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Knowledge can be produced and delivered for mass consumption globally using new technology, system and business model based on Knowmatics. It leads to knowledge intensive social production processes and unprecedented Growth and Development besides empowering the masses.

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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2.  Humanity, even in the twenty first century lives in the age prior to the growth of modern science and industrialization with regard to Knowledge. We live in the Dark Age in our approach towards Knowledge. Even the high tech and resourceful universities follow the methods similar to that of Aristotle’s Academy! Just like the country craftsmen in the Middle Age, men and women produce knowledge just like a cottage industry, according to the taste and convenience of some individuals. This is true with regard to universities and research institutes. There is no scientific approach towards the consumption, production and delivery or marketing of knowledge. Superstations and black magic prevail in the production of knowledge and Divinity has been attributed to Knowledge.
  3. 3.  It is time for Industrialization of Knowledge Production for Mass Consumption, just like any products -tooth brush or motor car or smart phone or tablet. For the unscientific approach and superstations prevail among scientists or academics, Divinity has been attributed to knowledge. In the Age of Ignorance and Mass Illiteracy, people considered men with knowledge or great teachers or poets as the Divine Men or the Spokesmen of the God. Even in the 21st century, ‘god-men’ or ‘god-women’ thrive in the selected pockets of ignorance or superstations. Knowledge creation or knowledge delivery or communication is just a human faculty like that of a poet or artist and there is nothing divinity in Knowledge. There is no need to link knowledge with education or even literacy. We had great illiterate poets or inventors or innovators and we have even ‘Doctors or Ph. Ds without any expertise!
  4. 4.  For the absence of the suitable tools, systems, methods and technology to industrialize and commercialize the production, marketing and consumption of knowledge, divinity has been attributed to knowledge. Access and use of knowledge have been left to the idiosyncrasies of individuals. Over 80% of the humanity has been denied the access and application of knowledge, for, knowledge empowers the poor and marginalized, especially the youth and women.
  5. 5.  Attributing Divinity to knowledge is a strategy to deny the access of knowledge to the millions of common people which is based on the ideology of ‘chosen people’, the basis of Fascism. The existing education systems all over the world have been founded on the ideology of ‘chosen people’, that is, knowledge is meant for the selected few and not for the common people. As a result quality school education and higher education become the exclusive privilege of the chosen few and not meant for the common people. Quality education is getting unaffordable to the millions of children and youth all over the world so as to keep them weak and subservient .
  6. 6.  The only way to make knowledge accessible to the entire humanity and to increase its production and consumption is to treat knowledge as products for mass consumption, industrial production and global marketing. On this premise, Mathew in 1984 formulated his two theories of knowledge : the theory of knowledge consumption - production correlation and the stage theory of knowledge consumption-production growth, after developing the methodological tools to treat knowledge as a product for mass consumption, industrial production and global marketing. They got published from Moscow in 1984 by the USSR Academy of Sciences for the FID Committee on Research on the Theoretical basis of Information Science. Now they are known as ‘Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge’. They became the basis of Knowmatics in which Knowledge Industry has been built up.
  7. 7.  Mathew, after conducting research for more than twenty five years, developed the system, technology and business model for the mass and industrial production and global marketing of knowledge products – knowledge modules, packages and solutions. When knowledge is produced and marketed on an industrial and commercial basis, a ten fold increase in the accessibility and application of knowledge on a global basis at one tenth cost can be made possible. This is the beginning of a New Revolution in School and University Education, Scientific Research, Professional Practices besides getting almost all social production processes knowledge-intensive and thereby greater productivity.