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While Islam and Christianity make the great claims of their growth and influence, the New Generation of the Youth and Women in Islam and Christianity are on the verge of a series of Revolts …

While Islam and Christianity make the great claims of their growth and influence, the New Generation of the Youth and Women in Islam and Christianity are on the verge of a series of Revolts against Fundamentalism, a phenomena unforeseen by the Christian and Islamic Fundamentalists. While they talk much about life after death, they don't have much solutions to the problems of life after birth, especially of the Youth and the New Generation of Women. The Arab Spring is a great blow not only to Islam but Christianity also for it questioned the all embracing power and supremacy of Islam and Christianity in all aspects of life for it unmasks their weakness and mistakes in dealing with the basic human issues of Hunger, Ignorance and Oppression.

Just by quoting the Bible or Koran a thousand times, nobody can solve the basic problems of the Humanity- Food, Dignity and Knowledge. That is the story of the last 2000 years or the last 1400 years of the Humanity. In the long history of Humanity for more than 60,000 years, 2000 years of Christianity and 1400 years of Islam are quite insignificant.Unless Islam and Christianity make people to taste the joys of Paradise at least one day before death, or ensure Food, Dignity and Knowledge for All, they have no right to say the life after death for the Youth and Women, life after birth is as important or more important than life after death. If they cannot ensure justice in the world, how can they guarantee Happiness in Paradise.This is the basic challenge of Islam and Christianity.

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  • 2. THE YOUTH AND WOMEN IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD 21st Century is the beginning of the rise of the Brave Youth and Women, unimaginable to Fundamentalists in both Islam and Christianity. The Arab Spring and the ongoing fight in Egypt against the Fundamentalists is just an indication of the coming revolutions, not only in the Islamic world, but the world over. The New Muslim Youth and Women with brain and determination are getting realized that just 1% own and control the wealth and power, keeping over 80% of the youth and women under eternal poverty, ignorance and oppression in the Islamic world. They are getting realized that in spite of the spread of Islam in almost all countries and the glorious existence Islam for the last 1400 years, more than 80% of the world Muslims are under poverty and ignorance without any dignity. They are getting realized that the Islamic Finance and Banking Systems and Charities, including ‘Shakat’ have miserably failed to offer dignity, income, education and employment to the suffering millions of youth and women in the Islamic world. The youth and women in the entire Islamic World are getting realized that though the UAE from its very inception has been following Islam, it has been suppressing Radicalism and Fundamentalism on the one hand and offering quality higher education for its brilliant girls or young women and providing income and employment to its entire youth and women. As a result, UAE has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing nations of the World, even among the Oil Exporting Countries, and offering quality life to its citizens, for the benevolent stand of its leadership.
  • 3. THE AGE OF THE BRAVE ISLAMIC YOUTH AND WOMEN The New Generation of the Youth and Women are getting realized that Islamic Fundamentalism is a strategy to keep them in eternal poverty and backwardness for the interest of less than 1% of the people. They are getting realized that in Islamic Radicalism and Fundamentalism, what is dangerously missing is Faith, Spirituality and Humanism and they are nothing but the old Fascism or Revolutionary Marxism put under the new label. The Nazis in Germany were effectively employed suicide bombers and fighters after ideologically brainwashing the young men and women. The Revolutionary Marxism propagated by Mao and Che Guevara also effectively employed terror for their causes. The New Generation of Youth and Women are getting realized that the Islamic Fundamentalists are more afraid of the brain of the educated and empowered women than even the Satan. The shoot victim, Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani School Girl who stands for the education of girls is a living example. She got greater support from the UAE, including the Pakistani expats.
  • 4. THE YOUTH AND WOMEN IN THE WEST OR EAST The Youth and Women in the Christian world are getting realized that they are alienated and deprived off dignity, income and employment for the sake of Corporate Houses that have manipulated their rulers and economic and political systems so as to make democracy a farce. The Economic Crisis, grown globally, has shattered all their dreams and aspirations, extending even to the next generation and keeping them eternal debtors. The Brave Youth and Women in the Islamic and Christian worlds are getting realized that Islamic or Christian Fundamentalism is a clever strategy of those who own over 80% of the wealth and power, including Corporate Houses, to divide them and divert the attention of the Youth and Women and no way related to their Faiths.
  • 5. THE NEW TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS Both Islam and Christianity claim that their numbers have been growing fast and within a short span of time, they convert the entire people and fill the entire world with their mosques and churches. Both of them advocate radicalism and fundamentalism to go back to the age of the early Christians or the age of Prophet Mohammad. But , they miserably fail to realize the new trends and developments that are taking deep in the hearts of their own youth and women. Both Islam and Christianity are like a calm ocean with a number of volcanoes beneath it and are ready to burst at any time and to bring Tsunami extending all over the world for the rise of a New Generation of Vibrant, Thinking, and Fearless Youth and Women. With Radicalism and Fundamentalism, both Islam and Christianity can no longer keep the thinking Youth and Women under their fold, for they are getting toothless, ineffective and counter-productive rapidly. Symptoms have already been coming out every where, as is in the case of Penicillin- resistant Bacteria or Virus. The soil on which they stand has started to erode.
  • 6. FOR THE SAKE OF THE HUMANITY This is not an anti-Islam or anti-Christian presentation and it is not aimed at defaming them. Its message is to reform and adapt to the changing aspirations and needs of the Humanity as a whole rather than confined within the narrow interests of one or two tribes or religions. Both Islam and Christianity have enough resources and organizational machineries to bring a New and Just Global Social Order, ensuring Food, Dignity and Knowledge for all human beings on the earth, though they are denied to over 80% of the Humanity. This will help both Islam and Christianity realize the basic ideological and operational problems that prevent them to be more acceptable and beneficial of the coming generations, especially the New Generation of the Brave Youth and Women . The New Generation is to determine the fate of the Humanity within ten years, in spite of the loosing wars waged by the Islamic and Christian Fundamentalists with the support of the international weapon traders and defense industry and some corporate houses. The New generation is getting aware of the dirty tricks played by the weapon traders and corporate houses or multi-millionaires through their funding of Islam and Christianity.
  • 7. RISING FUNDAMENTALISM AND TERRORISM Fundamentalism has been deliberately incorporated in the teaching and practices of both Islam and Christianity as a strategy to attract the youth and women in their folds. They, specifically Islam, want the youth and women to be the warriors or defenders of faith with the license to kill and to become martyrs for the highest honor in the Heaven or Paradise after death. Secular or liberal minded Muslims and Christians have been branded as the enemies of the God and made salient. Millions of copies of the Bible and the Koran have been distributed; religious or moral polices have been employed to make their followers strictly adhere to the religious practices. Religious Fundamentalism has emerged as a biggest industry with multi-billion dollar dealings. Money is flown without any limit. Military drill, prolonged fasting, prayers and preaching have become the rule for the ‘ideal believers’. A particular version of the interpretation is made as the Only Divine One. Inspiring quotations from the Koran and the Old Testament, by the eloquent speakers with theatrical effects of light and sound, make the youth believe that to die and kill for the faith are the greatest deeds than to live and let live others for the sake of the faith or religion.
  • 8. SYMPTOPMS OF DECAY AND CORRUPTIONS In spite of the heavy dosage of fundamentalism, both Islam and Christianity are at the receiving end. Religious Fundamentalism has turned the youth and women highly materialistic and cold-blooded without any spirituality and humanism. They started to demand more and more dosage of fundamentalism besides money and pleasures; for them the Bible or the Koran has ceased to be the words of God, but just weapons. The days are not far off when the fundamentally trained youth and women take their guns against their own menders. Fundamentalism is a symptom of decay or collapse of any faith or ideology and not the indication of its strength. When somebody feels that the faith or ideology is no longer effective to keep people together, he or she resorts to Fundamentalism and then to Terrorism. Even though Fundamentalism could make the pious and liberal minded believers or followers silent for a short while, in the next wave, the new generation will emerge more powerfully as a protest against the decay or corruptions of the religions or faith and its failure to do some thing good to the Humanity. History teaches the great lesson that Fundamentalism, either Islamic or Christian or Marxian, ultimately leads to absolute power or dictatorship, Fascism, high level corruptions and increasing misery and sufferings of the people. This is more evident in Islam. This is the greatest challenge faced by the Islam.
  • 9. THE NEW GENERATION OF THE THINKING AND PRO-ACTIVE BRAVE YOUTH AND WOMEN This presentation is addressed to the New Generation of the Thinking, Questioning, Daring and Pro-Active Muslim and Christian Youth and Women all over the world who want their religions socially and spiritually meaningful and relevant and above all beneficial to the entire humanity. Islam and Christianity, while making Great Claims, must also be answerable to the Humanity and also to their own members, why they could not establish a Just Global Social Order and why do they support just 2% who own 80% of the wealth, leaving 80% of the mankind in poverty, ignorance and exploitation. The Newly Emerging Thinking and Pro-active Youth and Women must take a more active role in the affairs of their religions rather than leaving them to the uneducated or conservative or narrow and criminal minded people, so as to make Islam and Christianity more relevant and beneficial to the Humanity.
  • 10. WHY ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY? Islam and Christianity have emerged as the two biggest, fast growing and highly organized religions. They are competing each other to conquer the entire world; within each religion, rival factions or sects are fighting each other for dominance. Islam and Christianity offer Paradise after death, though over 80% of the humanity, including 82% Muslims and 39% Christians, are cursed to live in a real hell-like conditions on the Earth before entering the Promised Paradise or the Cursed Hell after death. The wealth owned or possessed by Islam and Christianity come in terms of several billions. Islam and Christianity ,however, have been designed to safeguard or protect the interest of just 2% of the humanity who controls or owns over 80% of the wealth and resources of the humanity and enjoy all the pleasures of the Paradise on the Earth before death.
  • 11. WASTED TIME, RESOURCES AND OPPORTUNTIES Both Islam and Christianity have already wasted a lot of time, resources, expertise, energy and organizational capabilities for other matters in stead of solving the growing poverty, hunger, ignorance and denial of dignity affecting over 80% of the Humanity. But Christianity for the last 2000 years and Islam for the last 1400 years have been employed their valuable time, energy, resources and opportunities for wars, conflicts and bloodsheds; debating on silly or irrelevant issues; constructing gigantic churches and mosques; and conducting tours and pilgrimages besides amassing a sizable share of the wealth and money of the corrupt or the criminals or the thieves or the looters or weapon traders promising them Paradise after death. What Islam and Christianity did is less than 2% of what they could have done for the well being of the humanity. They have been committing the unpardonable sin or crime of omission. As a result more than 80% the humanity still lives in hunger, poverty, ignorance and oppression.
  • 12. THE NEW TESTAMENTOF JESUS CHRIST Though born and brought up in the green and fertile land of farmers, fishermen and traders, Jesus Christ was well educated and highly logical and might have deep knowledge about yoga and the Sana-dhana Dharma. That is why; every day, keeping his disciples at bay, Jesus had engaged in deep meditation and prayer at the hill for long hours. Jesus declared ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ – “The Heavenly Father is within Me and I am within Him and We are not separated” – The Truth. He knew that the world bigger than the place where he was born and brought up. Since he was fully aware of the dangers of the Law of Moses and the cries or curses of the prophets, Jesus even declared that the “Time of Laws and Prophets had gone with the John the Baptist”. Jesus had proclaimed the New Testament, no way similar to and quite different from The Laws of Moses and Prophets; other wise, Jesus too could have reinterpreted the Laws of Moses and the practices of the tribe of Abraham as absolute truth just like Mohammad had done after 700 years that too in a purely desert context, without proclaiming the New Testament. .
  • 13. THE ESSENCE OF THE NEW LAW ORTESTAMENT Jesus had even refused to consider himself as the son of David by asking ‘how could David address Messiah as his Lord if he were his son’. Jesus never allowed anybody to address him as a ‘Prophet’, in stead asked his men to call him the Master or Teacher. While The Heavenly Father of Jesus was Loving, Forgiving and Caring, the Yahweh of Moses or the Prophets was Angry, Jealous and Revengeful who treated the tribe of Abraham as the only chosen one. Jesus declared that since all men, all tribes or races are the children of the God, they must love each other and forgive each other. This is the essence of The New Testament ; the God of Jesus is quite different from the God of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob or Moses. Unfortunately, Christianity is getting locked up with ‘The Old Testament’ pushing backward the New Testament, for having greater control over the people and raising more money from the people. While Jesus was getting rid off Fear and Tension from the people, Christianity flourishes in generating more Fear and Tension among people. That is why; even in the 21st century, over 80% of the world population, including 39% of the Christians, still live in Hunger, Ignorance and Oppression. Had the teaching of Jesus been practiced by the Christians, the world would have been quite different, with New and Just Global Social Order.
  • 14. THE FAITHS AND CUSTOMS OF ISLAM Islam or Mohammad had glorified Moses and Abraham and adopted their God, Laws and Practices more rigorously than the Jews, demanding absolute and unquestionable obedience and practices from the believers or followers by a process of regimentation and military obedience with capital punishment for not obeying. Since Islam was born and grown up in hot desert, among the warring tribes, the desert ways of life have become the custom and practices of Islam, though the faith is different from dress or customs. It is true that both men and women in desert have to cover their head or face or the entire body to protect from sand storm, dust and hot sun. Since water is not in plenty in desert, daily shaving or washing was not practical and therefore men have long bears besides covering the heads. Now rigidly following the desert customs and way of dress or food of the desert people, when Islam was born, has been interpreted as the true Islamic practices by the Fundamentalists. The believers even in the cold or rainy or fertile land have to follow the old desert way of life or dress. Had Islam been born in green, fertile or cold land, its customs and practices would have been different.
  • 15. BELIEF, IDEOLOGY AND PRACTICES The deep–rooted tribal ideology and belief of Abraham based on ‘ the Chosen people of the God’ , ‘the Right of the Children of Abraham for capturing ‘the Promised Land‘ with war and terror’ that too with the Blessings of the God, and declaring the other tribes and peoples or their own disobedient men or women as the ‘Enemies of the God’ or ‘Infidels’ and then ‘eliminating or looting or raping them’ to please their God, had been reinforced by Moses. They have become the very basis of both Islam and Christianity as is in the case of Judaism. They have been documented in the Old Testament, especially in Genesis, Deuteronomy and Joshua that had even inspired Adolf Hitler and Machiavelli for advocating or executing crimes and brutalities against the humanity. Hitler had praised Mohammad and attacked Jesus Christ. Max, Mao, Lenin and Stalin had heavily relied upon them to develop their theories or strategies in different contexts.
  • 16. WHAT JESUS HAD REJECTED BECOME THE CORNERSTONE OF THE CHRISTANITY• By realizing the imperfections and inhumanness of the Laws of the Moses or the Old Testament, Jesus propounded The New Testament based not on revenge or cruelty, but on love, mercy and forgiveness which could not fitted with the Laws of Moses. Instead of proposing any reform, Jesus made a Revolution by projecting the poor, the oppressed and the women who had been treated as cursed one of Yahweh. Jesus rejected the concept of the Cruel, Angry and Jealous Yahweh and in stead projected the Loving and Forgiving ‘Heavenly Father’.• Jesus was even daring enough to teach his followers that he was not the son of David who called him “My Lord” , besides telling that the ‘Age of the Laws and Prophets’ had already been over and any body who claimed to be a Prophet must be a False Prophet to mislead the people.• But, Christianity, especially the Fundamentalists, had incorporated what is written as the Laws and Prophets of Yahweh and made them as the “words of the God”, besides ignoring the cries and tears of the poor, the oppressed and the women and standing with the causes of those who have power and wealth. The deeds of mercy and charity rendered by the rich and powerful act as a protective shield from the anger and protest of the poor and oppressed. This is the failure of Christianity.
  • 17. A SOCIO ECONOMIC SYSTEM AGAINST THEPOOR, THE OPPRESSED AND THE WOMEN• Islam is not only a Religion but a Socio-Economic and Political System, designed to give absolute power and authority over the entire society.• From the fundamentalist point of view, in such a system, the role of the poor, the oppressed and the women is serving the powerful and the wealthy who represent the authority of the God on earth , with perfect obedience, making regular prayers and fasting and waiting for Paradise after death and if possible, making pilgrimage .• In such a rigid and closed system, the poor, the oppressed and the women have no right to protest or to bring reforms or revolutions that are treated as the greatest sin to invite anger and eternal punishment from the God.• This is the reason why; over 82% of the Muslims all over the world have to live in poverty, ignorance and oppression. In such a closed and rigid system, there is no room for the people with different faiths or religions.• Even the Islamic system of finance and banking and the great of act of charity or Shakat, could not improve conditions of the poor, the oppressed and the women, but to help sustain the power and authority of the rich and powerful over the rest of the society. Some Christian Fundamentalist sects have been trying to copied down Islam to have absolute authority.
  • 18. PARDOXES OF ISLAM ANDCHRISTIANITY It is a paradox that even though Jesus Christ had rejected the above deadly ideologies of Moses and Abraham and propounded The New Testament based on Peace and Non-Violence, Christianity still upholds those ideologies and tells it followers as they are ‘the words of the God’ everyday. ‘Jehovah’ of Moses and ‘Allah’ of Mohammad are no way identical or similar to ‘The Heavenly Father’ of Jesus Christ. Islam has been built upon the edifice of the beliefs and ideologies of Moses and Abraham. Unlike Jesus, Mohammed had no problem in waging wars and killing the enemies or making use of the captured warriors and their armament for the next wars and also advocating Peace among his own men. While Jews and Christians believe that the true heirs of Abraham and thereby ‘The Chosen People’ were the children of ‘Sara’ especially of Isaac , the Muslims advocate that the true heirs were the children of Hager, especially of Ismail. This dispute is nothing but a family feud between two tribal women of Abraham, that has grown to the extent of lasting enmity and war between different Semitic tribes. It has nothing to do with the Non-Semitic people, even if they become Muslims or Christians.
  • 19. THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, CHINA, AFRICA, EUROPE OR AMERICA It is impossible for the people of India or China or Africa or Europe or America to claim or believe that they are the children of Abraham, the father of the Semitic Tribes, just by becoming Muslims or Christians. They cannot be ‘the chosen people of the God of Abraham on the basis of what has been written in ‘Genesis’ or ‘Deuteronomy’ of The Bible, for all other tribes or nations were the enemies of the children of Abraham and their God who might be looted or raped or exterminated Just by religious conversion, nobody can change his or her race or tribe or complexion and to become the member of the Semitic Tribe of Abraham or David. Both Islam and Christianity are totally confused on these matters. It is time for Islam and Christianity to shed their primitive tribal root and to become truly universal.
  • 20. TRIBAL MINDSET AND HANDBOOK OFTERROR• Abraham , the father of Isaac and Ismail who built up two powerful and quarrelling primitive Semitic Tribes, was made as the foundation of both Islam and Christianity. As a result, they cannot be free from the primitive tribal culture and mindset, such as loyalty towards the tribe, treating other tribes as enemies, dying and killing for the sake of the tribe as the greatest virtue to entitle the highest position in the Paradise after death and treating the God as the sole property of the Tribe, even making God as the supreme commander who fights against other tribes.• Even though Islam and Christianity spread across the world, crossing tribes, races and cultures, they retained the tribal mindset and culture of the primitive tribe of Abraham and also of the sub-tribes or sects of Isaac and Ismail. That is why; Muslims and Christians consider Abraham as their father. It is a historical and psychological necessity for Islam and Christianity to have lasting rivalries besides having several conflicting sects or cults who wage Wars and promote Terrorism. Some of the books in the Old Testament, especially Deuteronomy can be considered as the Handbook of War or Terror.
  • 21. JUSTIFICATION FOR WAR AND TERROR• As long as Islam and Christianity uphold the ideology of Moses and Abraham, they have justification for war and terror and their inevitability. That is the reason why; both Islam and Christianity, besides Judaism, treat their own common believers as the obedient and loyal people to kill or die for their religions and eliminating the people belong to the other tribes or faiths after branding them as the enemies of their God.• Since war and terror are inbuilt in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, it is natural that they fight each other besides infighting within each religion by the rival sects or cults such as Catholics Vs Protestants or Sunni Vs Shiite. Kings of Judea and Israel fought each other; in the western world, Christian countries fought each other; in the Arab World, Muslim Tribes or Countries fought each other.• Christianity had been involved in the Crusade and also in the two World Wars; Islam has been engaged either in war or terror for the last several years. Through Wars and Conquests, Egypt was made an Arab Muslim country. And Islam spread on several countries. Jews and Muslims have been fighting each other in the name of Palestine. War is inbuilt in their belief and practices.• There exist a nexus and unholy relationship between Islam, Judaism and Christianity with the Defense Industry and International Military Weapon Traders who promote Islamic or Jewish or Christian fundamentalism, terrorism and counter-terrorism. They are the major source of funding of these religions.
  • 22. CAPITALISM ,AUTOCRACY, COMMUNISM AND CORPORARTISM Capitalism, Autocracy, Fascism, Communism and Corporatism are the bye-products of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. They have been built upon the ideology of ‘chosen people’, ‘promised land’ and ‘infidels and enemies of the God’. Power and wealth have always been the privilege of the ‘chosen few’. The chosen few represent the authority and the grace of the God and therefore the people with wealth and authority must be obeyed or respected by the rest of the humanity. Capitalism, Autocracy, Fascism, Communism and Corporatism create a World Order in which just 2% can have absolute ownership of over 80% of the wealth of the humanity and over 80% of the mankind live in hunger, ignorance and oppression.
  • 23. THE CURIOUS AND DUBIOUS ROLE• Islam, and Christianity, in spite of their’ shakat’, charity and mercy deeds, in effect have been reinforcing the existence and sustainability of such an unjust and inhuman Global Social Order. That is why: globally 82% of the Muslims and 39% of the Christians still live without Food, Dignity and Knowledge.• Christianity with 2000 years of history and Islam with 1400 years of history could not solve the basic human problem of Hunger, Ignorance and Oppression among their own members or followers when they are alive. Then how can they guarantee Heaven or Paradise after death? What right they have to guide the humanity?
  • 24. THE GREATEST CHALLANGE The greatest challenge of the twenty first century is ensuring Food, Dignity and Knowledge for over 80% of the humanity and reducing the widening gap between 2% and 80% of the mankind. Both natural calamities and climatic changes, make the life of the millions miserable and horrible. The greatest shortage of food and drinking water will be shortly. These problems can be addressed only by making humanity, especially Islam and Christianity, free from the narrow tribal mindset and to develop a universal approach to the entire mankind irrespective of any race, tribe or religion or nationality and relieving God from the monopoly of any religion.
  • 25. THE RIGHT OF THE MARGINALIZED Unless Islam and Christianity are ready to change, within ten years over 90% of the mankind will be left without Food, Dignity and Knowledge and they will resort to revenge and violence to destroy the unjust and criminal Social Order reinforced by Islam, Christianity, Capitalism, Communism, Corporatism. It is their Right. The poor and the oppressed cannot be pacified with the ‘Fear of God’ and ‘The Promising Paradise’ or ‘Heaven’ as advocated by Islam and Christianity, for they are getting aware of the crimes, injustices and brutalities committed against them. If Islam and Christianity are beneficial only for just 2%, the rest of the humanity has the right to punish them also.
  • 26. THE NEW GENERATION OF MUSLIMAND CHRISTIAN YOUTH AND WOMEN• The New Generation of Muslim and Christian Youth and Women, familiarized with Globalization, Information Technology, Global Economic Crisis, the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement, are in real crisis of faith besides cultural and intellectual crisis.• Unless Islam and Christianity adopt global and universal values and outlook on the one hand and redesigned to solve the basic human problem of hunger, ignorance and oppression and thereby ensure lasting Peace and Prosperity, they will be buried together before the end of 21st century.• With Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism, rooted in the Primitive Tribal Ideology, nobody can cheat or befool the Youth and Women for long; the decline of their effectiveness has already been started. A New Wave is getting fermented.
  • 27. SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL AND HISTORICALNECESSITY It is a social, spiritual and historical necessity for Islam and Christianity to redefine their faith and practices for establishing a Just and New Global Social Order, ensuring ‘Food, Dignity and Knowledge for All’; empowering all men on the earth and thereby bringing lasting Peace and Prosperity for the entire mankind. The vast untapped potentialities and resources of Islam and Christianity must be utilized for the well being of the Humanity, in stead of wasting time and resources for silly and narrow issues or constructing gigantic mosques and churches that do not add any benefit to the humanity other than the rich and the affluent.
  • 28. THE LIVING HUMAN BEINGS• Islam and Christianity must give importance to basic problems of the Living Human beings rather than the ideology and practices of some primitive tribes lived, fought and shed a lot of blood thousands of years ago.• They must realize that they can no longer fool the New Generation of Youth and Women with a set of ‘Fears’, as they have become ‘Fearless’, as has been happening in the case of the Arab Spring or Occupy Movement.• Without ensuring ‘Food, Dignity and Knowledge for All’, what is the meaning of promising ‘Paradise’ with all the pleasures of life after death to the suffering 80% and shielding the 2% to enjoy all the pleasures of the Paradise before death.
  • 29. CONSPIRACY OF THE 2% AGAINST THE HUMANITY War and Terror besides rivalries and clashes between religions and within each religion and above all religious fundamentalism and terrorism are the result of the conspiracy of the 2% against the rest of the humanity and thereby keeping them in hunger, ignorance and oppression for ever. Now the New Generation of the Thinking, Awakened and Pro- active Youth and Women are getting ready to establish the New Global Social Order after destroying the Unjust and Cruel Social Order. No Religion or Faith can keep the Youth and Women under its fold for ever. Every thing is written clearly on the Wall. The time is too short. This is the real Crisis of Islam and Christianity for the first time in their entire history.