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  • David Webber commented on SOA vs EDA SOA vs EDA 1 week ago
    David Webber
    • David Webber David Webber Loose coupling and Tight Coupling - I was one of the first to coin these terms - and specifically to explain to people why CORBA does not work because it is brittle and tightly coupled. SOA of course is not magic - SOA can be done badly too. Ensuring your SOA is loosely coupled - you need self-adaptive, agile and context aware methods for handling exchanges and content. And especially you need BPM process context aware handling. This is what we have done with CAM templates. Of course you still need to use them correctly - silver bullets only have a short range...  1 week ago
    • David Webber David Webber JJ - how did we get here? Simple - people don't understand CONTEXT and the need to implement mechanisms and systems that support it. This is why we have the CAM templates instead of XSD schema. Building SOA with XSD-based validation probably can give you issues...  1 week ago
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