Adol brain


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Adol brain

  1. 1. Adolescent Mind―Youth are heated by Nature As drunken men by wine‖ Aristotle―Abilities v/s Vulnerabilities‖―Be careful, it is under construction‖―16wa saal ka ye mod-….‖ RK in MNJ04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 1
  2. 2. Adolescent Mind R. K.Baxi Adolescent Paediatrician Professor, Prev&Social Medicine At ICMR CME byAPPI&AMCMET04/11/2012 2 RkBaxi, Baroda
  3. 3. Adolescent MindWhy the concern?They constitute over 20% of our populationThough a period of relative health, it has issues with far reaching implicationsVulnerable and yet generally not amenableThey are in the fastest period (outside of womb) of growth n development- hence the ‗constant flux and imbalance‘We better understand and care for them as none of their problems/issues are created by them!They are our tomorrow-better invest now.04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 3
  4. 4. Adolescent MindSome brain changes precede puberty, some are indeed due to pubertal changes while some more are independent of itAdolescents are ‗not‘ stand alone entity-they constantly interact with their environ-both macro and microSo, they should be viewed in the context of their socio,- culturaland economical background realitiesEarly, Mid and Late adolescent periods behave differently and most importantly, absolutely individually(God does not have a photocopier!)Major components of over all development are at different velocity and at times conflicting and confusing at the same time.04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 4
  5. 5. Adolescent MindGenerally, age 10 to 18 years is considered adolescent age ,HoweverIt is at different velocities for physical growth, puberty, mental, social and psychological development and behavioral development―heated by nature‖ explains to an extent the hormonal drives and consequent changes, however Juliet was Juliet at 13,14 or 17!Changes that we need to address:Rapid Physical GrowthSexual Maturation and developing secondary sexual characteristicsMotivational & emotional changesCognitive developmentFrom dependence to unregulated independence to self-regulationBrain changes linked to all these changes04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 5
  6. 6. Adolescent MindRecent Neuro-developmental science, using MRI-mapping of the brain has thrown up many new information.Its ‗under construction‘ Hence it is normal for an adolescent toArgue for the sake of arguingFind fault with adults, parents anyone in authorityDramatizeBe self-centered(taking others into consideration is development-many adults also fail to achieve!)Take risk, experiment with all that is prohibited-Tobacco, alcohol, reckless driving, sex n drugs04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 6
  7. 7. Adolescent MindMost of the cognitive development likeReasoning, planning,LogicInhibitory controls(acculturation)Understanding consequencesProblem solving etc etc are now understood as functions of PFCThey are more related to age and experiences rather than pubertal developmentRapid growth, increase in size, connectivity and maturation by pruning is the process of development and maturation of brainHence the ‗vulnerability..‘ these processes are rapid, goes on into 20s and are adversely affected by drugs, alcohol, Tobacco etc etc..04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 7
  8. 8. Adolescent MindRecent developments in Neuro science suggest that Brain development in adolescents is such that pubertal arousal and motivations, taking risk come before the regulatory mechanisms are in place.It‘s a time of improved connectivity between PFC and different areas of limbic system. Whether and how much of it is influenced by hormones, age, gender and experiences is yet not fully understood.04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 8
  9. 9. Adolescent MindLogical competence of age 16 n above is similar to that of an adult-however, response to risk taking(sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, rash driving etc) are driven by peer group, failure to control impulse, age and gender, socio-cultural background.Is this so???04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 9
  10. 10. Adolescent MindResearch Priorities:1.Ask them.—Need assessment2.Physical growth and development, including detecting and tracking some NCDs3.Effects of environment on puberty4.Sexuality and cognitive development5.Psychological development differentials of Early, Mid and Late adolescence04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 10
  11. 11. Adolescent MindWe have interesting research information- but they need to be replicated in our adolescents as they are ―no stand alone entities‖A lot of it is ―behavior science research‖- calling for researchers well trained in Qualitative research Methodology..04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 11
  12. 12. Adolescent Mind I am fourteen and frail But uncorrupt and fragrant Full of dreams and desires And, the’ ‘will to do’ like fires Listen to me, give me some space Protect my grace, brighten my face For I am your future, - I am Innocence, I am Adolescence. Thank You04/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 12
  13. 13. Adolescent MindMy sincere thanks are due to:APPIAMCMETICMRMy children who kept challenging me as adolescentsReferences:―A reference for professionals-Developing adolescents-a document by American Psychology Association(2002)―Cognitive and affective development in adolescence‖ –Steinberg L Trends in cognitive sciences,vol.9 No.2,February 2005―social cognitive development during adolescence‖-Suparna Choudhury et al SCAN(2006) 1, 165-17404/11/2012 RkBaxi, Baroda 13