Urine of penguin in antarca glacier - a corporate message


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Urine of penguin in antarca glacier - a corporate message

  1. 1. Everyone knows about Penguins. Penguins are a group of flightless birds that livespredominantly in Antarctica. The biology of penguins is well studied and volumes ofinformation about this group of birds are known to the scientists across the globe.Another important scientific fact about the habitat of Antarctica, especially theglaciers over there and the penguins are less known to the mankind. Further suchinformation is very important for every corporate as it has a profound managementwisdom.It has been reported that the 3% of the glaciers in Antarctica is composed orconstituted by the urine of penguins. It is indeed an amazing fact. Technically onecan argue that since the temperature in Antarctica is much below 0° Centirade, theurine of penguins has to freeze in the ice. In brief, the urine has no scope to getwashed off or can get evaporated out.Composition of the glaciers in Antarctica having 3% penguin urine, directly teachesan important management message to the corporate. The people in the corporatedo shed the ‘waste’ materials of their culture ‘individually’ and ‘collectively’. Suchwaste materials do get frozen in the culture of the corporate and become an integralpart of the same.It is not the corporate alone is shaping the culture of the employees, the employeesdo define and shape the culture of the organization. In Antarctica, it may not bepossible to clear up the urine of penguins as they easily get integrated with theglaciers. To separate them out means, one has to melt the entire glaciers and whichis impossible. But in the case of corporate, removing the deposits/waste materialsof the culture of people is not difficult. Every single individual contributes to theabove.The easy way to remove them is to first recognize such possibility, that is, people dodrop the waste materials of their culture ‘individually and collectively’ in thecorporate. In MNC’s, the deposition of such waste materials of the culture of theemployees are going to be too less to worry. In MNC’s, like in the ocean, most of thewaste products are washed to the shore by continuous movement of waves.The single man led corporate is the one, becomes the worst habitat to have hugedeposits of the waste materials of the culture of the employees. While working inthe same corporate and or while leaving the organization, all employees shed suchwastes of their culture in the corporate. It is for the corporate to understand theabove truth and do a regular audit on the culture of the corporate independently.The HR function in the corporate must know the composition of the glaciers inAntarctica and how it has become so. They also must learn from the abovefascinating phenomena in nature and how the same can relate to the corporate tokeep its culture healthy, supportive and progressive. The HR function must knowessentially the ‘composition’ of the culture of the corporate first.
  2. 2. Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiLearn more from the following management books 1. Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from the university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan 2. Nature – The Entrepreneur by Dr S Ranganathan