stress andimprove psychological states. Work on improving self-esteem – we recommendthe book: “The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem” by NathanielBranden, Ph.D. Take some time, even if it is minimal, for yourselfeach day.
  8. 8. CopyrightTo Reduce Negative Psychological Stress Be conscious of what things are causing stress inyour life and address them rather than avoid them(i.e. relationship and financial issues). “Avoidance” isa common, but misguided reaction to things thatcause psychological stress. Avoid consuming foods that make you feel tired oredgy (i.e. sugar and caffeine). Balance watching the depressing news shows andnewspapers with inspirational/positive programmingor reading. Make a list and start finishing all those incompletetasks and projects!
  9. 9. CopyrightHealth Effects of Negative Psychological Stress Psychoneuroimmunology (one of health scienceshottest topics) Pscho means – mind or mental processes. Neuro means – nervous system processes. Immuno means – immune system processes. Therefore, psychoneuroimmunology is the studyof the relationship between psychological stresses,the nervous system and the immune system. It isknown that psychological stress leads to changesin nervous system function which in turncompromises immune function and the ability toexpress health and well-being. As providers ofchiropractic services, this issue is a major focus ofwhat we do and why we do it.
  10. 10. CopyrightHealth Effects of Negative Psychological Stress It causes high blood pressure. (according to some researchers) It is the strongestindicator of a heart attack. It is strongly related to depression. It “rewires” the brain and affects the way the brainfunctions. It causes depressed immune function anddecreases our ability to fight disease and infection.Research Shows…
  11. 11. CopyrightHealth Effects of Negative Psychological StressPeople with “explosive tempers” have muchmore calcium in their coronary arteries, puttingthem at risk for heart attack, than people whoseldom blow up when angry.It can lead to obesity.Research Shows…
  12. 12. CopyrightChiropractic Chiropractic adjustments help todissipate the negative effects ofpsychological stress in the body. Itis important to get your spinechecked and adjusted while makingthese life-saving lifestyle changes.
  13. 13. CopyrightCommit! Focus on starting or improving your lifestyle inthe psychological dimension. Set specific goals for: What you will do. When you will do it. What outcomes you are looking for and thespecific timelines for them. Let us help you make your move to a betterlife!
  14. 14. CopyrightThanks for attending our class. Wehave a special offer for you!
  15. 15. CopyrightADVANCED HEALTH and WELLNESS TRAINING 30 MINUTES TO A BETTER LIFESTRESS in the PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONCopyrightPresented by:Dr. Thomas GregsonGregson Health:A Creating Wellness Center(207)