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Read 4534 001 March 23, 2010

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Powerpoint from class on March 23, 2010

Powerpoint from class on March 23, 2010

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  • 1. READ 4534-001
    Dr. Elizabeth Swaggerty
    March 23, 2010
  • 2. Where are we?
    Scholastic Book Orders … order has been placed. New order available and is due on March 30th!
    Literature Review Matrix – √
    Revised draft of your paper - √
    Next step … complete the peer review and revise again before appointment with the writing center (must meet with writing center consultant by March 30th).
  • 3. REVIEW
    Met with small groups
    Sample papers on Moodle
    Is the purpose of your paper CLEAR TO YOU? Do you have a purpose statement?
    Is there a clear outline of your paper? Are there appropriate headings/subheadings?
    Do you have a solid literature review section that is written in third person and about 3-4 paragraphs of reflection? Is there a complete APA style reference list?
    Are all of your references in both the reference list AND within the manuscript?
    Are your references listed in alphabetical order within the reference list?
    When a work has six or more authors, you may cite it with et al. within the manuscript:
    This reference: Kosslyn, Koenig, Barrett, Vace, Tang, and Gabrieli. 1996 would appear like this in your paper:
    Kosslyn et al. (1996) noted ….
  • 4. Organization
    Put your name, the title of the paper, date, and READ 4534on the first page and within the header
    Title (bold)
    Introductory paragraph with purpose statement.
    What is Word Study?
    Phonemic Awareness
  • 5. Literature Review: Are you using the right verbs when referring to authors/researchers?
    Butcher (2006) stated…
    The author said something
    Smith and Jones (2009) posit…
    The authors said something or theorize something
    Keeting (2008) found…
    Results from the author’s study are…
    Billings (1999) and Yinley (2001) recommend…
    These authors recommend something based on the findings of their study.
    Miles, Yinley, and Zhang (1999) suggest…
  • 6. Literature Review: Ways to write without using the authors names within the sentence.
    Many researchers posit … (Geurney, 2009; Smith and Roberston, 2006; Yang & Zhang, 1999).
    These researchers claim that …
    Research has demonstrated … (Kuhn & Stahl, 2003; Rasinski & Hoffman, 2003)
    Results from several studies show …
    Some researchers recommend … (Billings,1999; Yinley, 2001).
    These authors recommend something based on the findings of their study.
    Research suggests … (Rasinski, 2006’ Samuela, 2007).
    These research studies suggest these implications …
  • 7. Reflection
    I chose this topic because …
    The study conducted by x & x (2008) inspired me because …
    I think …
    I believe all teachers should …
    The findings reported by Smith (2009) and Zhang (2004) are similar to the experiences I have had in my practicum placements. For example, I observed …
    The most important things I have learned from this research are…
    In my future classroom, I will …. as a result of doing this research.
  • 8.
  • 9. Peer Review #1
    Read your partner’s paper CAREFULLY.
    For the first peer review, pay particular attention to the content and organization of the paper, not as much to the mechanical details.
    Be thoughtful in providing your feedback.
    Fill out the rubric.
    Add suggestions and questions to the actual paper (hard copy or track changes).
    UPLOAD BOTH that you complete to Moodle.
  • 10.
  • 11. After you receive your peer review feedback …
    REVISE before you visit the writing center at Joyner Library.
  • 12. Writing Center
    Joyner Library: 1st Floor, Mon-Thur: 9 – 5, Fri: 10 – 2
    Writing guides:
  • 13. Writing Center
    (Provide time for approximately 20-30 minutes per session.)
    1. Bring a description of the assignment (syllabus, for example).
    2. Bring all associated materials, especially the latest printed draft of your paper.
    3. Bring specific questions to guide the session. For example, Is my paper organized? Does the organization make sense? Do my headings make sense? Is the purpose statement clear? Did I succeed in taking the first person out of the literature review? Are there transitions between my paragraphs? Did I appropriate cite my sources?
    4. Request documentation that you met. When you upload it, explain how you revised based on your time with the writing center consultant.
  • 14. You must meet with the writing center consultant by March 30th.
  • 15. GROUPS
    Group 1: Kathryn A., Elisabeth R., Elizabeth S.
    Group 2: Natasha S., Cortney T., Heather S., Marisa W.
    Group 3: Lauren R., Megan R., Grace F., Brittany W.
    Group 4: Tomeka S., Jessica M., Kathryn W., Rebekah H.
    Group 5: Kathryn T., Lauren W., Jessica W.
    Group 6: Nicole C., Jessica P., Sofia P., Marti I.
    Group 7: Katherine R., Jamie S., Amanda G., Jeri L.
    How is the revision process going?
    Where are you?
    What questions do you have?
    What are you learning about your topic?
    What are you learning about how to write an academic paper?
  • 16. Peer Review Time
  • 17. Ack! Boys are behind in reading
    The Center on Education Policy just released a report … analysis of state standardized tests across the US show that boys are behind girls in reading achievement.
  • 18. The Joy of Reading
    Movie: Ben reads to Maya
    Movie: Will Griffith
  • 19. Books for BOYS
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2007) by Jeff Kinney
    Love that Dog (2001) by Sharon Creech
    N.E.R.D.S. by Michael Buckley
    Guys Read (2005) by Jon Scieszka
    Knock, Knock! (2007) Jokes by fourteen artists
    Dinotrux (2009) by Chris Gall
    Truckery Rhymes (2009) by Jon Scieszka
    My Man Blue (1999) by Nikki Grimes
    Usborne Book of Peoples of the World (2002)
    Wooden Teeth and Jelly Beans (2009) by Ray Nelson
    Hidden Under the Ground (1998) by Peter Kent
    The Racecar Alphabet (2003) by Brian Floca
    Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan
    Al Capone Does My Shirts (2004) by Jennifer Choldenko
    TR video with Jon:
  • 20. Tuesday, March 30 NO CLASS MEETING Draft Due to Writing Center
    Tuesday, April 6 Draft Due to Peer Reviewer Again
    Tuesday, April 13 NO CLASS MEETING Final Draft Due