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Dharma And Cosmic Dynamics  Dr  Shriniwas Kashalikar
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Dharma And Cosmic Dynamics Dr Shriniwas Kashalikar

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  • 2. The microcosmic and macrocosmic manifestations of movements, colors, sounds, rhythms, melody, behaviors and the emotional relationships; amongst the nonliving and living forms; are intricate and subtle. They are beyond one’s intellectual comprehension and even imagination. All that we see and even perceive; is defined and restricted by the characteristics of our sensory receptors and the limitations of cerebral cortex and hence forms a small fraction of what actually “exists” around! Actually the concept of “existence” has also been born from our physiologically limited; though cumulative framework through the civilizations. But even the fraction we perceive may or may not be in consonance with our subjective feelings. This alienation or separation from the core of the
  • 3. nature is the cause of inherent restlessness in most of us. This separation; manifests in the behavior e.g. such as struggle for existence, which is directed by cruder needs. It manifests later, in struggles and wars motivated by passions, aspirations, and ambitions of asserting, possessing, controlling, and owning and so on. This separation from the core of nature also manifests at personal levels in the strong or weak prejudices and likes and dislikes leading to conflicts. This clear vision and appreciation of the universe and its; such unfolding at all times, is a blossoming experience. On the backdrop of this orchestra individuals get freed from the subjectivity and blossom into objective existence merged with the core of nature.
  • 4. Through such blossoming experience we realize that subjectivity i.e. individual differences are inevitable at most of the stages of evolution and in fact; everything in the universe plays a role (delegated to it) in accordance with its state of evolution! One can’t stop wondering about “the management” of this cosmic orchestra! DHARMA actually means emulation of this cosmic orchestra at individual, social, global and universal levels, by identifying and performing one’s role! The greater the accuracy in emulation, the greater would the individual and the society; experience harmony and melody in universe and vice versa. This state of identification of one’s role and its assertion marked by victory over restlessness (born out of separation from the core of nature), is implied in the preaching of saints “THEVILE ANANTE TAISECHI RAHAVE, CHITTI ASO
  • 5. DYAVE SAMADHAN”. It is said that it is possible to blossom into this state through NAMASMARAN. In other words, NAMASMARAN is the way to DHARMA, it is the core of DHARMA, and it is the culmination of DHARMA. One need not merely believe; but can verify the validity of this through experimentation.