How to set bar height and margin between the barcode labels


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In this document we will going to learn whar are barcode and how can we set and modify bar height and margin between barcodes to get print out properly

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How to set bar height and margin between the barcode labels

  1. 1. Website: Email: Website: Email: How to set bar height and margin between the barcode labels Barcodes are machine readable codes which represent information in form of black bars and white space between them. Barcodes are tags used to attach on the product whose information is contained in it. They proved to be very efficient for growth and development of any type of businesses like retail, healthcare etc. DRPU barcode label maker software is a full featured application for the creation of barcode labels. Through this application anyone can generate barcode belongs to any technology like Linear or 2D. Software support all fonts present under Linear and 2D barcode symbology. Software is able to create barcodes for multiple businesses like banking, retail, post office etc.
  2. 2. Website: Email: Website: Email: Following are the features of DRPU barcode maker software 1. Create linear or 2D barcode symbology. 2. Generate barcode in huge number. 3. Able to create multiple business barcodes. 4. Send generated barcodes to a specific email id. 5. Set dimensions of barcodes very easily 6. Create barcode from batch processing series. 7. Print barcode in software’s predefined format or by manually modify the settings.
  3. 3. Website: Email: Website: Email: Steps to set bar height and margin between the barcode labels 1. Click on to DRPU barcode generator software. 2. Create barcode from any mode (barcode setting and barcode designing view) present in the software.
  4. 4. Website: Email: Website: Email: 3. Select any symbology for generating barcode labels from Linear and 2D and likewise select relevant font under it. 4. Design barcode by manually modifying its dimensions like height, width etc.
  5. 5. Website: Email: Website: Email: 5. Now click on print icon present on software’s menu bar and select predefined label stocks. 6. See is your barcode fits well on printing window, if yes give print command and thus receive print out of your barcodes and if not then close print window and reset barcode height, width etc for getting it on the print window properly. 7. Then click on print icon choose predefined label stocks and finally click on Print command
  6. 6. Website: Email: Website: Email: 8. Now barcode labels are ready for use. For more information please contact at: Name: Garima Sharma Website: Email: