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Technology siddhi and_maya_dr._shriniwas_janardan_kashalikar

Technology siddhi and_maya_dr._shriniwas_janardan_kashalikar






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    Technology siddhi and_maya_dr._shriniwas_janardan_kashalikar Technology siddhi and_maya_dr._shriniwas_janardan_kashalikar Document Transcript

    • Technology has made many things, thought to be impossible inthe past, easily possible!In common language these technological feats could be conceivedand appreciated as extraordinary achievements. In spiritualtradition such achievements (though through different meansand ways); are called SIDDHIS.ADWAITA philosophy refers to the internal and externaluniverse as MAYA or MITHYA, to indicate and convey itschanging, fleeting and hence deceptive nature. I conceive MAYAas a relative reality; as distinguished from the absolute reality.Technology validates this perspective in many ways.It is through technology (modern siddhis) that we realize; that;what we see in the immediate vicinity with naked eyes is onlyapparent; and not ‘real’; whereas; the ‘reality’ ofelectromagnetic radiations and microbes is not ‘apparent’!The transmission of news on the news channels of electronicmedia; validates with great impact; that every situation, everycelebrity, every success or failure and every moment; areephemeral, transient and fleeting!The internet highlights the ‘reality’ not appreciable to otherwiseintelligent mind; that millions of people are reading and thinking
    • about what is uploaded; and millions of people are engaged indifferent activities; beneficial or harmful to mankind.It is however necessary to appreciate; that whatever is‘apparent’ through technology is also fleeting and superficial;and not “real”! It is also relative; and not absolute reality! Infact, technology can produce; illusions, delusions, hallucinations;and paranoid behavior. This is evident in; the larger than lifemovies, serials, reality shows and advertisements.The technological feats (siddhis) thus can unveil the MAYA onthe one hand and create far more illusory, deceptive anddestructive “replications of MAYA” or “MAYA of MAYA” onthe other!What is absolute?The immortality is absolute! The experience; of immortality, orof being immortal; of saints; is absolute; and hence many of ushave experienced the immortality of saints (Biography of ShriBrahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavlekar by Shri K. V. Belsare).The way to this “absolute”; according to the immortal saints; isNAMASMARAN! We should not believe (or disbelieve) blindly;but verify this by study, discussion, contemplation and mostimportantly, the practice!