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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2.  Knowmatics-based Knowledge Industry is potent enough to make knowledge accessible to everybody crossing the barriers of literacy and culture. Even illiterate people living under diverse cultures can make use of the latest or advanced knowledge modules, provided they are made available in the language and style that they can understand contextually. There is no need to lock knowledge within the framework of the present unscientific, wasteful and expensive systems of education that add misery to the learners. Nevertheless, education provides the basic tools and methods to access and make use of knowledge from diverse sources, besides developing culture and personality. On the other hand, Knowledge Industry can offer more effective tools, methods and systems to make knowledge accessible and encourage the use or application of knowledge into several folds to the millions along with culture and personality development, that too in a short span of time at one tenth cost. Empowering the illiterate or the disadvantaged with knowledge is one of the promises of the Knowmatics-based Knowledge Industry. In this sense, it is capable of brining out a Revolution in Education, in Schools and Universities, starting from Kindergarten to doctoral research..
  3. 3.  In the Arab Strategy Forum held at Dubai in Oct. 2009, it was said that over 80% of the Arabs was illiterate. It is a fact that if the Arab world opt for the western or the familiar system of education by establishing thousands of new schools, hundreds of universities, it may take at least 200 years for the Arab world to enter the Knowledge Society or Economy. In such a context, Knowledge Industry can help the Arab World become Knowledge Societies within twenty years. The same is the case with the other educationally backward societies.
  4. 4.  Knowledge can be considered either as a stock or a flow – static and dynamic knowledge. Knowmatics based Knowledge Industry deals with dynamic knowledge and functions within the framework of Live Dynamic Knowledge Bank. Knowmatics has been founded on Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge Consumption and Production. On the basis of a series of research for more than 30 years, Mathew has developed the System, Technology and Business Model for the Knowledge Industry. Dubai based Prince Holdings in support of the Kings Infrastructure, Bangalore, India has come forward to take up the Knowledge Industry Project developed by Dr. Raju M. Mathew. Others have also shown keen interest to extend our operations in different countries and languages.
  5. 5.  When the Knowledge Industry is made operational, value- added and customized knowledge modules, packages and solutions in almost all domains will be made available in Arabic and the other major languages, besides English, so as to extend its services over 70% of the humanity. Even the illiterate farmers or farm workers, fishermen, unskilled workers and the school children and teachers will be brought under the system with basic knowledge almost freely. Advanced knowledge modules and packages will be marketed or delivered to the academic, scientific and professional communities and also the Government or the Corporate sectors with a cost, using mobile applications.
  6. 6.  Ours is a very complex and sophisticated system to deliver value-added and customized knowledge modules, packages and solutions, to the entire humanity, quite unfamiliar to the Information Technology Sector. IT is designed for Processing Data and Delivering Data Products or Services, under the banner ‘Information’ and not dealing with ‘Knowledge’. While data is one-dimensional, knowledge is multi-dimensional with regard to meaning, implications and applications. Ours is the system, technology and business model to augment the consumption , production or application of knowledge and marketing of knowledge globally as a Big Business, far ahead of the entire IT Sector. We are also developing our products for the Medical and Engineering Professions, besides Judiciary, Corporate and Government Sectors. .
  7. 7.  Experts, Specialists, Scientists, Professors, Teachers and others who create contents for our system will be paid attractively. We can also generate thousands of employment opportunities for Knowledge Engineers, Knowledge Managers, Knowledge Workers and Technicians and Knowledge Delivery Professionals for repackaging or value addition of knowledge Modules, Packages and Solutions . In the coming days, the world is to realize the potentialities of Knowledge Industries and take due interests in , Knowledge Products and Services, especially when Information Technology enters the age of stagnation and decline. Knowledge Industry is potent enough to add value to the Information Technology Infrastructure and redesign IT for Knowledge Processing and Handling. Our Business details will be announced as soon as the trial run is made successfully, for world wide Business Centers, Franchises and Delivery Agents besides Investors, Business and Technology Associates.