Patrick Mc Grane Stimulating The Senses


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Patrick Mc Grane Stimulating The Senses

  1. 1. Stimulating the Senses By: Patrick McGrane
  2. 2. The Five Senses  Sight  Smell  Hearing  Taste  Touch
  3. 3. Sight  Some people are visual learners, meaning they can learn best is they see something being demonstrated.  Visual learners need to see what is being taught to them, like a math problem, if they are shown how to work it using various examples then the learner will understand it instead of if someone just gives them a formula
  4. 4. Visual Learners  The best way for visual learners to remember is by looking at images, colors and maps  For this type of learner it is best to use images instead of text whenever possible
  5. 5. Listening  If you learn best by listening then you are a auditory learners  Auditory learners can listen to a lecture and easily learn what is important and remember almost everything that was said.  It would be best for auditory learners to use sound or rhythm in their learning  Recordings of a class lecture helps auditory learners pull more out of a class
  6. 6. Touch  Those who learn best by touch are called physical learners  These people learn best by physical activity  The best way for physical learners to learn is relate what they are learning to real life  It would also help you learn if draw out diagrams that will also help learn the required materials.
  7. 7. Using smell to remember  Many ignore their sense of smell, which is natural for the brain to do.  But really your sense of smell can help you gather information about their environment.  It will also help you remember what different places smell like.
  8. 8. Stimulating the Senses  You must stimulate your senses while learning or your brain will lose focus and not pay attention  It is important to know how you learn best, so you can find how to study the information your given and get the most out of it
  9. 9. Help with stimulating your senses  It helps all your senses to be in big, open, quite spaces to study.  It also helps to rest frequently, when you are studying for long periods of time. Take a break every 45 minutes or so to ease your mind and then hit the books again
  10. 10. More help with stimulating your senses  Try different types of learning methods. If you are a visual learner try to learn by just listening and see how it works for you.  Get a positive attitude towards what your learning. Your attitude will make a large difference in what you take out of a lecture or while reading your notes
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