Loyalty Tips 2012


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how to be an effective boss .few tips on being effective boss

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  • A young branch takes on all the bends that one gives it. New employees start with question mark about new job; it is up to the manager to convert the question mark to exclamation wow. How soon you do it will determine retention
  • Unless you are fit to be role model you be clear that your people just do what ask for . They are not becoming cathedral builders they will be stone breakers open talk especially when the performance slips is must. By sugar coating you only harm the person more
  • When asked how can I get promoted , I had always told my people “ where you bench mark determines the question. Are you aiming three level above.?When disciplining always tell what will be the consequences of repeat behavior.
  • This is becoming obsession with many managers. In the name of slicing more data is asked for .this hunger for data can be delaying things . And confuse
  • I often hear manager saying my team is not yet ready. When I attempted major re-org to challenge senior managers who operated two levels below by focusing on transaction management, I was TOLD THAT the SUBORDINATES ARE NOT YET CAPABLE. Whose failure is that.If you want to do more then get your direct reports to do your job
  • Loyalty Tips 2012

    1. 1. CREATING ANDMOTIVATING LOYALEMPLOYEES Dr.E. J.Sarma Global Head HCM Saama Technologies inc USA 14 July 2012
    2. 2. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012What is this about• This presentation is about experienced based ideas for• Being the boss, manager leader who will be loved, admired and respected• these are plain and simple ideas anyone can follow• Especially HR can take this up and make it training topic
    3. 3. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Hitting the road and running• Every new employee needs time to align. Welcome personally and introduce to all team members-. If left to fend for themselves, the chances are that, it will be long before the new comer tunes in.• Include in meetings: the best way to new employee demonstrate the credibility is to get them in department meetings• Maintain very regular contact: it is always good to keep checking if things are going alright
    4. 4. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Good chemistry• Create the desire: Boss subordinate chemistry is very critical. You can be demanding but if you show that care and concern even the worst moments can pass easily.• Set reasonable performance expectations. Over reaching goals are possible if you start with reasonable targets and slowly up the bar• Always show big picture and why of any decisions . you need cathedral builders and not everyone to be brick layers
    5. 5. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Culture is about Creating the rightconditions conducive to performance• Upscale thinking and upbeat image- when you exhibit high level thinking people have upbeat image• Self image counts- self image , esteem must exist, but not too much• Correction or criticism- always weigh about giving advice, the style of delivering message• Positive or negative stroke-pat on the back or kick in the ass-?
    6. 6. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Approachability• Standoffish or intimidating- confrontations need not become stand off• Work style changes- sometimes it worth while to change routine. Challenge the status quo• Open door policy- be available when people have to approach
    7. 7. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Empowering people Setting example-become role model ;without that respect cannot be gained Speak clearly, listen closely Avoid apologies Being visible Are you scared of being replaced Scared of sharing knowledge, responsibility Gandhi said, "A No uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a Yes merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble." A manager would try to please in order to diffuse a situation. A leader will not worry about creating a situation.
    8. 8. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Providing direction and discipline• Solid managers give solid answers• Weigh consequences• You may need your boss or peer support• Saying yes right away could make you seem easy going• Outright no?• Could you also be vague
    9. 9. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Toying with your position powerMagnified authority by actionsNot by wordsSilly humor or sarcasmSeriousness of purpose- let people know when it is seriousAssistants turn them to agents
    10. 10. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Control how much?• Get more Data– for what? More data means more confusion. The trick is in getting right information• Intervention is always not necessary
    11. 11. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Removing obstaclesToo tight or lose- as you go up the tendency to manage everything becomes very natural . You could be micro managing that chocks.Support or applause-the power of timely recognition is rarely used .but try and you will be better off in creating loyaltyBail those in trouble- it is easy to punish. As leader when something goes wrong you are the one responsibleAsk right question- I always asked can you do better three times ? That brought the best in people
    12. 12. Dr.Sarma/hcm/July/2012The trap •Not learning •Know-it-al quickly syndrome Keeping Isolation existing team Captured by wrong people •Taking on too • Successor much syndrome
    13. 13. Dr.Sarma/hcm/July/2012Stepping up and down Stepping forward: get on a better footing with your boss--whether backing you on your decisions, or making a point on his decisions be sure to do in person. No mails, no phone calls Encourage people to come to you- when people realize you can make positive influence on the decisions and you are willing to listen they will come to you
    14. 14. Dr.Sarma/hcm/july/2012 white elephants- challenge themPeople often get into theircomfort zone .unlesschallenged they see everything as their rightRelations ships are not static.Hence do not think there islasting loyalty .
    15. 15. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Handling dissentions• Symptoms1. Team members not talking to each other2. Hostility3. Everything is seen as additional work4. People hold key information backIntervention is absolutelynecessary
    16. 16. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012Final words• Being manager is difficult, but being effective boss is more difficult• Even if you were star performer . You need special efforts to be star manager• Motivating people is rather difficult art but can be perfected• Loyalty comes when start seeing value in you
    17. 17. dr.sarma/hcm/july/2012