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Presentation prepared by Dr Sachin A. Jadhav Medical officer, School Health Program, Sun District Hospital Nipahd, Tal. Niphad, Dist,. Nasik.

Presentation gives superficial idea of School Heal Program and its progess in Tal Niphad, Dist, Nasik. M.S. India

Also few slides give comparative study of Targets and Completion

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School health presentation

  1. 1. Under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Tal. Niphad, Dist. Nasik
  2. 2. Our Head Quarter in Niphad Sub District Hospital, Niphad Panchayat Samiti, Niphad TMO Office
  3. 3. Our Team in Niphad Medical Officers  Dr. Sachin Jadhav (M.S. Ayu)  Dr. Vinaya Bodke (M.S. Ayu) Pharmacist  Miss. Yogita Aher (D. Pharm.) A.N.M.  Miss. Shital More (ANM) Dr. Walunj R. T. Dr. Savai M. J. (Medical Superintendant , Niphad RH) (Taluka Medical officer, Niphad
  4. 4. About the School Health Program Objective  Important preventive measure under Primary Health Care  Early Identification of Major illness  Child’s educational performance can be corrected at earliest.  Inculcation of Healthy habits to improve the lifestyle  Important Health Messages can reach each household through students.  To reduce morbidity & mortality in student groups as well as local community.
  5. 5. Geographical Orientation of Niphad Taluka Nasik DistrictMaharashtra State in India Niphad Taluka
  6. 6. About Niphad Taluka Total Population - 4,17,826 Total Students (Std 1st to Std. 10th) - 95,820 No. of Sub District Hospitals - 1 No. of Primary Healthcare Centers - 9 Geographical Area - 1053.65Sq.Kms Maximum Distance of Schools from Head Quarter of Team (RH Niphad)  East – 35 Km (Deogaon ZP Primary School)  West – 30 Km (Ozar ZP Primary School)  South – 35 Km (Tamaswadi ZP Primary School)  North – 36 Km (Mukhed ZP Primary School)
  7. 7. Inception of SHP in Niphad Taluka Inception of Project in Nasik District- 16th July 2008 Inception of Project in Niphad Taluka – 16th July 2008 Training – 7 days Training to every Team Member at Nasik Civil Hospital. Detailed survey done by team in Niphad Taluka for one month A detailed plan for 1 year prepared
  8. 8. Target for Niphad (SHP) Teamas compared to other Talukas in Nasik District 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0
  9. 9. Status of Target Completion (Approximate) as on 25th November 200825000  A comparative analysis Chandawad20000 Dindori15000 Deoda10000 Igatapuri Kalawan 5000 Malegaon 0 Niphad Peth Satana
  10. 10. Our Standard Operating System Enumeration of students procurement of drugs School health cards etc. Communication to Schools for enumerating students To Prepare School health checkup calendar Display Board on the day of SHP
  11. 11. Our Standard Operating System For specialists’ care/operations of cases with major defects. Taluka level Recording of details of examination and abnormal findings Referral cards for the needy students are given to the teachers indicating name & institution and dates of specialist care. Follow up of students who are given treated locally. Mata Palak Melava (Parents’ Meeting)
  12. 12. Our Standard Operating System We ensure that the referred students attend the identified Referral institute. Also students are examined and necessary management is done by our M. O. of concern. Needy students are transferred to District level / Medical College level hospitals / specialty clinics for expert opinion or surgery like operations for Heart defects, undescended testis, Hernia, Orthopedic problem etc. Rt. Eye Ptosis We maintain records/reports & submit necessary reports to higher authorities.
  13. 13. Plan for referral cases Fixed dates, place etc. for examination/ treatment are communicated to all related health institutions like PHC/RH/ District hospitals etc. For Niphad Taluka last week of every month is fixed for referral to Civil Hospital All the services are provided free of charge. For needy students major operations like - Cardiac surgeries are also provided free of charge. Skin Disease Student from Naitale School The State Government finances the entire scheme.
  14. 14. Statistics of Target Wasti Shalas (ZP) 11% (No of Schools) Government Ashram Shala 1% Private Aided Secondary 20% ZP Primary 63% Private Aided Primary 4% ZP RGSS 1%Type of School No of SchoolsZP Primary 213ZP RGSS 4Private Aided Primary 13Private Aided Secondary 67 Distribution of 336 Schools in NiphadGovernment Ashram Shala 3 (Type of School)Wasti Shalas (ZP) 36TOTAL 336
  15. 15. Statistics of Target(No of Students) Distribution of Students by School Type 1% 2% ZP Primary ZP Rajiv Gandhi Sandhi Shala Private Aided Primary 39% Private Aided 50% Secondary Government Ashram Shala Wasti Shalas (ZP) 8% Type of School No of Students ZP Primary 48190 ZP Rajiv Gandhi Sandhi Shala 36 Private Aided Primary 7586 Private Aided Secondary 37927 Government Ashram Shala 565 Wasti Shalas (ZP) 1516
  16. 16. Primary Health Centers in Niphad 1)Naitale 2) Nimgaion-wakda 3)Ozar 4)Deogaon 5)Chandori 6)Kasbe-sukene 7) Palkhed 8) Pimpalgaon 9) Mhalsakore Baswant
  17. 17. Medicines Available Antipyretic Drugs Antibiotic Drugs Anti Inflammatory Drugs Dressing Material Anti Scabies Anti Allergic Drugs Anthelminthic Drugs Cough Syrups
  18. 18. Instruments Available Electronic Weighing •Hammer Machine •Measuring Tape Height Measuring Machine •Colour Vision Chart Torch •ENT Set Emergency Light •Tongue Depressors Stethoscope •Medicine Box Electronic B.P. Apparatus •Pouches
  19. 19. Physical Performance of School Health Program No of Students Checked Till 25th November 2008  16955 out of 95820 Total % of Students’ Target Completed  17.69% (Till 25th Nov 2008) No of Schools Checked Till 25th November 2008  62 out of 336 Total % of School’s Target Completed  17.44% (Till 25th Nov 2008) No of Children Referred Till 25th November 2008  530
  20. 20. Details of the Referral Camp Date of Referral Camp 3rd October 2008 Total No. of Students attended the camp 243 No of Students referred to Nasik Civil Hospital 115 Referral camp visited by No of Students being treated at Hon. Secretary, Health,Govt. of India, Niphad RH 128 Mr. Amarjeet Singh
  21. 21. Details of Students referred to Civil Hospital 25 20 15 10 Boys 5 Girls 0Category of Disease Boys Girls TOTALOrthopedic 6 7 13ENT 2 0 2Ophthalmic 16 14 30Surgery 10 1 11Skin Disease 0 1 1Mentally Challenged (IQ Test) 21 14 35Hearing Impaired 4 2 6Nervous System 6 5 11Heart Disease 3 3 6TOTAL 68 47 115
  22. 22. Distribution of Referred Students according to Category of Illness Referred to Civil Hospital Nasik Students to be Treated at RH Skin and Subcutaneous System 0 1 Nervous System 6 6Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 2 3 Infective and parasitic disorder 0 1 Genitourinary System 1 7 Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic 1 3 Ear and Mastoid Process 9 18 Digestive System 0 1 Congenital Malfor0mation 4 18 Circulatory System 0 6 Blood forming organs and Immune System 0 2
  23. 23. Referred Students according to Category of IllnessCategory of Illness Students to Referred to Total be Treated at Civil Hospital RH NasikBlood forming organs and Immune System 0 2 2Circulatory System 0 6 6Congenital Malfor0mation 4 18 22Digestive System 1 0 1Ear and Mastoid Process 18 9 27Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic 3 1 4Eye and Adnexa 48 30 78Genitourinary System 7 1 8Infective and parasitic disorder 0 1 1Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 2 3 5Nervous System 6 6 12Skin and Subcutaneous System 0 1 1TOTAL 128 115 243
  24. 24. Status of SHP in Niphad (as on 25th November 2008) Total No of School Children Total No No of Total No of of Schools Total No of Remaining School No of Type of School Schools Visited Children Schools fully Enrolled as Childen in Niphad during examined Still to be Covered per School Check Up November till 25th examined with SHP Register during Nov. November Cumulitive (A) Z.P. Schools 253 13 49742 4058 13044 36698 195 58Private Aided Schools ( 1 to 10 std) 80 0 45513 0 3437 42076 77 3Govt. Ashram School 3 0 565 0 464 101 2 1 TOTAL 336 13 95820 4058 16955 78875 274 62
  25. 25. Progress of Project PHC wise status4500 160 Boys Boys4000 140 Girls Girls3500 1203000 10025002000 80 1500 601000 40 500 20 0 0 No of Students Checked No of Students Referred
  26. 26. Heart Disease Name of Sr. No Date of Reporting Case No Name of Student Sex School 69 3rd Oct 08 Kundewadi ZP Tejas Madhukar Anarase Primary Male 80 3rd Oct 08 Mhalasakore Vidya Sudam Murkute ZP Primary Female 87 3rd Oct 08 Naitale 1 ZP Sarala Sopan Barde Primary Female 94 3rd Oct 08 Naitale 2 ZP Digambar Kailas Ahire Primary Male 140 3rd Oct 08 Niphad No 2 Ruksa Ayub Shaikh (ZP) Female 203 3rd Oct 08 Sonewadi (Bu) Manoj Govind Padol ZP Primary Male
  27. 27. Audiometry Name of Sr. No Date of Reporting Case No Name of Student Sex Class Diagnosis School 4 3rd Oct 08 Bhuse ZP 3 Deaf Punam Balasaheb Bhusare Primary Female Mutism 9 3rd Oct 08 1 Bramhangaon Hearing Kiran Aananda Wagh Zp Primary Male loss 11 3rd Oct 08 2 Bramhangaon Partial Madhuri Aananda Wagh Zp Primary Female Deafness 182 3rd Oct 08 Shingve ZP 1 Deaf Vaibhav Rajendra Shinde Primary Male Mutism 196 3rd Oct 08 5 Sonewadi (Bu) Hearing Amol Rangnath Lagad ZP Primary Male loss 210 3rd Oct 08 4 Sonewadi (Bu) Deaf Roshan Dnyaneshwar Padol ZP Primary Male Mutism
  28. 28. Under Name ofSr. No Date of Reporting Case No Name of Student Sex Class Diagnosis Classifica School tion Congenit al 10 3rd Oct 08 2 Bramhangaon Tongue Malforma Kiran Popat Shinde Zp Primary Male Tie tion Congenit al 18 3rd Oct 08 2 Dindori Zp Tongue Malforma Rushikesh Rajendra Damle Primary Male Tie tion Congenit al 20 3rd Oct 08 1 Dindori Zp Tongue Malforma Shivraj Bhausaheb Taskar Primary Male Tie tion Congenit al 37 3rd Oct 08 2 Kathargaon ZP Tongue Malforma Amit Santosh Shelar Primary Male Tie tion Congenit al 51 3rd Oct 08 2 Kothure ZP Web Malforma Pankaj Santosh Shinde Primary Male Finger tion Congenit al 53 3rd Oct 08 4 Kothure ZP Tongue Malforma Sachin Janakinath Mogal Primary Male Tie tion Genitouri 89 3rd Oct 08 5 nary Naitale 1 ZP System Siddhartha Nana Ghegadmal Primary Female Phimosis Congenit al 97 3rd Oct 08 4 Naitale 2 ZP Dermoid Malforma Rani Sharad Ghayal Primary Female Cyst tion Congenit al 99 3rd Oct 08 2 Naitale 2 ZP Tongue Malforma Shubham Khandu Ghayal Primary Male Tie tion Congenit Nandurmadhy al 106 3rd Oct 08 7 ameshwar ZP Tongue Malforma Mangesh Nivrutti Pagare Primary Male Tie tion Skin and Subcutan 115 3rd Oct 08 1 eous Niphad No 1 Leucoder Tissue Mayur Subhash Sarate (ZP) Male ma Skin and Subcutan 141 3rd Oct 08 2 eous Niphad No 2 Leucoder Tissue Rupali Dadabhau Kamble (ZP) Female ma Congenit al 186 3rd Oct 08 1 Shivadi ZP Tongue Malforma Harshal Laxman Jadhav Primary Male Tie tion Rt Genitouri 206 3rd Oct 08 4 Hydrocel nary Sonewadi (Bu) e of the System Pratap Balasaheb Kale ZP Primary Male cord Skin and Subcutan 218 3rd Oct 08 3 eous Sonewadi (Bu) Leucoder Tissue Shankar Tukaram Gaikwad ZP Primary Male ma Congenit Sonewadi al 223 3rd Oct 08 1 Shrawan Parashuram (Khu) ZP Tongue Malforma Gaikwad Primary Male Tie tion