Kosovare Male And Female Brains
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Kosovare Male And Female Brains



Brain Research - LTCY 199 - Summer 2009 - Male vs Female

Brain Research - LTCY 199 - Summer 2009 - Male vs Female



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Kosovare Male And Female Brains Kosovare Male And Female Brains Presentation Transcript

  • Male and female brains are different
    By: Kosovare Mustafa
  • [ ES ]
    A new theory claims that the female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy, and that the male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems (Baron-Cohen, S. (2004)
  • Are males better at systemizing
    Males tend to show far more 'direct' aggression (pushing, hitting, punching, etc.). Females tend to show more 'indirect' (or 'relational', covert) aggression. (Baron-Cohen , 2004)
  • Are females better at empathizing?
    Baby girls, as young as 12 months old, respond more empathically to the distress of other people, showing greater concern through more sad looks, sympathetic vocalizations, and Comforting (Baron-Cohen , 2004)
  • The x chromosome that males have one and females have two of- though one acts as a backup –is a cognitive “hot spot,” carrying an unusually large percentage of genes involved in brain manufacture.
    Woman are generally more complex, because the active x chromosome in their cells are a mix of moms and dads.
    Macdonald, M. (2008
  • Men's and woman's brains are different structurally and biochemically-men have a bigger amygdale and produce serotonin faster, for example—but we don’t know if those difference have significance.
    Men and woman respond differentially to acute stress: woman activate the left hemisphere’s amygada and remember the emotional details. Men use the right amygada and get the gist.
    Macdonald, M. (2008
  • By more than 2 to 1, women are more likely to get depressed than men, a figure that shows up just after puberty and remains stable for the next 50 years.
    Males exhibit more antisocial behavior. Females have more anxiety.
    Most alcoholics and drug addicts are male.
    Most anorexics are female.
    Macdonald, M. (2008)
  • Mama`s boy
    The reason they say “mamas boy” is because Men's x chromosome all come from mom, and their y chromosome carries less then 100 genes, compared with about 1500 for the x chromosome
    Female= more varied
    Male= less varied
    Macdonald, M. (2008)
  • Brain parts
    John medina (2009).
  • John medina (2009
  • jokes
    If they can put a man on the moon…why cant they put them all there?
    John medina (2009). Brains rule. Retrieved July, 9 2009 from University of Washington School of Medicine, Bioengineering Web     site: http://www.brainrules.net/gender
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