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Central registration with CCIM
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Central registration with CCIM


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Most of the Ayurveda graduates are not aware about the central registration with central council of Indian Medicine and its advantages. …

Most of the Ayurveda graduates are not aware about the central registration with central council of Indian Medicine and its advantages.
Before central registration provision, graduates were asked to register themselves in each state if the want to practice Ayurveda at more than one state.

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  • 1. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)Dr. Surendra
  • 2.  It is mandatory for every Ayurveda graduate to be registeredwith any state board to practice after obtaining and completing compulsory internship. Without registration you are not allowed to do practice Most of the time our graduates opt for the registration fromthe state which they graduated or their native statementioning home address as the practicing address. (This is ageneralised pattern) Because of so many reasons, one settled at different addressor even at different part of the country.
  • 3.  Law says- “it is mandatory to be registered withthe state board of your practicing place”. If a person practices in two or more different sates,has to be registered with all the respective states? But it creates a lot of problem and confusion amongthe practicing Vaidyas so CCIM amended this lawand solution comes in the form of-Centralregistration
  • 4. • Central Register of Indian Medicine, Regulations, 1979• In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (m) to clause(o) of Section 36 of the Indian Medicine Central CouncilAct, 1970 (48 of 1970), the Central Council of IndianMedicine, with the previous sanction of the CentralGovernment, hereby makes the required regulations.(
  • 5.  It gives me right to practice anywhere in Indiairrespective of my original registration board.
  • 6.  No it is not mandatory. But it is advisable toobtain this certificate. Now your name will be reflected in centralregister by default.
  • 7. It is mandatory for the state registration boards tosend all the details of the registered practitionersto the central council for the central registrationafter which all the names will be published incentral gazettes periodically.
  • 8.
  • 9.  It is simple if anyone want direct registration cando so – Download the form –A and read the instructions- Deposit the required fee and mention the reasonfor direct central registration. Send it to thecouncil with all the required documents.
  • 10.  “All entries have been made on the basis of StateRegister supplied by State Boards / Councils and entriesof Central Register of Indian Medicine are subject toavailability / validity of registration granted by StateBoards / Councils.No any claim will be accepted in any Court of Lawwhere entry of medical practitioners not existing in StateBoard/Council.” With the best of my knowledge it is not possible.
  • 11. This registration is valid until your state registrationexists.
  • 12. It is mandatory to intimate the registrationauthority about any change in your address, forcentral registration one can do by filling a simpleform and submit.
  • 13.  After depositing the required fee and requisitionform( ) one will get a certificate (on next slide)
  • 14. FORM-B[SEE REGULATION 5(4)]1. Certificate Number2. Name3. Fathers Name4. Recognised Medical qualification5. Date & Place of Registration6. Address;Present:Permanent:7. Remarks :It is hereby certified that this is a true copy of the entry of the abovementioned practitioner in the Central Register of Indian Medicine.NEW DELHIDate : Registrar
  • 15. 1. The Registered practitioners are requested to sendnotice of any change in their registered address and alsoto answer all enquiries that may be sent by the CentralCouncil of Indian Medicine from time to time.2. No fee is charged for alteration of address.3. All persons registered with this Council are legallyqualified to practice Indian Medicine in any State.
  • 16. (1) Every application for direct registration, with the CentralCouncil under Section 25 of the Act shall be made in Form A induplicate, annexed to these regulations.(2) A fee of Rs. 50 shall be charged as registration fee for everysuch application.(3) The following documents duly attested shall be sent along withthe application, namely :-(a) Degree or diploma or certificate from the Head of theInstitution in original with one attested copy.(b) Certificate of post examination practical training, if any.(c) Attested copy of matriculation or any other certificate as proofof age.(4) A certificate in Form B annexed to these regulations shall beissued by the Registrar under his seal to all persons who aredirectly registered with the Central Council.-
  • 17. It depend upon state to state about eligibilityhaving a clause to make it mandatory to beregistered with that state only. May bebecause of some local laws.In such condition central registration doesntguarantee for eligibility.
  • 18.  If the original board require renewal and proof of addressis the same- no need of cancelling the registration untilunless new board made it mandatory for registering with itsbody. Uttrakhand board is forcing its practitioners forsurrendering the old certificate and getting newregistration. It is against the CCIM central registration act.
  • 19. For queries and suggestions mail