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Kerala needs a different development model based on its own abundant resources- the Brain Power and Talents of its own people. Any development strategy based on Land-Intensive or Environment-Degrading must be sensitive and controversial. KKerala.The only option is Knowmatics and Knowledge Industrries

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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2.  Kerala is poor in ‘Statesmanship’ and very rich with regard to ‘Politicians’ who thrive in controversies. Both the UDF and LDF suffer from such a malady. This is the tragedy that Kerala is facing. For the absence of ‘Statesmanship’ , every issue, including development, has been deliberately made controversial, without any consensus or solutions. The victims are always the Young and the Poor, including the members or party workers of the UDF and LDF and not the old or the middle aged politicians of the UDF or the LDF. Kerala needs statesmen or true leaders to solve the basic problems of the people.
  3. 3.  The development strategy followed in Kerala, both by the UDF and LDF, generates a lot of fire, tears and victims , especially among the poor and the marginalized who are uprooted from their homes or denied their livelihood, besides upsetting the Balance of the Nature. In Kerala all maters related to land or water or environment are always sensitive. It is time to have a human face for developmental strategy and it must be made people-friendly and nature -friendly. But to think of such a strategy is quite impossible for our politicians with old mind-set. But it is possible.
  4. 4.  Without Capital, Technology and Entrepreneurship no development is possible. But development must ultimately for the common people and not for those who bring Capital, Technology and Entrepreneurship , though they deserve a mutually acceptable returns, rewards or profit. Development is the effective utilization of the available resources or talents and brining out value added products or services in a competitive world without upsetting the common people, including the voiceless, and the Nature.
  5. 5.  Our Politicians and Bureaucrats , either left or right, have been molded or trained in schools, colleges and universities subscribed to the ‘ old school of development ‘that denies the right to human existence and the right of the Nature to exist. Such a development strategy brings tears and human sufferings along with sky scrapers and crowded high ways and shopping malls. This is the basic problem suffered by both the political leadership and followers of both the UDF and the LDF in Kerala.
  6. 6.  Land , Water and Clean Surroundings are very precious in Kerala. Kerala has more talented people than it can accommodate. We cannot find much spare land for new farms, factories, township, roads or shopping malls in Kerala. It is natural that everybody sees any developmental project a threat to very existence or survival. That is the basis of controversies for the various developmental projects announced or launched either by the UDF or LDF Government. There is no need for any surprise for making ‘Emerging Kerala 2012’ a Controversy as long it involves land or water or environment. .
  7. 7.  Kerala needs an alternative development strategy – the People and the Nature-friendly strategy, recognizing the talents and brain power of the people and environmental volatility of Kerala. The only abundant resource of Kerala is the Strategic Brain Power, Talents and Knowledge Bases of the people of Kerala. Everybody in Kerala is taught to treat ‘Knowledge as the Supreme Wealth’ thanks to Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam.
  8. 8.  Ezhuthachan taught us to treat ‘Knowledge’ as ‘material wealth’, compare knowledge with ‘butter’ and ‘ghee’ or with ‘wealth’ and ‘income’. He made us to treat ‘Brain Power’ as ‘Wealth’ and ‘Knowledge’ as ‘Income’. This is the basis of Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge’ and ‘Knowmatics’ and ‘Knowmatics-based Knowledge Industries’ , that have emerged or originated in Kerala.
  9. 9.  Kerala , the land of people with critical brain power, talents and knowledge bases, is digitally interconnected to almost all households. Without upsetting the People and the Nature, without acquiring even an inch of land , the entire Kerala can be made a hub of the World Knowledge Industries. It is capable of generating employment for every household in Kerala, making it as a knowledge processing unit and earn a minimum 50,000 Indian Rupees in a month . Details are given in my early presentations and YouTube videos.
  10. 10.  Kerala cannot bear or tolerate or accommodate any more over dozed controversies and corruptions. The young and the common people are getting angry with the ‘sound and furry’ making politicians without any ‘Statesmanship’ or ‘Comradeship’. The young are looking for men with ‘Statesmanship’ in the UDF and LDF to ensure sustainable income and employment for them , the common people, the marginalized and sidetracked men and women in Kerala. After spending over thirty years, I have developed the System, Technology and Business Model to make Kerala a Hub of the Knowmatics-based Knowledge Industries of the World. It is left to the people to accept or reject them totally.