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SBI 2008
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SBI 2008


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A discussion of resources for the SBI Buyer Behavior Class.

A discussion of resources for the SBI Buyer Behavior Class.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Summer Business Institute Buyer Behavior Consumer Research Project June 27, 2008 Research Guide compiled and presented by Dan Overfield: Business Librarian.
  • 2. Contacts
  • 3. Resources
    • Primary is compiled by the author without using information gathered or reviewed by any other party.
    • Secondary sources interpret or analyze a primary resource and are “at least one step away” from the event.
  • 4. Guides for Primary Research
    • Perdue University
    • Northwestern
    • Using the Falvey Library Catalog you can also search for the subject heading:
    • Social sciences Research Methodology.
  • 5. Public Websites
    • Evaluate any web site you plan to utilize
    • Use the library’s “tips and guides”
    • Do not assume that Google’s results will be comprehensive, authoritative, or truthful.
  • 6. Research
    • Company
        • Financials (10-K, ratios, annual reports, SWOT)
    • Conditions
        • Finding articles and research on topics affecting business
    • Consumers
        • Marketing Reports, Surveys, Demographics, Census
    • Competitors
        • Industry overview, SIC/NAICS codes
  • 7. Company Financials
    • Mergent
        • Up to 15 years of quarterly or annual financial data
    • Lexis-Nexis
        • Full text of many newspapers including the Financial Times
    • Both have 10-K and other filings made the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
    • Lexis-Nexis has more information on private companies.
  • 8. Annual Reports
    • Glossy publications from the company to the shareholders
    • Often contain a narrative and a financial component
    • Found on most company websites, Lexis-Nexis, and other sources.
    • A page from the 2005 Starbucks Annual Report
  • 9. Annual Report continued
  • 10. Company Analysis
    • Marketline (Datamonitor)
      • SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
    • Value Line
      • Analyst reports
    • Morningstar
      • Analyst reports / Stock ratings
  • 11. Marketline
  • 12. Value Line
  • 13. Morningstar
  • 14. Industry Analysis
    • Market Insight
          • Standard and Poor’s publishes very detailed industry reports
    • GMID – (Euromonitor)
          • Incredibly deep information about industry, financial statistics, and other economic data
    • Industry Associations
          • Though not always free, these sources can be very helpful in finding industry specific information.
  • 15. Market Insight
  • 16. GMID
  • 17. Consumers
    • Mintel Reports
      • Establish a user profile with your Villanova email address and start with the “advanced” search function.
    • MarketLine
      • Company and Industry reviews as well as SWOT analysis for a company
      • Marketing reports sorted by demographics and industry.
    • Business and Industry
      • Trade publications
    • SRDS lifestyle analyst - PRINT
      • An amazing resource available in print. Supporting titles are available online. Ask for this at the library’s reference desk.
  • 18. Citing your work
    • Follow the style guidelines set forth in the syllabus
    • Journal of Consumer Research Style Sheet
  • 19. Contacts