Dr.vijayan's Mind Power Program


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“Secret key to Health, Wealth, Relationship and Success”

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Dr.vijayan's Mind Power Program

  1. 1. Dr.Vijayan’s MindPower Programs “Secret key to Health, Wealth, Relationship and Success”
  2. 2. Programs 3 Hours Program 1 Day Program 4 Day Intensive Program • Mind Mastery • Emotional Mastery Intensive • The Billionaire Mindset • Sales mastery (the NLP Way) • Ultimate Relationship Mastery • Success Coach Trainers Training • Global Scholar
  3. 3. TRAINING FORMAT• Multimedia sessions with the instructor: This will help the instructor to compile the essential points of the training.• Interactive methods: This will help the trainees to open up and feel more relaxed.• Demonstrations of the exercises: These are promoted to help the trainees to have a visual impact before they gain any first hand experience.
  4. 4. Participants• This workshop is meant for those who want to connect to their inner self and enhance their mind’s power.• If your mind is exhausted with worries and tensions of work and studies then this is the place for you.• For people seeking health, wealth, happiness and success• This workshop is meant for Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Executives, Doctors, Students, IT professionals, Engineers, Professionals etc…• It welcomes anyone who is in stress and trauma.• Even if you are a housewife upset with your kid’s exam preparations, you can surely join us.• We will ensure that you can go back to a normal lifestyle with renewed energy. We help you rejuvenate yourself.
  5. 5. Your Mind Can CreateEverything Including Your Financial Empire
  6. 6. Mind Mastery TMProgram 1 Unleash The Hidden Potentials Of Your Subconscious Mind • Achieve Success • Goal Setting • Better Relationship • Good Health • Self Confidence • Attracting Wealth • Better Memory • Self Development • Connecting With Infinite Source Of Power • Enhance Productivity And Responsibility
  7. 7. Mind Mastery TMProgram 1• Transform yourself!!! • Health Factors – Build Confidence and Self Esteem • Achieve Weight loss through healthy eating – Develop Optimism and Overcome Insecurity • Know Healing Power Affirmations and Faster Healing – Stem Negative Thoughts • Get the secrets of Anti- Ageing – Develop Personal Magnetism – Take steps to Positive Thinking and Remove Inferiority • Boost Your Immune System Complex – Overcome Superstition and Control Negative Emotions • Mind training helps to Remove Stress and – Cultivate Forgiveness and Attitude of gratitude Immunize Yourself – Learn Goal Setting and Mind Leveraging • Boost your energy – Unravel the Power of Subconscious mind • Improve your Mood • Learn Breathing and Stress Management Training• Empower yourself With mind training through • Enjoy Sound Sleep – Self Motivation Boosters – Improvement in Concentration and Focus • Know Speed meditation and Creative Visualization – Creativity Boosters • Tune in Harmony with Nature – Creative Problem Solving and Brain Power Enhancement • Achieve whatever your mind conceives and believes in techniques – Personal Development and Will Power Boosters • Visualize….. and you can actualize – Self Discipline and power to reach Your Goals • Program your mind, program your life! – Skill in handling Criticism – Personal Time Management – Success Motivation – Academic Performance and Leadership – Awakened Intuition – Cultivation of Compassion and development of Personal Courage – Smiling more and Thinking Big
  8. 8. Program 1 Mind Mastery TM • Mind causes most of the diseases – Researches shows that Mind power can help to reduce and relieve the causes of:  Stroke  Anger  Heart attack  Pain  Cancer  Tensions  High blood pressure  Stress  Asthma  Fear  Allergy  Worry  Digestive problem  Insecurity  Arthritis  Lack of confidence  Sleeping problems  Learning problems  Psoriasis Reduces 97 diseases and leads you to wellness
  9. 9. Program 2 Emotional Mastery Intensive Master Your Emotions• Build Confidence And Self Esteem• Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Control Negative Emotion• Help Control And Manage Your Anger, Anxiety, Disappointment Frustration, Fear And Guilt• Help To Overcome And Eliminate Stress, Worry, Hurt And Depression Transform Yourself ! · Develop Personal Magnetism And Positive Thinking · Awaken Intuition · Enhance Your Spiritual Quotient · Cultivate Forgiveness And Attitude Of Gratitude · Goal Setting And Achieving The Goals Through Mind Leveraging · Law Of Attraction And Law Of Intention Awaken The Subconscious Mind And Let It Work For You · Discover Your Personal Mission And Create A Successful Vision · Convert Desires And Goals Into Reality
  10. 10. Program 2 Emotional Mastery Intensive Increase Your Productivity · Self Motivation And Drive · Focused Attention And Greater Success · Creativity Boosters And Increased Mental Abilities · Creative Problem Solving And Personal Time Management Master Your Emotions To Change Your Mind and Mould Your Life! Emotional Mastery Intensive Will Provide You Positive Guidance To Take Control Of Your Emotional Balance and Improve Health, Wealth, Relationship, Success, Happiness And Spiritual Well Being
  11. 11. Program 3 The Billionaire Mindset Contents • Discovering Your Passion • Discovering Your Mission And Vision • Business Proposal • Wealth Principles • Time Management • Principles Of Wealth • Leverage • Mastermind Principles • Rules Of Decision Making • Levels Of Life Management • Your Vision For Success • Mental Bank Ledger Continued …
  12. 12. Program 3 The Billionaire Mindset Contents • Success Principles • Business Etiquettes • Grooming For Business • Making Of A Successful Entrepreneur • Wealth Building Essentials • Kaizen • Personal Power • Vision Board Setting
  13. 13. Program 4 Sales Mastery (The NLP way) This Course Is About Mastering The Influence, Building Relationship, Selling More With Emotional Impact And Persuading. Being Able To Build Relationships And Keep Clients Coming Back Time After Time Will Benefit From This Course. You will learn :- • Totally new effective method of sales. • What your customers really want and what motivates people to buy. • How to create powerful relationships and sell to anyone. • A deep understanding of buying psychology. • You can sell anything to anybody by learning this new technology. • By using NLP sales strategies you will get an unfair advantage in making more sales every day. • Sales activity will become a thrilling game. • Each sale will be more relaxing and joyful. • Start everlasting relationship with your customer and create natural want of your product. • Top selling strategies using NLP in sales.
  14. 14. Program 4 Sales Mastery (The NLP way) What Makes You Successful?  The Art And Science Of Persuasion The 80:20 Conviction Influencing For A Win-Win Why Vs. How of Sales Success Motivation Strategies What Makes People Buy Or Not Buy? Meta Programs of Sales Top Sales Strategies Representational Systems Psychology Of Sales  Proposing The Solution NLP In Sales Solutions Not Products NLP Communication Model Adding Value To Your Sale Impact Of Values & Beliefs In Sales Up & Cross-Selling Powerful Rapport Building Metaphors In Selling Pacing & Leading In Sales Unlocking Personality Trust & Integrity Is A Win-Win Create Instant Confidence Reading Signals & Body Language Reframing – Handling Objections Mastering The Tools Of Influence Taking Action - Closing Confidently Detecting Buying Signals Establishing Your Client’s Needs  Towards Super Performance Powerful Questioning Skills CREATE Your Results Active Listening Self Management For High Performance Meeting Your Client’s Expectations How to Double Your Sales Programming Your Future Goals
  15. 15. Program 5 Ultimate Relationship Mastery In Ultimate Relationship Mastery for Couples we will – Explore the analogy of building a relation. – Makes partners to understand themselves in the major life voyage. – Develop a strategy to establish the relationship youve always wanted. – Teach the latest skills to strengthen your own marriage or relationship. – Train couples who are genuinely motivated to change their lives.
  16. 16. Program 5 Ultimate Relationship Mastery Contents • Basic difference between and Men • 101 tips for intimate relationship and Women • Power struggles • Six human needs • Types of husbands and wives • Fundamentals of relationships • Law of forgiveness • Role of gratitude in relationships • Family wisdom • Strokes in relationships • Theory of love • Attitudes and ego states • Role of appreciation in relationship • Sex and love life • Six positions of relationship • Master skills of relationships • Disciplines in a relationship • Seven stages of marriage • What and what not to do in each stage of marriage • Nine habits of successful marriage
  17. 17. Program 6 Success Coach Training Program Contents 1. How To Think Big 2. How To Focus And Goal Orientation 3. Power Leadership Skills 4. How To Inspire And Motivate 5. Power Interpersonal Skills 6. Power Communication 7. Power Presentation Skills 8. Power Laws Of Success 9. Power Team Dynamics 10.Ultimate Success Secrets 11.Keys To Power 12.Marketing Strategies In Training
  18. 18. Global ScholarProgram7
  19. 19. Program7 Global Scholar Contents •Smart Goal Setting •Multiple Intelligence •Accelerated Reading •Memory Improvement •Keys To Learning •Multi- Sensory •Smart Study Habits •Effective Study Skills •Exam Techniques •Mind Mastery
  20. 20. Program7 Global Scholar Contents • Scholarships • Career And Course Options • Better Night’s Sleep • Brain Power • Success Qualities • Success Secrets • Better Personality • The Physiology Of Excellence • Time- Management • Kaizen • Vision Board
  21. 21. For details Lifeline Foundation www.lifelinefoundation.inworkshops@lifelinefoundation.in Phone : +91 8129 276 644 +91 8129 272 244