04c visual signal processing color vision
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04c visual signal processing color vision






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04c visual signal processing color vision 04c visual signal processing color vision Presentation Transcript

  • Visual Information Processing
  • Polarized Light
  • Natural Polarization
  • Why is Sky Blue?
  • Polarization Filter
  • Polarization by Reflection
  • Polaroid filter
  • Polarized Sun Glasses
  • 3D Movie
  • Compound eye of Insect
  • Polarization of Vision of Insect
  • Honey Bee Dance
  • Polarization by Refraction
  • Rainbow is highly Polarized
  • Leon Battista Alberti 1435-36 Craftsman’s Handbook Cennino Cennini 1390
  • Newton's theory of Color 1672
  • Color Confusion Subtractive Color Additive Color
  • Young Helmhoz Color theory of Trichromatic Color vision 1802
  • Goethe’s Color theory 1810 “That I am the only person in this century who has the right insight into the difficult science of colors, that is what I am rather proud of, and that is what gives me the feeling that I have outstripped many.” Goethe studies after-images, colored shadows and Zür Farbenlehre (Theory of Colors) complementary colors
  • Ewald Hering’s Opponent Color Theory (1834-1918)
  • Color Vision
  • Reflectance of Light
  • Reflectance of natural pigment
  • Surface reflectance
  • Surface reflected from blue vase in sunlight and skylight
  • Opponent Color Theory
  • The reflectance function of a natural surface
  • L+M L-M L+M-S
  • Cones
  • Anatomical Distribution of Rods and Cones
  • Three types of Cones
  • First evidence of Opponent theory Horizontal cells of Teleost fish recording by Gunnar Svactichin and Edward MacNichol 1956
  • Geniculate Ganglion Color Channel Russell De Valois 1958
  • Hering’s Red Green Channel
  • Hering’s Red Green Channel
  • Hering’s Blue Yellow Channel
  • Horizontal Cells
  • Amicrine Cells
  • Receptive field of Ganglion Cells
  • Receptive field of Primate Ganglion Cells for Color
  • The Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
  • Color Vision in Visual Cortex
  • Color Vision beyond Striate Cortex
  • AIT = anterior inferior temporal area; CIT = central inferior temporal area; LIP = lateral intraparietal area; Magno = magnocellular layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus; MST = medial superior temporal area; MT = middle temporal area; Parvo = parvocellular layers of the lateral geniculate nucleus; PIT = posterior inferior temporal area; VIP = ventral intraparietal area.) (Based on Merigan and Maunsell 1993.)
  • Color blindness Normal Protanope Deuteranope Tritanope
  • Ishihara Chart for Color blindness testing 21, 2