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Gazetteer of botswana

  1. 1. Gazetteer of Botswana compiled by Per Ivar HaugHommelvik, 2010
  2. 2. 2ContentsExplanatory notes.................................................................................................................... p. 3Main sources ........................................................................................................................... p. 3Some basic facts ...................................................................................................................... p. 4First-order administrative divisions ........................................................................................ p. 5Second-order administrative divisions .................................................................................... p. 6Census districts ....................................................................................................................... p. 7Lakes ....................................................................................................................................... p. 8Mountains ............................................................................................................................... p. 9Populated places.................................................................................................................... p. 10Rivers .................................................................................................................................... p. 60
  3. 3. 3Explanatory notesAbbreviations and symbols.* (in square brackets, combined with year or date): year of foundationc (in square brackets) city statust (in square brackets) town statusv (in square brackets) village statusThese abbreviations may be followed by year of incorporation.§ data not availableCoordinates.Coordinates are given in degrees ( º ) and minutes ( ′ ).For area features (e.g. lakes, districts), the coordinates indicate the approximate centre of thefeature.Coordinates given for some places are calculated from their position on maps, and may beslightly inaccurate.Main sourcesGoogle Earth.Inventory of wetlands of Botswana / compiled by H.M. Masundire ... [et al.]. – [Gaborone?] :[University of Botswana?], Encarta interactive world atlas 2001. – [Redmond, Wash.] : Microsoft Corporation,cop. 2000.Population of towns, villages and associated localities : 2001 population and housing census.– Gaborone : Central Statistics Office, 2002. Republic of Botswana. – Scale 1:1,500,000. – Gaborone : Department of Surveys andLands, 1986.Republic of Botswana 1:500,000. Sheet 1-3. – [London] : Published for the Republic ofBotswana by the British Government’s Ministry of Overseas Development, 1969-1970.Rollout plan : TB 17/1/172001-2002 concultancy services for the development of ruraltelecommunications strategy / prepared for: DTPS, MCST ; prepared by: Icegate SolutionsInc. – Ottawa : Icegate Solutions, 2006.
  4. 4. 4Some basic factsName: Republic of BotswanaShort name: BotswanaFormer name: Bechuanaland Protectorate (31 March 1885-30 Sept. 1966)Independent since: 30 September 1966Area: 581,730 sq. kmPopulation: 1,680,863 (17 Aug. 2001 census) 1,990,876 (1 July 2009 estimate)Capital: GaboroneMax. length north-south: 1,110 kilometresMax. length east-west: 960 kilometresSouthernmost point: 26º 54′ S (near Bokspits)Northernmost point: 17º 46′ 45″ S (near Kasane)Westernmost point: 20º 00′ E (on Namibia border, from 22º 00′ S to 24º 46′ S)Easternmost point: 29º 22′ 40″ E (confluence Limpopo/Shashe rivers).Highest mountain: Monalanong Hill, 1,494 mLongest river: MolopoLowest point: 513 metres (confluence Limpopo/Shashe rivers).
  5. 5. 5First-order administrative divisions: 10 districts.District. Coordinates. Surface area Population District head- (sq. km). (2001 census). quarter.Central (Legare) 21 00S 26 30E 147,730 563,260 SeroweChobe 18 30S 25 00E 20,800 18,258 KasaneGhanzi 22 00S 22 30E 117,910 33,170 GhanziKgalagadi 25 00S 22 00E 106,940 42,049 TshabongKgatleng 24 00S 26 30E 7,960 73,507 MochudiKweneng 24 00S 25 00E 35,890 230,335 MolepololeNgamiland 19 30S 23 00E 109,130 124,712 MaunNorth East (Bokone Botlhaba) 21 00S 27 30E 5,120 132,422 FrancistownSouth East (Borwa Botlhaba) 25 00S 25 45E 1,780 276,319 GaboroneSouthern (Borwa) 25 00S 25 00E 28,470 186,831 KanyeTotal: 581,730 1,680,863Note: Chobe and Ngamiland districts were jointly covered by the North West (Bokone Bophirima)District Council until 1 April 2006. Since then, North West District Council covers Ngamiland only.The following localities have separate councils:Francistown (City Council)Gaborone (City Council)Jwaneng (Town Council)Lobatse (Town Council)Selebi-Phikwe (Town Council)Sowa (Township Authority)
  6. 6. 6Second-order administrative divisions: 12 sub-districts.Only some special parts of Botswana are divided into sub-districts. 19 new sub-districts wereannounced to be established during the years 2009-2015.Botswana also had 28 census districts at the 2001 census.Sub-districts and census districts:District. Sub-districts (headquarter in Census districts: brackets):Central Bobirwa (Bobonong) Central Bobonong Boteti (Letlhakane) Central Boteti Letlhakane (Letlhakane) Central Mahalapye Mahalapye (Mahalapye) Central Serowe/Palapye Serowe/Palapye (Palapye) Central Tutume Tutume (Tutume) Orapa [town] Selebi-Phikwe [town] Sowa [township]Chobe (none) ChobeGhanzi Charles Hill (Charles Hill) CKGR GhanziKgalagadi Hukuntsi (Hukuntsi) Kgalagadi North Kgalagadi SouthKgatleng (none) KgatlengKweneng (none) Kweneng East Kweneng WestNgamiland Okavango (Gumare) Delta Ngamiland East Ngamiland WestNorth East (none) Francistown [city] North EastSouth East Tlokweng (Tlokweng) Gaborone [city] Lobatse [town] South EastSouthern Good Hope (Good Hope) Barolong Mabutsane (Mabutsane) Jwaneng [town] Ngwaketse (Kanye/Moshupa) Ngwaketse West
  7. 7. BOTSWANA. 7Population by census districts.Census district. Population (2001 census).Barolong 47,477Central Bobonong 66,964Central Boteti 48,057Central Mahalapye 109,811Central Serowe/Palapye 153,035Central Tutume 123,514Chobe 18,258CKGR (Central Kalahari Game 689 Reserve)Delta 2,688Francistown 83,023Gaborone 186,007Ghanzi 32,481Jwaneng 15,179Kgalagadi North 16,111Kgalagadi South 25,938Kgatleng 73,507Kweneng East 189,773Kweneng West 40,562Lobatse 29,689Ngamiland East 72,382Ngamiland West 49,642Ngwaketse 113,704Ngwaketse West 47,477North East 49,399Orapa 9,151Selebi-Phikwe 49,849South East 60,623Sowa 2,879Total 1,680,863
  8. 8. BOTSWANA. 8Lakes. Coordinates. District. Surface Altitude area (metres). ( Dam [1991] 24 28S 25 55E Kgatleng 6.6 956Gaborone Dam [1963] 24 43S 25 53E South East 11-38 1,000Gampudi Dam [1968] Southern 0.14 §Letsibogo Dam [1997] 21 49S 27 42E Central 18 850Mmakgodumo Dam [1933] 24 57S 25 20E Southern 0.2 1,264Moshupa Dam [1969] 24 47S 25 24E Southern 0.28 1,115Mopipi Dam 21 13S 24 51E Central 16 §Ngami, Lake 20 30S 22 45E Ngamiland 0-200 919.5- 923.5 maximum surface area: 670 average surface area (1950- 2000): 123Ngotwane Dam (Notwane Dam; 24 46S 25 51E South East § § Notwani Dam)Nnywane Dam [1970] 25 07S 25 41E South East 1.65 §Notwane Dam, see Ngotwane Dam.Semarule Dam [1987] Kweneng 0.37 §Shashe Dam [1970] 21 20S 27 25E Central/North East 23 976.5Xau, Lake 21 18S 24 45E Central usually § dry maximum surface area: 300Note: Year of reservoir completion is given in square brackets.
  9. 9. BOTSWANA. 9Mountains. Coordinates. District. Height (metres).Aha Hills 19 45S 21 00E Ngamiland/(Namibia) 1,250Chinamba Hills, see Shinamba Hills.Dikgomodikae, see Dikomu Di Kai.Dikomu Di Kai (Dikgomodikae) 24 52S 24 37E Southern 1,088Great Tsau 21 14S 22 45E Ghanzi 1,024Ironstone Kopje 25 14S 24 05E Kgalagadi 1,075Male Hill, see Tsodilo Hills.Marakalalo Hills 22 57S 26 22E Central 1,347Mokgware Hills 22 43S 26 37E Central 1,316Monalanong Hill 24 50S 25 40E Southern 1,494Otse Mountain 25 01S 25 42E South East 1,491Shinamba Hills (Chinamba Hills) 18 47S 24 48E Chobe 1,042Shoshong Hills 23 02S 26 36E Central 1,324Tsodilo Hills 18 45S 21 45E Ngamiland highest point: Male Hill 18 46S 21 45E 1,375Vloorskop 25 45S 20 50E Kgalagadi 956
  10. 10. BOTSWANA. 10Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).3rd Bridge, see Third Bridge.Abajenakiru near Letlhakane Central 59Alaphate/Tshwelakhumma near Moiyabana Central 53Artesia, see Artisia.Artisia (Artesia; Mosomane) [v] 24 03S 26 20E Kgatleng 1,462Badiba near Shaowe Ngamiland 63Bafijo (Pavijo) 26 26S 21 07E Kgalagadi 8Baines Drift 22 29S 28 45E Central 208Baku near Xakao Ngamiland 93Baloing near Kopong Kweneng 183Basarwa near Maokane Southern 58Beetsha (Betsha) [v] 18 43S 22 46E Ngamiland 760Beetsha Lands near Beetsha Ngamiland 245Belabela near Matebeleng Kgatleng 148Bere [v] 22 49S 21 52E Ghanzi 385Betesankwe 25 01S 25 20E Southern 299Bethel [v] 25 26S 25 32E Southern 440Betsha, see Beetsha.Bietsao 21 16S 21 34E Central 11Bikwe near Serowe Central 191Bikwe near Manyana Southern 167Boajankwe 19 47S 22 16E Ngamiland 254Boatlaname [v] 23 36S 25 50E Kweneng 770Boatle near Ramotswa South East 60Bobonong [v] 21 58S 28 25E Central 14,622Bodibaboteng near Lokgwabe Kgalagadi 99Bodibeng [v] 20 38S 22 36E Ngamiland 472Boditsane near Molepolole Kweneng 158Bodumatau near Moshupa Southern 154Bodumatlou near Tobane Central 72Bodungwane (Budungwane) 23 51S 26 05E Kgatleng 109Boemakgama near Shoshong Central 52Bogalakepu near Shoshong Central 72Bogogobo [v] 26 40S 21 56E Kgalagadi 341Bohutsana near Lentsweletau Kweneng 76Boitapoloso near Sehithwa Ngamiland 72Bojakgosi 21 44S 27 15E Central 15Bojankwe (Bojanjwe) 24 50S 25 50E South East 41Bokaa [v] 24 25S 26 01E Kgatleng 3,812Boko, see Txushe.Bokololo near Mandunyane Central 92Bokotelo near Mogapinyana Central 78Bokspits [v] 26 54S 20 41E Kgalagadi 499Bolelathaga near Serowe Central 76Bollankwe near Serowe Central 109Bolopela near Bobonong Central 69
  11. 11. BOTSWANA. 11Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Bonapitse, see Bonwapitse.Bonwakatlhako near Palapye Central 95Bonwanotshe near Kalamare Central 69Bonwanotshe near Mabesekwa Central 85Bonwapitse (Bonapitse) [v] 23 02S 26 39E Central 544Bonyamabogo Farm near Semane Southern 55Bootsei near Serowe Central 59Boragane near Modipane Kgatleng 55Borakalalo 24 30S 26 28E Kgatleng 85Boratapula near Majwaneng Central 88Boro 19 50S 23 24E Ngamiland 842Borobadilepe [v] 25 37S 25 28E Southern 310Borolong [v] 21 06S 27 20E Central 3,003Borolong Lands near Borolong Central 78Borotsi [v] 23 05S 27 34E Mahalapye, Central 684Borotsi near Sefhare Mahalapye, Central 76Borotsi near Chadibe Tutume, Central 167Borotsi [v] near Tonota Tutume, Central 985Botalaote [v] 20 44S 27 14E North East 182Botepetepe 21 02S 24 44E Central 41Botepetepe 22 22S 26 54E Central 78Bothatogo, see Botlhatlogo.Botlapatla, see Botlhapatlou.Botlhapatlou (Botlapatla) [v] 24 02S 25 29E Kweneng 915Botlhatlogo (Bothatogo) [v] 20 33S 22 45E Ngamiland 467Botlhoko 24 07S 24 51E Kweneng 40Bozolome near Bobonong Central 89Bray [v] 25 27S 23 43E Kgalagadi 899Budungwane, see Bodungwane.Butale [v] 20 42S 27 42E North East 513Caarong near Mandunyane Central 54Cacaba, see Xaxaba.Caecae, see Xaxa.Chadibe [v] 23 02S 27 34E Mahalapye, Central 2,861Chadibe [v] 21 03S 27 21E Tutume, Central 1,192Changate [v] 20 25S 27 16E Central 938Chanoga [v] 20 09S 23 39E Ngamiland 381Chaoka 24 34S 25 32E Kweneng 124Charles Hill (Charleshill) [v] 22 17S 20 05E Ghanzi 1,859Chawaje near Mathangwane Central 61Chawe 25 02S 25 35E Southern 40Chepetese near Motokwe Kweneng 1) 339Chiki near Nokaneng Ngamiland 89Chilokoti near Goshwe Central 2881) including Khekhenya
  12. 12. BOTSWANA. 12Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Chixoma near Shorobe Ngamiland 76Chobe Game Lodge 17 50S 25 05E Chobe 65Chobokwane [v] 22 09S 21 13E Ghanzi 484Choele near Moshopha Central 51Chuchubega 19 53S 23 17E Ngamiland 326Chukumuchu 18 47S 21 24E Ngamiland 270Congo near Nxamasere Ngamiland 102Daachobe near Serowe Central 64Dabgi, see Dagwi.Dagwi (Dabgi) [v] 20 14S 27 16E Central 1,512Damochojena (Damuchujenaa) [v] 21 54S 27 28E Central 760Damuchujenaa, see Damochojena.Danisea near Shoshong Central 78Daonara (Daunara) [v] 19 46S 23 29E Ngamiland 175Dauga (Daugha) 20 10S 23 45E Ngamiland 221Daunara, see Daonara.Dautsa near Sehithwa Ngamiland 209Debeeti Station, see Dibete Station.Dekar (D’Kar) [v] 21 32S 21 55E Ghanzi 943Derek Brink’s Farm near Tlokweng South East 126Diabo [v] 25 11S 25 20E Southern 272Diagane near Mogoditshane Kweneng 890Diagane near Molepolole Kweneng 156Dibajakwena 25 11S 25 24E Southern 51Dibatleng near Kanye Southern 79Dibe near Matsitama Central 52Dibete Quarantine Camp near Dibete Station Central 97Dibete Station (Debeeti Station) [v] 23 45S 26 28E Central 1,002Dibongwane near Borotsi (Tonota) Central 166Didibakwe 20 18S 26 18E Central 72Digawana [v] 25 20S 25 34E Southern 2,675Digwagwa (Digwagwe) 24 13S 25 47E Kweneng 85Dikabeane near Palapye Central 85Dikabeya (Dikabeye Siding) 22 27S 27 12E Central 318Dikakana near Kanye Southern 74Dikalakana near Mochudi Kgatleng 62Dikalakane near Shoshong Central 58Dikalanyane 24 03S 24 55E Kweneng 40Dikanti 22 09S 28 19E Central 17Dikara near Serowe Central 58Dikbos 26 30S 22 09E Kgalagadi 92Dikeletsane 24 19S 26 32E Kgatleng 65Dikgabong near Tobane Central 53Dikgama 24 08S 26 20E Kgatleng 23Dikgatlhong near Mmadinare Central 92Dikgatlhong 24 13S 25 54E Kweneng 241
  13. 13. BOTSWANA. 13Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Dikgatlhong 20 08S 23 31E Ngamiland 184Dikgatlhong 1 near Kudumatse Central 63Dikgokonnye near Malolwane Kgatleng 52Dikgonnyane near Letlhakeng Kweneng 159Dikgonnye [v] 24 08S 26 00E Kgatleng 216Dikgonnyeng near Lentsweletau Kweneng 67Dikgokong near Mmadinare Central 176Dikhudu/Ramarumoadira near Moshupa Southern 65Dikhukhung [v] Southern 288Dikhutlana near Thamaga Kweneng 208Dikhutsana near Kumakwane Kweneng 170Dikolakolana 24 04S 25 54E Kweneng 88Dikolobeng/Maologane near Molapowabojang Southern 280Dikukumuru near Serowe Central 70Dikwalo 20 33S 24 27E Central 96Dikwididi [v] 24 36S 26 13E Kgatleng 203Dilegane 24 37S 25 31E Kweneng 60Dilokwane 24 52S 25 11E Southern 97Diloro [v] 22 21S 27 32E Central 419Dimajwe [v] 21 41S 26 45E Central 1,017Dimonyana near Sefophe Central 93Dimotswe near Mandunyane Central 94Dinatshana (Dintsana) 25 06S 25 10E Southern 57Dinatshana [v] near Good Hope Southern 480Dinde near Bobonong Central 77Dinde near Kobojango Central 54Dineha near Nokaneng Ngamiland 148Dineva near Shakawe Ngamiland 55Dinkgwana near Thamaga Kweneng 154Dinogeng near Ranaka Southern 110Dinokwe, see Palla Road.Dinonyane near Ngware Kweneng 98Dinonyane near Moshupa Southern 91Dintsana near Gasita Southern 265Dintsana near Mmathethe Southern 72Dintsana, see also Dinatshana.Diolo Matshena near Tonota Central 56Dipalane near Moshupa Southern 90Diphale 24 08N 25 53E Kweneng 134Diphatana 25 04S 25 07E Southern 190Diphawana 25 04S 25 18E Southern 121Diphepe (Diphephe) 24 36S 25 32E Kweneng 177Diphepe near Gabane Kweneng 117Diphiri 24 21S 26 05E Kgatleng 27Diphiring near Metsimotlhaba Kweneng 182Diphiring near Kanye Southern 83
  14. 14. BOTSWANA. 14Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Diphudugodu (Diphuduhudu) 23 40S 25 21E Kweneng 559Diphuduhudu 24 19S 26 05E Kgatleng 46Diphuduhudu [Kweneng], see Diphudugodu.Diponyane 25 08S 25 13E Southern 108Dipotongwane near Lentsweletau Kweneng 140Dipotsana [v] 25 14S 25 25E Southern 124Diremogolo Lands 24 39S 25 48E Kweneng 400Direthe 25 18S 25 20E Southern 34Diretsaneng (Diretshaneng) 26 51S 21 42E Kgalagadi 44Diretshaneng, see Diretsaneng.Diroka near Artisia Kgatleng 143Dirunya 24 13S 26 44E Kgatleng 11Ditampana near Salajwe Kweneng 110Ditawana near Letlhakane Central 135Dithobane near Moshupa Southern 92Dithojane near Serowe Central 80Dithotana near Mmathethe Southern 75Dithoteng near Boatlaname Kweneng 69Dithupe 24 18S 25 37E Kweneng 22Dithutwana near Sehithwa Ngamiland 61Ditjao near Seronga Ngamiland 83Ditladi near Botlhapatlou Kweneng 128Ditladi [v] 21 28S 27 33E North East 974Ditlhakane near Gabane Kweneng 207Ditlharapa (Ditlharape) [v] 25 45S 25 18E Southern 682Ditlhokwe near Malolwane Kgatleng 69Ditlou near Nokaneng Ngamiland 90Ditojana 25 07S 25 04E Southern 253Ditootsong, see Thune 2.Ditshasa near Mochudi Kgatleng 68Ditshesebe near Thamaga Kweneng 63Ditshegwane [v] 24 10S 24 58E Kweneng 1,766Ditshilo near Mookane Central 52Ditshipi, see Ditshiping.Ditshiping (Ditshipi) [v] 19 40S 23 27E Ngamiland 238Ditshoso (Ditshusu) 24 17S 25 47E Kweneng 155Ditshoswane near Sefhare Central 150Ditshukudu [v] 24 19S 25 45E Kweneng 89Ditshukudu near Molepolole Kweneng 144Ditshusu, see Ditshoso.D’Kar, see Dekar.Dobe 19 34S 21 01E Ngamiland 95Dobe near Tsao Ngamiland 59Dopo 20 59S 24 36E Central 30Dorokae 20 18S 24 00E Central 120Dorokwe near Thabala Central 77
  15. 15. BOTSWANA. 15Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Dovedale [v] 23 31S 27 03E Central 706Draaihoek (Draihoek) 25 28S 22 52E Kgalagadi 2) 998Draihoek, see Draaihoek.Driehoek, see Dryhook.Drieertjies 26 51S 21 12E Kgalagadi 252Dryhook (Driehoek) 22 14S 20 18E Ghanzi 104Dukwe, see Dukwi.Dukwi (Dukwe) [v] 20 35S 26 32E Central 1,901Dukwi Refugee Camp near Dukwi Central 3,052Dumadumane 24 35S 25 52E Kweneng 803Dungu 18 43S 22 19E Ngamiland 82Dutela near Mochudi Kgatleng 83Dutlwe [v] 23 59S 23 56E Kweneng 1,017Dutoit North East 63Dwaga 20 57S 24 46E Central 41Dzibalamakhiya near Senete Central 158East Hanahai [v 1982] 22 09S 21 53E Ghanzi 405Eretsha 18 47S 22 41E Ngamiland 616Estrust near Werda Kgalagadi 50Etsha 1 19 11S 22 15E Ngamiland 614Etsha 2 19 09S 22 16E Ngamiland 213Etsha 3 19 09S 22 17E Ngamiland 78Etsha 4 19 08S 22 17E Ngamiland 276Etsha 5 19 07S 22 18E Ngamiland 218Etsha 6 [v] 19 07S 22 18E Ngamiland 2,629Etsha 7 19 07S 22 19E Ngamiland 0 (1991) 727Etsha 8 19 06S 22 18E Ngamiland 503Etsha 9 19 04S 22 18E Ngamiland 313Etsha 10 19 03S 22 19E Ngamiland 288Etsha 11 19 03S 22 19E Ngamiland 136Etsha 12 19 02S 22 20E Ngamiland 265Etsha 13 [v] 19 01S 22 19E Ngamiland 1,975Fetlhedi, see Mfelthedi.Fikalatshukudu near Molapowabojang Southern 267Fikeng near Mmankgodi Kweneng 56Five Dunes Farm 26.48S 20.54E Kgalagadi 32Foley 21 40S 27 21E Central 442Foley Siding 21 41S 27 21E Central 19Francistown [* 1897] [c] 21 10S 27 30E North East 83,023Gabane [v] 24 40S 25 47E Kweneng 10,399Gaberones, see Gaborone.Gaborone (until 15 August 1969, 24 39S 25 55E South East 186,007 Gaberones) [* 1964] [c]2) including Phepheng
  16. 16. BOTSWANA. 16Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Gaboutwelwe near Bobonong Central 66Gachibana (Gakhibane) [v] 26 43S 21 46E Kgalagadi 501Gakakatle near Ntlhantlhe Southern 22Gakgatla [v] 24 33S 25 31E Kweneng 211Gakgolobo near Moshupa Southern 104Gakgongwana near Molapowabojang Southern 77Gakhibane, see Gachibana.Gakhuduga 25 11S 25 05E Southern 123Gakuto near Kopong Kweneng 1,156Galekgatshwane 24 31S 25 48E Kweneng 649Galemuno near Selokolela Southern 51Galewane near Kanye Southern 65Galonakana 25 23S 25 26E Southern 186Galosabanyana near Kanye Southern 66Gamabuo [v] 22 38S 26 21E Central 605Gamagangwa 25 29S 25 15E Southern 48Gamaio near Kanye Southern 50Gamajalela [v] 25 25S 25 17E Southern 542Gamatlagatsana near Kanye Southern 53Gamatlapeng near Kanye Southern 81Gambule [v] 20 34N 27 24E North East 716Gamhemele 24 04S 25 33E Kweneng 17Gamodubu 24 31S 25 41E Kweneng 861Gamogohe near Kanye Southern 171Gamogweotsile near Segwagwa Southern 113Gamokalaka near Kanye Southern 63Gamokope/Phetaba near Mmathethe Southern 79Gamoleele near Molepolole Kweneng 83Gamonkga 24 18S 25 29E Kweneng 62Gamoswaane (Gamoswana) 25 07S 25 29E Southern 158Gamoswana, see Gamoswaane.Gamotsamai near Maboane Kweneng 57Ganahoek Farm 26 38S 20 38E Kgalagadi 78Gane (Ghani; Gani) [v] 18 24S 21 34E Ngamiland 480Gani, see Gane.Gantsi, see Ghanzi.Gaoxa, see Xhauga.Gape (Gope) 22 39S 24 46E Ghanzi 63Gaphatshwa (Gaphatshwe) 24 34S 25 50E Kweneng 1,261Gaphiri near Botlhapatlou Kweneng 60Garexaga near Mmatshumo Central 80Garobe near Rakops Central 57Garukwi near Kauxwhi Ngamiland 112Garuthwi near Molepolole Kweneng 171Gasekitla near Gasita Southern 114Gasethebe 25 08S 25 18E Southern 35
  17. 17. BOTSWANA. 17Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Gasetsile near Mahalapye Central 262Gasetswinane/Tsheregetlhe near Molapowabojang Southern 94Gasita [v] 25 05S 24 55E Southern 737Gaswe/Gonga near Tonota Central 55Gatampa 25 22S 25 22E Southern 56Gathibedi near Letlhakeng Kweneng 67Gathupa 25 03S 25 34E Southern 20Gathwane [v] 25 24S 25 31E Southern 922Gatshepe 24 09S 25 01E Kweneng 49Gatuma near Gathwane Southern 117Gcangwa, see Qangwa.Geeshore near Serowe Central 50Ghani, see Gane.Ghanzi (Gantsi, Khanzi) [v] 21 42S 21 39E Ghanzi 9,934Goa near Letlhakane Central 73Goa [Kgalagadi], see Gowa.Gobe near Bobonong Central 143Gobojango, see Kobojango.Gogomoga near Maun Ngamiland 71Gojwane [v] 21 47S 27 17E Central 1,041Gokodisa, see Gookodisa.Golokabana near Mmathethe Southern 55Gomare, see Gumare.Gonitsuga, see Gonutsuga.Gonutsuga (Gonitsuga) [v] 18 50S 22 34E Ngamiland 506Good Hope (Goodhope) 26 23S 21 10E Kgalagadi 14Good Hope (Goodhope) [v] 25 27S 25 25E Southern 2,934Gooi 21 06S 24 38E Central 89Gookodisa (Gokodisa) 24 44S 25 32E Southern 110Goo-Nku (Goonku) near Gabane Kweneng 248Goora-Seno (Goo-Raseno) near Kanye Southern 309Gooratiro near Shashe-Mooke Central 52Goo-Sefako near Mosolotshane Central 75Goo-Sekgweng [v] 22 44S 27 24E Central 585Gootau [v] 22 44S 27 26E Central 1,421Gope, see Gape.Gopong near Mogojogojo Southern 704Goshwe [v] 20 30S 27 12E Central 1,156Goutshaa near Mosu [v] Central 64Gowa (Goa) 25 05S 22 53E Kgalagadi 58Gowe near Kauxwhi Ngamiland 342Groote Laagte [v] 21 22S 21 13E Ghanzi 483Grootlagte Cattle Post near Groote Laagte Ghanzi 129Gubudaga near Mopipi Central 58Gubuga 21 03S 24 55E Central 155Gucha near Ikoga Ngamiland 183
  18. 18. BOTSWANA. 18Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Gudigwa, see Gudingwa.Gudingwa (Gudigwa; Gurigoa) 18 36S 22 55E Ngamiland 732Gugamma, see Kugama.Gukhae near Serowe Central 65Gukunsi, see Hukuntsi.Gukwa near Hukuntsi Kgalagadi 158Gukwe near Mmadinare Central 56Gulubane [v] 20 55S 27 18E North East 861Gulushabe near Tonota Central 222Guma Camp 18 58S 22 22E Ngamiland 83Gumare (Gomare) [v] 19 22S 22 10E Ngamiland 6,067Gungwe 20 30S 27 23E North East 387Gurigoa, see Gudingwa.Gwanyong near Mabolwe Central 71Gwape 2 near Mahalapye Central 71Gwedao near Tsao Ngamiland 73Gweta [v] 20 12S 25 15E Central 4,055Gweyaiyo near Serowe Central 52Gxwegxwa near Maun Ngamiland 168Habu [v] 19 50S 22 23E Ngamiland 304Haka, see Mokgalo/Haka.Hatsalatladi [v] 24 08S 25 35E Kweneng 609Hauxa, see Xhauga.Hebron [v] 25 41S 25 23E Southern 776Hildavale Siding (Hildavale) 25 21S 25 38E South East 54Hobona near Mathangwane Central 321Hoemoet (Houmoed) 26 26S 21 07E Kgalagadi 11Honye 24 57N 24 45E Southern 85Houmoed, see Hoemoet.Hubasanoko near Boatlaname Kweneng 212Huhuwe near Parakarungu Chobe 62Hukung near Ramotswa South East 121Hukuntsi (Gukunsi) [v] 24 00S 21 47E Kgalagadi 3,807Hulwane near Serowe Central 141Humutu near Kokotsha Kgalagadi 166Hunhukwe [v] 23 25S 21 36E Kgalagadi 431Hutlwe near Makunda Ghanzi 104Ikgoga, see Ikoga.Ikoga (Ikgoga) [v] 18 52S 22 17E Ngamiland 699Ikonde near Parakarungu Chobe 146Ikongwe [v] 23 08S 26 26E Central 471Inalegolo [v] 23 57S 22 58E Kgalagadi 489Inversnaid 26 52S 20 44E Kgalagadi 180Itekeng (Kgoname) near Ghanzi Ghanzi 51Itholoke [v] 24 47S 23 31E Southern 283Itsokwane 1 22 38S 26 35E Central 151
  19. 19. BOTSWANA. 19Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Jackalas No. 1 (Jakalasi No. 1) [v] 20 34S 27 42E North East 1,050Jackalas No. 2 (Jakalasi No. 2) [v] 20 57S 27 41E North East 1,136Jakalasi ..., see Jackalas ...Jamakala near Shashe-Mooke Central 100Jamane near Matsitama Central 60Jamataka 21 05S 27 09E Central 580Jao (Xaa) [v] 18 55S 22 33E Ngamiland 234Jao Camp 19 18S 22 36E Ngamiland 57Jemare near Mosu [v] Central 85Jimakando near Nata Central 73Joo near Sehithwa Ngamiland 95Jororo near Xakao Ngamiland 64Jumasere 21 00S 24 51E Central 64Junar near Gweta Central 91Jwaneng [* 1979] [t] 24 36S 24 44E Southern 15,179Jwenyane near Serowe Central 62Kaatsamo near Xhumo Central 55Kabe near Mokgomane Southern 182Kacgae [v 1976] 22 51S 22 12E Ghanzi 282Kachikau [v] 18 09S 24 30E Chobe 881Kadue near Moshupa Southern 188Kainangwe near Mahalapye Central 85Kainangwe Lands near Mahalapye Central 55Kajaja 1 18 40S 22 05E Ngamiland 385Kajaja 2 18 38S 22 04E Ngamiland 147Kaka near Letlhakane Central 59Kakamane near Serowe Central 57Kakanaga near Tsao Ngamiland 76Kakane near Moshaweng Kweneng 78Kakweyane near Sekhutlane Southern 51Kalakamate, see Kalakamati.Kalakamati (Kalakamate) [v] 20 36S 27 19E North East 925Kalamare [v] 22 56S 26 34E Central 2,241Kalcon Camp near Mmathethe Southern 62Kalkfontein, see Tsootsha.Kamane near West Hanahai Ghanzi 51Kamawe 25 11S 25 28E Southern 49Kamenakwe 24 32N 25 41E Kweneng 308Kamolatlhwa near Mosolotshane Central 81Kanaku [v] 24 22S 23 42E Southern 149Kanana near Makunda Ghanzi 96Kandalangodi, see Katalangoti.Kandalengoti, see Katalangoti.Kandwane near Salajwe Kweneng 71Kang [v] 23 41S 22 47E Kgalagadi 3,744Kangoa near Tsao Ngamiland 97
  20. 20. BOTSWANA. 20Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Kangwe [v] 25 07S 25 19E Southern 125Kanjuwe near Sehithwa Ngamiland 100Kanye [v] 24 59S 25 21E Southern 40,628Kaore, see Kaure.Kapotora Lands near Kauxwhi Ngamiland 318Kapye near Shoshong Central 50Karakobis (Karakubis) [v] 22 06S 20 37E Ghanzi 785Karakubis, see Karakobis.Kareng [v] 20 38S 22 20E Ngamiland 599Kasane [v] 17 48S 25 09E Chobe 7,638Kataba 18 11 24 25E Chobe 73Katalangoti (Kandalengoti; 19 20S 22 15E Ngamiland 291 Kandalangodi)Katamaga [v] Ngamiland 67Katane 24 20S 26 40E Kgatleng 27Katoo near Tsao Ngamiland 75Katshwane near Kang Kgalagadi 55Kaudwane [v 1997] 23 23S 24 40E Kweneng 551Kaugara near Gweta Central 76Kaure (Kaore) 20 07S 22 18E Ngamiland 75Kauxubaga near Gweta Central 52Kauxwhi (Kauxwi) [v] 18 17S 21 50E Ngamiland 859Kavimba [v] 18 04S 24 35E Chobe 519Kazungula [v] 17 48S 25 14E Chobe 1,665Keazoa near Letlhakane Central 116Kedia [v] 21 22S 24 42E Central 793Kedikilwe near Mahalapye Central 76Keinmoe’s Farm near Tlokweng South East 255Keisane near Bobonong Central 193Keletswane/Keya near Letlhakane Central 69Keng [v] 24 33S 23 53E Southern 931Kgabodukwe near Molepolole Kweneng 110Kgagodi [v] 22 23S 27 34E Central 1,343Kgainyane Kgalagadi 100Kgakge [v] 20 23S 22 20E Ngamiland 194Kgalapitse near Oodi Kgatleng 63Kgalapote near Boatlaname Kweneng 106Kgalaphuduhudu near Matsitama Central 51Kgantshang 20 08S 23 23E Ngamiland 172Kgaolo near Sehithwa Ngamiland 53Kgaphamadi 24 32S 25 56E Kweneng 491Kgarapamokao near Letlhakane Central 95Kgare near Ditshegwane Kweneng 195Kgari [v] 20 35S 27 36E North East 581Kgaswe near Serowe Central 142Kgobaseretse near Mochudi Kgatleng 60
  21. 21. BOTSWANA. 21Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Kgoisakeni, see New Xade.Kgokgole near Lotlhakane Southern 56Kgolomadue 24 08S 25 35E Kweneng 59Kgomodiatshaba [v] 23 40S 26 04E Kgatleng 330Kgomokasitwa [v] 25 05S 25 40E Southern 1,359Kgomotshwaana near Toteng Ngamiland 60Kgonama, see Itekeng.Kgonkwe/Kgonwane near Thamaga Kweneng 56Kgopa, see Kgope.Kgopane near Lentsweletau Kweneng 89Kgope 24 23S 26 04E Kgatleng 157Kgope (Kgopa) [v] 24 19S 25 55E Kweneng 507Kgophane near Lentsweletau Kweneng 122Kgophathathe near Mogapi Central 138Kgoro near Takatokwane Kweneng 67Kgoro [v] 25 26S 25 30E Southern 782Kgoronyane near Mathangwane Central 255Kgorotlhwe 23 50S 26 34E Central 91Kgorotlhwe 23 56S 26 36E Kgatleng 21Kgorwane 20 13S 26 20E Central 34Khakhea [v] 24 41S 23 30E Southern 2,035Khanzi, see Ghanzi.Khawa, see Khwawa.Khekhenya (Khekhenye) 24 00S 23 24E Kweneng 3) 339Khisa [v] 25 43S 22 41E Kgalagadi 423Khokhamoya near Motokwe Kweneng 65Khokhole near Khudumelapye Kweneng 55Khomo, see Xhumo.Khong near Motokwe Kweneng 78Khonkhwa [v] 24 34S 23 51E Southern 473Khotswane, see Kotswane.Khudiring near Mogoditshane Kweneng 259Khudumelapswe, see Khudumelapye.Khudumelapye (Khudumelapswe) [v] 23 55S 24 57E Kweneng 1,837Khudutshikaraa near Mosetse Central 119Khudu-ya-Majako near Molepolole Kweneng 136Khuis [v] 26 39S 21 50E Kgalagadi 755Khumaga, see Kumaga.Khurumelo near Mmadinare Central 67Khurutshe [v] 23 44S 26 11E Kgatleng 35Khwai Camp 19 09S 23 47E Ngamiland 395Khwai River Lodge 19 09S 23 48E Ngamiland 68Khwawa (Khawa) [v] 26 17S 21 22E Kgalagadi 517Khwee [v] 21 57S 25 27E Central 4773) including Chepetese
  22. 22. BOTSWANA. 22Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Khwiane near Tshabong Kgalagadi 91Kidinye 23 58S 26 32E Kgatleng 33Kika 24 56S 25 44E South East 20Kikana near Mogobane South East 127Kikao 23 00S 24 10E Ghanzi 31Kitia near Salajwe Kweneng 58Knock Duff’s Farm 25 10S 25 41E South East 222 (Knockduff Farm)Kobane near Lentsweletau Kweneng 96Kobe near Serowe Central 91Kobojango (Gobojango) [v] 21 49S 28 49E Central 1,631Kochwe near Takatokwane Kweneng 93Kodibeleng [v] 23 07S 26 12E Central 1,206Kokong [v] 24 19S 23 10E Southern 888Kokonje 23 30S 25 45E Kweneng 242Kokorega near Serowe Central 65Kokotsha [v] 24 55S 23 13E Kgalagadi 1,021Kokotshana near Kokotsha Kgalagadi 70Kolobeng 24 40S 25 39E Kweneng 109Kolobetshaa near Mosetse Central 149Kolojane near Khudumelapye Kweneng 119Kolokome near Mmadinare Central 56Kolonkwane (Kolonkwaneng) [v] 26 39S 22 00E Kgalagadi 591Kolonkwaneng, see Kolonkwane.Komana [v] 20 12S 23 13E Ngamiland 186Konde near Tsao Ngamiland 54Konowa near Shoshong Central 120Konowe Lands near Gasita Southern 99Konye near Molepolole Kweneng 204Kookale near Maun Ngamiland 108Kopong [v] 24 29S 25 53E Kweneng 5,571Koroxama near Mopipi Central 55Kosinye near Khudumelapye Kweneng 83Kosuwe near Maboane Kweneng 79Kotolaname [v] 24 28S 25 17E Kweneng 278Kotswane (Khotswane) 26 28S 21 28E Kgalagadi 46Kubuga near Nokaneng Ngamiland 94Kubukwane near Moshupa Southern 139Kubung [v] 24 37S 25 18E Kweneng 615Kubutona 24 08S 25 03E Kweneng 18Kudumane, see Mababe.Kudumatse [v] 23 24S 27 08E Central 1,339Kue near Semane Southern 69Kugama (Kukama; Gugamma) 23 11S 24 19E Ghanzi 35Kukama, see Kugama.Kukamana near Letlhakane Central 150
  23. 23. BOTSWANA. 23Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Kuke 21 00S 22 25E Ghanzi 466Kule [v] 22 59S 20 11E Ghanzi 741Kumaga (Khumaga; Xhumaga) [v] 20 28S 24 30E Central 925Kumakwane [v] 24 39S 25 42E Kweneng 3,139Kumokoga near Maun Ngamiland 82Kungwane near Salajwe Kweneng 148Kunoga/Khubulabojang/Leherwane near Tshabong Kgalagadi 75Kutamogore, see Kutamogree.Kutamogoree, see Kutamogree.Kutamogree (Kutamogoree; 20 42S 26 46E Central 763 Kutamogore) [v]Kutuku 24 40S 23 34E Southern 221Kwalata 23 04S 27 54E Central 52Kwaxiana near Seronga Ngamiland 77Kweneng near Bobonong Central 151Kweneng [v] 23 54S 25 57E Kweneng 415Lebala near Mmadinare Central 165Lebate near Nata Central 65Lebethu near Mabesekwa Central 72Lebethu near Sefophe Central 103Lebethu near Tobane Central 60Lebu near Letlhakane Central 100Lebu near Mmadinare Central 72Lebu near Mosu [v] Central 81Lechana 22 20S 27 14E Central 413Lechana near Topisi Central 144Lecheng (Letsheng) [v] 22 39S 27 16E Central 2,551Lediba near Maun Ngamiland 101Ledumeleng near Mahalapye Central 110Leetselenthe near Mosolotshane Central 105Lefatlha near Tlokweng South East 62Legape near Botlhapatlou Kweneng 67Legotho near Tonota Central 134Legotlhwana 18 05S 24 35E Chobe 41Legotlhwana near Toteng Ngamiland 361Lehatshe near Serowe Central 73Lehiwa near Khakhea Southern 50Lehoko 24 50S 24 41E Southern 483Lehututu [v] 23 55S 21 50E Kgalagadi 1,719Lejwana [v] 25 24S 25 32E Southern 557Lejwane near Hatsalatladi Kweneng 60Lekgolobotlo [v] 24 53S 25 35E Southern 1,128Lekgolwe near Molalatau Central 204Lekoba near Mabesekwa Central 210Lekomoto near Bobonong Central 64Lekopo near Shoshong Central 57
  24. 24. BOTSWANA. 24Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Lekotsane 1 23 28S 27 05E Central 62Lekwadibane near Kanye Southern 54Lekwatsi 24 17S 26 29E Kgatleng 45Leloto near Mochudi Kgatleng 78Lemone near Palapye Central 101Lentswana 21 00S 24 55E Central 39Lentswelemoriti (Lentswe-le-Moriti; 22 18S 28 54E Central 262 Ntswelemoriti) [v]Lentsweletau [v] 24 15S 25 51E Kweneng 4,025Lenyetse 21 59S 28 02E Central 132Leowang near Moshaweng Kweneng 52Lepare 24 10S 25 35E Kweneng 46Lepashe [v] 20 50S 26 41E Central 347Lepashe near Mosetse Central 66Lephala near Thamaga Kweneng 59Lephaneng near Lerala Central 116Lephepe, see Lephephe.Lephepe Veterinary Camp near Otse Central 74Lephephe (Lephepe) [v] 23 21S 25 51E Kweneng 742Lephokwe near Bobonong Central 68Lepokole [v] 21 48S 28 21E Central 505Leporung [v] 25 45S 24 57E Southern 582Lerala [v] 22 47S 27 47E Central 5,747Leribe near Bobonong Central 124Leropo near Shoshong Central 179Lerutobolo/Mampu near Lephephe Kweneng 59Lesenepole [v] 22 34S 27 35E Central 2,177Lesetlhane (Lesetlhana) 24 52S 25 52E South East 2,213Lesetwane near Shoshong Central 88Leshibitse [v] 23 51S 26 26E Kgatleng 407Leshomo, see Lesoma.Lesie near Thabala Central 115Lesirane near Mogoditshane Kweneng 393Lesoma (Leshomo) [v] 17 54S 25 14E Chobe 410Lesongwane near Mmadinare Central 58Lesototo near Moshupa Southern 60Lesware near Mahalapye Central 113Lethekane 23 29S 26 43E Central 143Letlapana 25 04S 25 09E Southern 30Letlhajwaneng 24 32S 25 53E Kweneng 112Letlhaka near Shoshong Central 75Letlhakane [v] 21 25S 25 35E Central 14,962Letlhakane near Kopong Kweneng 98Letlhakane West near Mmadinare Central 107Letlhakeng [v] 24 06S 25 02E Kweneng 6,032Letlhatsane/Meswane near Moshupa Southern 147
  25. 25. BOTSWANA. 25Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Letlopi near Maleshe Kgalagadi 66Letloreng near Sefhare Central 282Letsheng, see Lecheng.Letsholathebe [v] 20 41S 27 26E North East 674Letsibogo near Seolwane Central 130Letsopa near Segwagwa Southern 69Letswana near Sefophe Central 54Letswatswa near Lentsweletau Kweneng 94Liambezi near Satau Chobe 145Linchwe 23 56S 26 24E Kgatleng 17Lion Park 24 46S 25 50E South East 104Lobatse (until 15 August 1969, 25 13S 25 40E South East 29,689 Lobatsi) [* 1900] [t]Lobatsi, see Lobatse.Logagana (Logaganeng) 26 06S 22 23E Kgalagadi 95Logagana [Southern], see Logagane.Logagane (Logagana) [v] 25 37S 25 24E Southern 390Logaganeng, see Logagana.Logonono near Karakobis Ghanzi 67Logwathe, see Lokgwathe.Lohalane near Kanye Southern 185Lokabi near Mmathethe Southern 228Lokalane 23 02S 22 13E Ghanzi 2Lokgalo near Tswaaneng Southern 95Lokgwabe (Lokwabe; Lokhwabe) [v] 24 06S 21 47E Kgalagadi 1,304Lokgwathe (Logwathe) 25 16S 25 27E Southern 90Lokhwabe, see Lokgwabe.Lokwabe, see Lokgwabe.Lonetree near Ghanzi Ghanzi 156Longaneng near Bobonong Central 65Loologane [v 2003] 23 20S 25 43E Kweneng 448Loomboko 23.03S 27.36E Central 684Lopapeng near Kanye Southern 72Lorojane near Gasita Southern 18Lorolwana [v] 25 21S 24 29E Southern 952Lorwana [v] near Mogojogojo Southern 725Lose (Losi) 22 57S 26 55E Central 11Losilakgokong [v] Kweneng 294Losunyana near Moshupa Southern 69Lotlakani, see Lotlhakane.Lotlhakane (Lotlakani) [v] 25 05S 25 26E Southern 4,227Lotlhakane West [v] Southern 1,192Lotsabane near Kanye Southern 53Lotsane near Maunatlala Central 109Lubutse near Kanye Southern 220Lwale 24 18N 25 34W Kweneng 70
  26. 26. BOTSWANA. 26Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Lwale 24 48S 24 38E Southern 23Maanege near Letlhakeng Kweneng 158Maape [v] 22 49S 27 20E Central 1,222Mababe (Kudumane) [v] 19 11S 24 00E Ngamiland 157Mabadisa near Kanye Southern 66Mabalane [v] 24 38S 26 23E Kgatleng 814Mabalelo near Mogapinyana Central 72Mabelane 24 54S 25 13E Southern 18Mabele 17 59S 24 39E Chobe 4) 696Mabeleapodi, see Mabeleapudi.Mabeleapudi (Mabeleapodi) [v] 22 13S 26 50E Central 1,780Mabesekwa [v] 21 18S 26 53E Central 886Maboane [v] 24 06S 24 32E Kweneng 813Mabogo-a-Pitse near Molepolole Kweneng 96Mabolaelo near Mochudi Kgatleng 52Mabole near Tonota Central 112Mabolwe [v] 21 49S 28 50E Central 735Mabote near Bobonong Central 74Mabote near Mahotshwane Southern 59Mabowana 24 41S 26 06E South East 18Mabuduloge (Mabudologe) 22 26S 26 37E Central 28Mabudzane [v] 20 58S 27 38E North East 318Mabulana near Serowe Central 121Mabule (Mabuli) [v] 25 47S 24 36E Southern 1,589Mabuli, see Mabule.Mabutsane [v] 24 23S 23 35E Southern 1,632Mabutswe 24 42S 26 00E South East 28Machana near Moshupa Southern 154Machaneng [v] 23 11S 27 29E Central 2,050Machaneng Lands near Machaneng Central 73Machoama near Moiyabana Central 96Macloutse, see Motloutse.Madale near Mathathane Central 50Madiabatho near Molepolole Kweneng 136Madibamantsho near Serowe Central 53Madibamatswe near Moshupa Southern 153Madibeng near Tobane Central 186Madiga near Serowe Central 69Madikaloo near Mmathethe Southern 226Madinare, see Mmadinare.Madingwana [v] 25 32S 25 27E Southern 334Madiope near Semolale Central 67Maditsenyane 21 03S 25 09E Central 91Madubatshe near Khudumelapye Kweneng 814) including Muchinje
  27. 27. BOTSWANA. 27Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Madutela near Moshupa Southern 51Madzilobge, see Matsiloje.Maeke near Bobonong Central 71Maekoane near Molalatau Central 64Maelo 25 14S 25 14E Southern 96Mafatshe/Ratsheko near Shadishadi Kweneng 161Mafolapaji near Mmadinare Central 66Mafongo Lands 20 56S 27 16E Central 764Magading near Kolonkwane Kgalagadi 67Magagarape near Maboane Kweneng 81Magakabe near Takatokwane Kweneng 104Magapatona near Tutume Central 63Magobane, see Mogobane.Magogodi 24 21S 26 16E Kgatleng 42Magokotswane 24 24S 25 35E Kweneng 191Magopa (Mahopa) 19 34S 21 05E Ngamiland 133Magoriapitse [v] 25 28S 25 18E Southern 969Magosi near Rakops Central 102Magotane 24 54S 25 47E South East 12Magotho near Mopipi Central 58Magotlhawane, see Magotlhwane.Magotlhwane near Mmaphashalala Central 70Magotlhwane (Magotlhawane) [v] 24 58S 25 36E Southern 1,120Mahalapitsa, see Mhalapitsa.Mahalapye (Mahalatswe) [v] 23 06S 26 49E Central 39,719Mahalatswe, see Mahalapye.Mahapswe near Serowe Central 80Mahataanare near Serowe Central 70Mahatana near Serowe Central 53Mahatane near Mookane Central 50Mahatelo 24 41S 25 25E Kweneng 194Mahetlwe [v] 24 15S 25 43E Kweneng 591Mahibitswane near Shoshong Central 122Mahito 19 34S 21 23E Ngamiland 22Mahopa, see Magopa.Mahorameno 18 33S 21 27E Ngamiland 57Mahotshwane [v] 24 25S 24 13E Southern 487Mahuhumetsa near Artisia Kgatleng 75Mahurane near Gasita Southern 71Mahutagane near Shoshong Central 403Maile 20 24S 22 29E Ngamiland 133Maipaafela near Mosweu Central 117Maipafela/Serulatsane near Majwaneng Central 65Maisale near Tonota Central 91Maisale near Tonota Central 61Maisane 25 13S 25 29E Southern 621
  28. 28. BOTSWANA. 28Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Maiswe 22 03S 28 18E Central 154Maitembge, see Maitengwe.Maitengwe (Maitembge) [v] 20 07S 27 13E Central 5,302Maitengwe Gate Camp near Maitengwe Central 74Maiyabane, see Moiyabana.Majana, see Manyana.Majande near Tobane Central 51Majojo near Serule Central 50Majwana a dipela near Shashe-Mooke Central 98Majwanaadipitse [v] 22 07S 26 53E Central 425Majwaneng [v] 22 47S 27 37E Central 1,642Majwaneng near Mookane Central 93Majwaneng near Thamaga Kweneng 60Majweng near Mmadinare Central 80Majweng near Tobane Central 146Makabanyane/Dikgokong near Lephephe Kweneng 306Makadibeng near Mathathane Central 222Makakung 20 18S 22 27E Ngamiland 84Makalamabedi [v] 20 19S 23 53E Central/Ngamiland 1,117/344Makalamabedi near Sepako Central 52Makaleng [v] 20 48S 27 16E North East 1,121Makaletso near Lotlhakane Southern 51Makanke, see Mmakanke.Makanyane near Dikgonnye Kgatleng 77Makapane 24 50S 25 11E Southern 112Makatako, see Mokatako.Make [v] 23 42S 21 47E Kgalagadi 366Makgaba near Mokubilo Central 267Makgarapana near Sojwe Kweneng 77Makgokong near Toteng Ngamiland 108Makgwaphe near Sefophe Central 95Makhandela 20 59S 24 59E Central 38Makhubola near Tutume Central 95Makhubu 21 32S 27 29E Central 117Makhubu near Mandunyane Central 125Makhujwana (Makhujwane) 23 59S 26 27E Kgatleng 19Makobeng, see Mokobeng.Makobo [v] 21 04S 27 15E Central 939Makobo Lands near Makobo Central 295Makokwe [v] 25 41S 25 29E Southern 128Makola, see Makula.Makome’s Hills Farm near Mmadinare Central 52Makomoto near Tonota Central 221Makopong [v] 25 20S 22 59E Kgalagadi 1,501Makoro Siding 22 43S 27 03E Central 668Makubandundu near Shashe-Mooke Central 256
  29. 29. BOTSWANA. 29Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Makubelo near Mahalapye Central 67Makula (Makola) 20 17S 22 58E Ngamiland 144Makunda [v] 22 23S 20 07E Ghanzi 331Makuta [v] 20 41S 27 07E Central 1,295Makwa 21 43S 26 22E Central 219Makwate [v] 23 18S 27 17E Central 1,591Makweetane near Mabesekwa Central 62Makwelekwele near Toteng Ngamiland 219Malabe/Motloutse near Tobane Central 116Malaka (Malake) [v] 22 31S 27 25E Central 755Malake, see Malaka.Malalaling, see Maralaleng.Malatswai [v] 21 51S 26 05E Central 872Malau 25 14S 25 20E Southern 153Malegong (Mmalogong) 26 51S 21 32E Kgalagadi 22Maleiso Lands near Molapowabojang Southern 73Malekae near Mandunyane Central 60Malelejwe near Dukwi Central 162Malepe 23 04S 26 46E Central 115Maleru near Mokgomane Southern 137Maleshe [v] 25 52S 22 21E Kgalagadi 389Malete 22 53S 27 32E Central 104Malokaganyane [v] Southern 321Malolwane [v] 24 33S 26 28E Kgatleng 2,369Malore 25 27S 25 13E Southern 85Malotwana (Malotwane) 24 18S 26 10E Kgatleng 104Malotwana Siding [v] 24 17S 26 10E Kgatleng 354Malotwane, see Malotwana.Malwelwe [v] 23 59S 25 15E Kweneng 930Mamagwaile, see Mmamagwaile.Mamarabole, see Mmamarobole.Mamashia, see Mmamashia.Mambo [v] 20 48S 27 20E North East 547Mamemeru near Kanye Southern 74Mamhiko (Mmamhiko) near Molepolole Kweneng 406Mamoagi (Mmamoagi) 24 29S 25 09E Kweneng 428Mamolathwa near Moiyabana Central 53Mamonane near Molepolole Kweneng 90Mamuno 22 16S 20 02E Ghanzi 84Manakalengwe near Mosolotshane Central 58Manaledi [v] 22 43S 27 29E Central 237Mande 21 01S 24 41E Central 28Mandunyane [v] 21 19S 27 24E Central 2,566Mangana near Letlhakane Central 53Mangawe near Ngarange Ngamiland 77Mangolwane near Serowe Central 63
  30. 30. BOTSWANA. 30Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Maninyane near Salajwe Kweneng 92Mankgodi, see Mmankgodi.Manong near Ramotlabaki Kgatleng 65Mantshwabisi (Mantswabisi) [v] 24 11S 25 16E Kweneng 464Mantsibudi near Tumasera/Seleka Central 52Manxotae, see MmanxotaeManyana (Majana) 24 46S 25 35E Southern 3,185Maokagane 24 19S 25 52E Kweneng 190Maokamatshwane near Otse South East 111Maokane [v] 24 55S 24 38E Southern 977Maokwe near Lecheng Central 345Maologane near Molepolole Kweneng 68Maotakgang near Marapong Central 575Maothate (Mmaothate) near Letlhakeng Kweneng 216Maotomabe near Gweta Central 64Mapakata near Mmadinare Central 116Mapanda near Bobonong Central 68Mapangane near Senyawe North East 64Mapapeng (Maphapheng) 24 29S 25 22E Kweneng 164Mapashalela, see Mmaphashalala.Mapatse, see Mmapatse.Mapeta near Letlhakane Central 122Maphadikwe 25 14S 25 23E Southern 95Maphaliwane (Maphallwane) near Botlhapatlou Kweneng 176Maphane near Maun Ngamiland 78Maphang (Mmaphang) 24 39S 25 24E Kweneng 82Maphanyane 21 14S 24 58E Central 151Maphapheng, see Mapapeng.Mapharangwane near Letlhakeng Kweneng 83Maphashalala Cattle Post near Bobonong Central 79Mapoka [v] 20 32S 27 35E North East 1,540Mapororo near Tsao Ngamiland 145Mapororo Properties near Maun Ngamiland 273Maposa [v] 20 07S 26 13E Central 205Maputi 20 18S 22 34E Ngamiland 123Mara 26 28S 21 00E Kgalagadi 7Maralaleng (Malalaling) [v] 25 48S 22 41E Kgalagadi 487Marapalalo near Shoshong Central 89Marapong [v] 20 54S 27 05E Central 1,579Maratadiba (Maratadibe) 24 41S 26 03E South East 26Marejwane near Letlhakeng Kweneng 416Marobela [v] 20 52S 27 14E Central 1,320Marojane [v] 25 42S 25 23E Southern 263Marokolwane near Rasesa Kgatleng 83Marophe near Maun Ngamiland 67Marotobolo near Kumaga Central 67
  31. 31. BOTSWANA. 31Populated places. Coordinates/Location. District. Population (2001 census).Marotse near Sefhare Central 51Marotse near Mmankgodi Kweneng 73Martin’s Drift 23 00S 27 56E Central 273Marudaa near Dukwi Central 64Marulamabedi near Mmadinare Central 80Marulamabedi near Tonota Central 69Marulamantsi 21 47S 27 13E Central 31Maruleng 21 25S 25 18E Central 28Marungwane near Mahetlwe Kweneng 108Marungwane near Ngware Kweneng 83Maruswa near Mogojogojo Southern 572Marutlwe near Moshupa Southern 134Masalakwane near Bobonong Central 171Masama 23 50S 26 22E Kgatleng 57Masama (Masame) 22 28S 26 49E Central 439Masame, see Masama.Masamo near Tsao Ngamiland 71Masasapa near Moshupa Southern 109Masebele near Thamaga Kweneng 334Masebosebo near Molepolole Kweneng 90Maselenyane near Sehithwa Ngamiland 65Masenyane near Serowe Central 61Masetswane, see Matshetshwana.Maseru 23 50S 24 25E Kweneng 87Mashambe near Bobonong Central 86Mashopa, see Moshopha.Masiadieme near Bobonong Central 196Masiloanoke near Tonota Central 153Masingwaneng [v] 20 51S 27 19E North East 548Masogwana near Tsao Ngamiland 80Masoke near Kanye Southern 224Masoko near Mmadinare Central 54Masoko near Thabala Central 110Masokobale 21 53S 27 11E Central 17Masokwe 24 46S 25 09E Southern 92Masope near Maboane Kweneng 90Masuakoloi near Serowe Central 83Masuathaga 24 03S 26 00E Kgatleng 12Masukwane [v] 20 35S 27 33E North East 886Masung, see Seoka.Masunga (Masungas) [v] 20 38S 27 27E North East 3,110Masweabasadi near Moshaweng Kweneng 123Maswikiti Central 52Matakana near Matsitama Central 70Matangwan, see Mathangwane.Matapodza near Marobela Central 207