Warehouse energy efficiency opportunities


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  • Add Empire states buildings as an example EPC contract here
  • Just to crystallize how that looks in terms of our organizational structure Opportunity Technology and Change are the three delivery divisions in our business We thought that f you were to design a company around the Reset model, it might look something like this!
  • We do a desktop analysis
  • Warehouse energy efficiency opportunities

    1. 1. Retrofit Suggestions forEnergy Efficient WarehouseFacilities
    2. 2. IntroductionUK warehousing facilities can reduce energy costs by over £200million p.a. viaeffective energy efficiency measures and retrofit opportunities.Discovery the major saving opportunities for your business, most of which can havea payback on investment in under 3 years. Typical barriers to energy efficiency Staff expertise Time resource Availability of capital fundingOvercome these issues using outsourcing energy management provider. Theymonitor, identify and address energy wastage cost-effectively - carbonmanager365.Availability of capital funding is no longer a barrier to project implementation.Energy Performance Contacting generate guaranteed savings and accelerateenergy reduction with no upfront capital requirement. Warehousing – the saving opportunity Source: UKWA and the Carbon Trust
    3. 3. Where is energy consumedFocus areas - lighting and heating
    4. 4. Switching to a natural-lighting or task-lighting--where lights are only used in areas where visibility is crucial-- can reduce consumption.Reduce Usage with Task Lighting
    5. 5. Solar pipes are made-up of highly reflective material, and can channel natural light into the warehouse.Introduce Naturally-Lit Solar Pipes
    6. 6. Achieve 70 per cent performance improvement over conventional systems with T5/T8 fluorescent & LEDs, occupancy sensors and wireless control via your existing BMS Install intelligent energy efficient lighting
    7. 7. Sensors reduce lighting when facilities arent in use, or when facilities already receive ample natural lighting.Install Wireless Lighting Sensors
    8. 8. Wirelessly integrate HVAC-R to occupancy and temperature sensors to link energy consumption to warehouse use, not set timersIntegrate wireless movement and temp sensors with lighting & HVAC
    9. 9. Wireless sensors that integrate into your BMS can help regulate andmeasure the warehouse temperature to create seasonal control patterns and reduce cooling/heating cycles. Utilize intelligent thermostats
    10. 10. Large, slow-moving fans, or smaller, quicker fans can destratify the air in a warehouse-- mixing the warm air and reducing the amount of energy necessary to heat a facility in cooler climates. Invest in Destratification Fans
    11. 11. On average, 20% of warehouse energy costs are wasted from poor efficiency. Envidoprovides cost-effective energy management support to identify saving opportunities via its carbonmanager365 service. Energy monitoring and control
    12. 12. Insulation can greatly reduce warehouses HVAC energy usage, as it has twice the R-value as batt insulation. Install Sprayed-Foam Insulation Insulate, Insulate, Insulate
    13. 13. Consider implementing several retrofits via an EPC to deliver guaranteed savings with no upfront costs. Self-financing projects harness future energy savingsRetrofit using no upfront finance via Energy Performance Contracting
    14. 14. Envido is the UK’s leading provider of integrated energy and carbon reduction solutions 1. Opportunity 2. Technology 3. ChangeCompliance & Standards Complete Range of Technology Environmental Training & • Compliance (EPC, FGAS, EPBD, etc.) Solutions Communications • Environmental Management Systems • Smart and sub metering • Needs Analysis (ISO 14001) • Automated Monitoring and Targeting • Programme Planning • BS EN 16001 and Carbon Trust Software (aM&T) • Development of Roadmap Standard • BMS Optimisation • Resources and Collateral • CRC Management • Voltage Optimisation • Ongoing Support • Climate Change Agreement • Gas Boiler Optimisation • e-Learning • Low Energy Lighting • Face-to-faceEnergy Management Services • Workshops • Energy Assessments • Power Factor Correction • Variable Speed Drives • Guest Speakers • Renewable Energy Strategies • Full Programme Delivery • Virtual Energy Manager • Wind Turbines • Photo Voltaics • Biomass Installations Real-Time DisplaysCarbon Footprint • Flat Screens • Carbon Calculator • Lift Displays • Travel Audit • Supply Chain Engagement • Waste Audit • Carbon Track
    15. 15. Comprehensive after-sales Support in-house engineers and electricians nationwide coverage existing building plant and equipment 24/7 dedicated account & PRINCE2 project management
    16. 16.  0207 199 0090 |  info@envido.co.uk |  www.envido.co.uk