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For ensuring sustained growth and food for all, the only effective strategy is to give the due income and social status to the small, medium and marginal farmers and farm workers and reduce …

For ensuring sustained growth and food for all, the only effective strategy is to give the due income and social status to the small, medium and marginal farmers and farm workers and reduce inter-sector imbalances.

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  • 2. SUSTAINED GROWTH - MYTH OR REALITY? • Information Technology Revolution accompanied by the Management Revolution, Globalization and the super imposed Service Sector created the false sense of hope that the Global Economy had reached the stage of sustained growth without any crisis, recession and depression. That was the picture drawn by the Management and Financial Gurus, the Nobel Laureates in Economics, Business Schools of almost all universities and above all Information Technology Experts up to 2008. • Their logic was that the best brains and talents have been employed in the service sector, including IT and over 70% of the investment and the best technologies have been set apart for the growth of cities that guarantee sustained growth for ever. • But the global economy has been moving from financial crisis to recession and then to Great Depression since 2008, affecting everybody, especially the poor and marginalized; the rural sector has lost its importance; over 60% of the Humanity is on the verge of poverty and starvation for the alarming decline of agriculture and food production aggravated by poor storage and distribution of food products. Nobody is dared to tell when the world is getting free from the Depression, called the Recession.
  • 3. MOVING TOWARDS EXTINCTION • Everybody was shocked when the financial meltdown occurred in some well known banks and financial institutions in 2008 that had grown to the extent of a financial crisis, then Recession affecting almost all nations and finally a Great Depression lasting at least 2025. • The world is getting realized that with stimulus packages, monetary and fiscal policies or measures, it cannot be contained. With the linear and one-dimensional thinking, theories, policies and strategies of the economists, management experts, strategists, technocrats of universities, think tanks, governments, the World Economic Forum, the UN, IMF, WTO and the World Bank there is no solution for the Global Economic Crisis other than aggravating the Crisis coupled with severe shortage of Food Supply. • Mass poverty and starvation are powerful enough to wipe out one third of the humanity between 2025- 2050. Further fall of food supply leads to the extinction of the entire humanity as the nations and people wage wars just for food, even using highly destructive mass weapons.
  • 4. DEMORALIZED FARMERS AND THE FIRE BRAND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE • Computer simulated growth models and sophisticated statistical or mathematical projections and forecasting of the economists and financial analysts do not bring sustained growth and make sound global economy. • The overplay of the powerful corporate houses and some government entities resulted in the striking inter-sector and inter-region imbalances so as to make sustained growth and eradication of poverty and starvation almost an impossibility. • Not only the farmers and the rural folk but also the common people in the streets are getting realized that they have already been sidetracked and alienated even in their own locality. The People have lost their faith in ideologies, religions, justice and governments and they found pleasures in crimes. • This has driven many to make use of any religion or organization that justifies rape, crime, terror, murder of somebody branding as ‘the unfaithful’ or ‘the enemies of the God or the ideology or religion’ and glorify the martyrs and suicide bombers. Though they are using religion, especially Islam as a mask, they don’t have any faith in the religion or the humanity while rigorously following some of the religious practices. This is more true in the case of the new fire brand Islamists, including the new converts.
  • 5. PLIGHT OF THE GREEN COLLAR WORKERS • It is much easier to make a tablet or smart phone available to every school children and bring everybody under the control of e-or mgovernance than to feed everybody on this earth. • Even though industrial revolution had made blue collar workers superior to farmers and farm workers, it also contributed for the wide mechanization of farming operations and thereby substantial increase in food production and creation of value-added and innovative food products. • Information Technology Revolution has brought out a new class of white collar workers or professionals dominating the blue collar workers and even reducing farmers and farm workers or ‘green collar workers’ to the status of beggars or the ‘Sudras’ of the caste system of India. • The gap with regard to the earning and the social status between the green collar workers, the blue collar workers and the white collar workers has been widened into several folds in the ratio of 1: 5: 25. As a result, farm products, especially food production has been declining at an alarming rate globally, making agriculture inferior or unattractive , especially for the new generation.
  • 6. THE MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION • Over-emphasis on the Urban-Centered Service Sector, Globalization and Information Technology is the basic reason for the Intersector and inter-regional imbalances. This has lead to the collapse of the Rural life and reinforcement of Poverty and Starvation of the millions which in turn lead to Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism so as to aggravate Poverty and Starvation affecting the entire Humanity and the Global Economy. • Almost all universities, academic disciplines and academic or professional experts are molded for service-dominated urban life with very little concern for the rural sector and agriculture. That is the reason why; Poverty and Starvation and the Global Economic Crisis coupled with terrorism and fundamentalism persist without much solution. • The most effective solution for all these problems is to develop an integrated development strategy based on reducing inter-sector and inter-regional imbalances and redesigning technology and education system, especially higher education for the integrated rural and agriculture development.
  • 7. GIVE THE FARMERS THEIR DUE • The development of Information Technology and the spread of the Corporate Culture even in developing countries have relegated the income and social status of the small and marginal farmers and the green collar workers to the level beggars or social outcasts. • It is time to correct the crime committed against the farmers and the green collar workers by empowering them, upgrading their income and social status and introducing the massive development initiatives for the rural and agriculture sectors. Every farmer or the farm worker is entitled to get an income and social status on a par with his counterparts in the industrial and service sectors. • Unless such urgent corrective steps are introduced , the global economic crisis will prolong indefinitely, religious fundamentalism and terrorism will spread all over the world and poverty and starvation will dominate the entire humanity which ultimately result in the next World War with unimaginable consequences. .
  • 8. ALTERNAT POLICIES AND STRATEGIES • Though over 70% of the Humanity is based on the rural and farm sector that provide food products to feed the entire humanity and support the industrial and service sector, it has been over-squeezed for developing the Industrial and Service Sectors. We are paying a great price for it. It is time to correct the blunder committed by the rulers, policy or decision makers, educators, technocrats, investors and industrailists. • Alternative Global Policies and Strategies for Rural and Agriculture Development are required to save the global economy from the prolonged Economic Crisis, save the Humanity from Poverty and Starvation and prevent the spread of religious fundamentalism and terrorism. • For rural and agriculture infrastructure development , at least a five fold investment is required globally within a period of five years besides developing new technologies, management techniques and new education system and enhancing the income and social status of the rural and farm sector on a par with industrial and service sectors. Agriculture literacy and education must be recognized on a par with computer literacy or education. • This will augment a ten fold increase in food production supported by the scientific storage and distribution system; empower the entire rural folk; give a new direction and meaning for rural life and thereby diffuse terrorism and religious fundamentalism; ensure full employment for them; create several employment opportunities even for the urban people; make the global economy on a sound footing so as to eliminate the global Economic Crisis.
  • 9. CAPITAL AND TECHNOLOGY • Once the humanity realizes the strategic importance of the rural and agriculture development and the dangers of making undue importance to the industrial and service sectors at the expense of rural and agriculture sector, capital and technology for the rural and farm development are not a big problem at all besides redesigning the education system, Information Technology and Management Sciences and Practices. • For producing enough food for all and making it available to the entire humanity, over and above the traditional or well known areas of cultivation, we have to exploit the vast desert regions and even the oceans for this purpose for which new technologies and methods of cultivation need to be developed besides new crops along with the traditional ones.