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The Education Systems evolved through centuries have now become incompatible to the requirements of the Twenty First Century. Angry and Violent Students, Youth and Women demand Quality , Relevant and Affordable Education in vain. Though Schools, Colleges and Universities have emerged as an Empire, their sudden collapse or demise is not a remote possibility; it may happen at any time. Hence, Destruction and Extinction of Schools, Colleges and Universities are inevitable for their failure in delivering what the society wants. Education delivered through Schools and Universities is very crude and unscientific. Society is paying a very high price for the failure of Education from Kindergarten to University level. Their underlying philosophy is based on ' the chosen people' and therefore against the common people and against making knowledge accessible to the humanity. The angry Youth and Women are turning against Schools, Colleges and Universities. Education is on the Death Bed. Alternatives must be introduced using Science, Technology and Management Techniques with regard to Knowledge Accessibility and Use or Application. Knowmatics offers new possibilities to revive or save Education from total Destruction.

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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2.  Everybody associated with Education believes that Schools, Colleges and Universities are eternal or they exist till the end of humanity. The Truth is, they are very much fragile and on the verge of a great collapse. A Revolution in Education is the need of the hour and written in the wall. It will become more evident, when an alternative system of mass delivery of knowledge, values and culture appears, using the redesigned technologies and management techniques. The way in which Education has been conducted or delivered is crude, unscientific and totally inefficient and wasteful. The very identity or existence of schools, colleges and universities has been questioned. How ever, they flourish just because of ignorance of the people.
  3. 3.  The existing education system has been evolved through the last 150 years mainly for creating clerks and technicians besides some teachers, priests and artists. To spread literacy and ‘3 Rs’ among the common people, education was made open to the masses. Imparting values and knowledge has been recognised as the basic function of education. In spite of the heavy governmental expenditure and spectacular growth of education as a means for lively hood of millions of teachers and the supporting staff and making profit for private investors, education is getting worse and exposing its failure in imparting values and knowledge. Education has grown as an Empire, a weak and declining empire without any proper direction and leadership. Learners are unhappy for it is getting highly expensive and unaffordable to the majority on the one hand and it is getting irrelevant, on the other. Nobody knows who is to blame. .
  4. 4.  Nobody is happy with Education, except those who deliver it. The Global Economic Crisis and the subsequent Youth Or Women Revolts, in the west and east, are the indications of the failure of Education to impart the Right Values and Knowledge or Skill or Expertise at affordable rate. UNESCO, originally established to extend education, science and culture to the masses, is a big failure in these three crucial matters, for its wrong philosophy and methodology.
  5. 5.  Education, starting from Kindergarten to University, is time consuming and very much labor and capital intensive. The existing education systems are founded on the crude, primitive and unscientific tribal values and principles. If we make a comparison between the time, money and tension invested on a high school or university student and the total values and knowledge that he or she is capable of putting into application after leaving the school or the university, we can calculate the wastage and failure of Education. If we add the drop out rates, the per cent age of failures, minimum pass or higher grades or the top ranks or grades, the wastage of education can be made more crystal clear. But nobody is bothered about it. Even Information Technology or Smart Schools or Universities do not have any solution other than some unfounded claims or projections having some advertisement value just like some beauty soaps or creams that never make anybody beautiful!
  6. 6.  The actual return of Education to the entire humanity is less than 5% and the waste of education is about 95%. However, Education has grown into an Industry and Profit –making enterprise for the private investors. The basic questions are: Does the humanity as a whole need to spend such a huge capital, time and efforts or strain for such an unproductive education, just for the propaganda of those who deliver education? What is the actual knowledge or values that it delivers to the society? People, especially the Youth and Women all over the world are getting aware of the failure of Education and the liability that it has created on the future. This is the beginning of the end or death of Education for they have been fooling the people or the society at large.
  7. 7.  It is high time to critically examine, how effectively do schools or universities deliver Values and Culture or at least Knowledge and knowledge- related Skills, Expertise, Problem-Solving and Knowledge Application Capabilities? In reality, schools and universities act as a safety valve to control or limit the flow or accessibility of Knowledge to the society. They are denying the accessibility and free flow of knowledge or expertise to the entire humanity for their rigid structures and procedures besides their primitive tribal values that attribute divinity to knowledge and consequently, knowledge is meant only for the chosen few.
  8. 8.  Even when illiteracy reigns in primitive societies, there were scholars or teachers or poets among illiterate who could transfer knowledge verbally. Most of the scriptures were in verse that people can store in their memory and recall them easily and sometimes with their own interpretations. Even in modern society, we can find less educated or drop out with the ability to innovate, problem solving and setting up enterprises. At the same time, there are Doctors or Ph. Ds without much knowledge or expertise.
  9. 9.  It is high time to liberate Education – Schools and Universities from the Primitive Tribal Values that deny knowledge to all, treating knowledge as divine and meant for the chosen few. Chosen few is the creation of the Primitive Tribal God who treats some tribes as his beloved ones and the others his enemies to be destroyed. It is high time to put Humanism as the core of Education for ensuring free accessibility and application of knowledge for the entire humanity, treating knowledge as a product for mass production, delivery and consumption. The God of the Humanity treats everybody chosen or beloved and not limited to any particular tribe or race or man and his children.
  10. 10.  Knowledge, though intangible, can be treated as a product of the human brain and a commodity for mass consumption and production without any divinity. Then, accessibility and application of knowledge become the basic human right. Knowledge Production and Consumption are mutually related. Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge Consumption and Production provide methodological tools to treat knowledge as a commodity for mass production, delivery and consumption. They are the basis of Knowmatics and Knowledge Industry.
  11. 11.  It is wrong to treat Education as a part of Knowledge Industry. In stead, Education can be revolutionized with Knowledge Industry that ensures mass production and marketing of knowledge products or services even globally. With Knowmatics –based Knowledge Industry, Live Knowledge Banks and Mega Knowledge corporations can be set up to make knowledge, including values and culture accessible to all and facilitate greater application of Knowledge that too with one fifth time, effort and money at ten fold efficiency. These issues and possibilities have already been discussed and they can be found in the net in the form of power point or video presentations under ‘Dr. Raju M. Mathew’ or ‘Knowmatics’ or ‘Knowledge Industry’.