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Online advertising 101
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Online advertising 101


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Dropp were pleased to be invited to talk to a group of new business start-ups about online advertising. …

Dropp were pleased to be invited to talk to a group of new business start-ups about online advertising.

For all you that were kind enough to give your attention, the presentation is available here to download as a Power Point file.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Online Advertising 101
  • 2. Who Am I?
    Niall Flynn
    Online Developer
    Search Engine Optimiser
    Online Marketer
    Worked in Online Advertising Since 2006
    Developer since early 2000
  • 3. Places I Have Worked
    • Video Production, Video Advertising.
    • 4. Lisbon Treaty 2008.
    • 5. Jameson 360 Video Network.
    • Full Service Advertising Agency (AIB, O2, Currys & Dublin Bus).
    • Web Development, Design & SEO for SMEs.
  • Why Advertise Online?
  • 6. It’s Cheap
  • 7. The Audience is Large & Diverse
  • 8. Accountability
  • 9. Device Convergence
  • It is Engaging
  • Opens a Conversation
    Build Customer Data Bases
    Make direct contact
    Online Surveys
    Tracking & Cookies
    Facebook Likes, Ratings
    & Comments
  • 20. Questions?
  • 21. What are your Businesses Unique Selling Points?
  • 22. What is a USP?
    Price (High or Low)
  • 23. What are your USPs?
    • Have you competition online?
    • 24. Have you competition offline?
    • 25. Is it Price?
    • 26. Can you offer a free online service?
    • 27. Are you the USP?
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward Online
    • Branding, not to much not to little.
    • 28. Be careful of your personal Social media profiles.
    • 29. Grammar, typos, tone and language.
    • 30. Don’t Spam, enquire.
  • Share Your Knowledge & Increase Traffic
    • You have valuable insight into your business, products, service or industry.
    • 31. Sharing this in the form of news or blog posts can add to your online reach.
  • Product, Product, Product!
    • Your product/service is the most important facet of your advertising strategy.
    • 32. Show your product in its best light.
    • 33. Over explain without losing tone.
    • 34. Cross promote, without highlighting competitors.
    • 35. Listen, respond and convert.
  • Questions?
  • 36. Online Engagement, Calls to Action & how to Engage Online.
  • 37. Engagement?
    Online is not print!
    Online Games?
    Blog Discussions.
    Mailing Lists.
  • 38. How to measure Engagement
    Set Goals e.g 100 followers on Twitter.
  • 39. Calls To Action Keep It Simple
  • 40. Calls To Action That Work
    1-3 Message Cycling in a feature area on your home page.
    Simple clear messages.
    Legible on all devices.
    Simple Navigation.
    Call to action to ‘get’ or follow up, ask your user to do something.
  • 41. Calls To Action Keep It Simple
  • 42. Calls To Action What Not To Do
    More than 7 menu items is confusing.
    Multiple navigation menus mean sub sections are lost.
    Lack of feature content & no call to action are not engaging.
    Visual clutter is a subconscious turn off for visitors.
  • 43. Follow up
    Stay in Touch.
    Build A Mailing List.
    Offer Seasonal Services.
    Sales, Offers & Vouchers.
    Do not spam!
  • 44. Questions?
  • 45. What Does Conversion Mean to You?
  • 46. What is a Online Conversion?
    Direct Sales
    Advertising Revenue
  • 47. ROI - how can it be Measured?
  • 48. Return on Investment How can it be Measured?
    Paid Advertising
    Social Engagement
    Sales Increases
    Raising Awareness
  • 49. How to Plan, Research & Finance
  • 50. Online Trends
    Spot them and jump on the bandwagon.
    Monitor Competitor Blogs & Websites.
    Keep up to date.
  • 51. Online SWOT Analysis
  • 52. Online SWOT Analysis
    • Am I alone online?
    • 53. Can I register a good .ie or .com domain
    • I have no online presence
    • 54. My online presence is weak
    • 55. I am not selling online
    • There is a demand for what I do offline
    • 56. Keyword research shows a high demand
    • I have heavy competition from a large brand
    • 57. My competitor currently pays for my brand name
  • Cost Estimation
  • 58. What will it cost?
    Web Development
    • Is affordable and most websites can be completed for €500-€1,000.
    • 59. Is quick and should be done within 7 days.
    Graphic Design
    • Can be a longer process.
    • 60. Normally set in hourly rates of €30-€80.
    • Charged by the hour €50-€80.
    • 61. Should be results driven and offer support.
    Advertising/Paid SEO
    • Third party costs.
    • 62. Management is generally a % of the cost.
    • 63. This should include goal setting and reporting.
  • Funding & Grants
  • 64. Funding & Grants
    Venture Capital
    • Tough to get but it is still out there, a good idea requires a business plan and pitch.
    The Bank
    • Again tough but it can be done.
    Enterprise Boards & Grants
    • Again tough but it can be done.
  • Questions? – Short break.
  • 65. Breaking Ground or Making Repairs
  • 66. Getting Started Online
    CRO and the IEDR, choose a good domain name.
    Domains & Hosting.
    Design & Branding.
    Copy Writing for Online.
    Social Media faux pas .
  • 67. Assessing your current online presence
    Look & Feel
    Am I mobile Enabled?
    Page Rank
    SERPS, are you visible for your business terms?
    Your current spend, should you increase or reduce?
    • Online Copywriting
  • Questions?
  • 68. Websites
  • 69. Websites – The Core of your Online Presence
  • Questions?
  • 79. Twitter
  • 80. Twitter
    • ‘Micro Blogging Platform’, which is said to have evolved from IRC, a text chat technology from the late 80s
    • 81. Short Snappy 140 character messages, owed to its initial use on SMS carriers in the US.
    • 82. Terminology
    • 83. Tweet; or message 140 characters or less.
    • 84. RT; A ‘retweet’.
    • 85. @; a direct message.
    • 86. Short URLs e.g. bitly
    • 87. Very Powerful, very trend driven, use it with caution.
  • 21 Billion Tweets
  • 88. Twitter Dos & Don’ts
    Good idea
    • Follow your client base and offer them the ability to follow you.
    • 89. Output your news and events via twitter.
    • 90. Respond to clients or potential clients.
    Bad Idea
    • Do not start chats online.
    • 91. Do not let your client base know about your breakfast.
    • 92. Do not mix business with pleasure.
  • Twitter Needs A Client
    What is a client?
    Why not the web interface?
    Multiple accounts?
    Tweet Deck (Desktop & Mobile)
    Tweetie/Twitter for iPhone(Mac & iPhone)
    Uber twitter
  • 93. Questions?
  • 94. Facebook
  • 95. Facebook
    Social Media Platform, started in Harvard.
    Grown exponentially
    Half of internet traffic is fb, it out ranks Google
    1.2 million active Irish users
    Best ROI on CPC advertising
    Free to use as an individual or brand, this has begun to change and fb will continue to monetise their business sales model.
  • 96. Facebook Dos & Don’ts
    Good idea
    • Set up a fan page.
    • 97. Promote your twitter via your web site.
    • 98. Remember fb is internet down time, try a little humor.
    Bad Idea
    • Do not start a profile for a business.
    • 99. Do not blatantly market on fb.
    • 100. Be careful, nothing is deleted.
    • 101. Fb Ownership & Rights, who owns the content?
  • Questions?
  • 102. LinkedIn
  • 103. LinkedIn
    Professional Social Media Platform.
    Great for online networking.
    Great for HR.
    The serious side of Social networking.
    Add yourself & company profile
    Encourage employees to add to the network.
    Link to you site and blog.
  • 104. All The Rest.
  • 105. Social Media What to Use & Why
    Do I have the time to invest in this?
    Do I know how to do this?
    Is there a member of staff that can do this?
    Should I hire someone to manage my social media?
    Where are my client base?
  • 106. Social Media Strategy
    Are you raising awareness?
    Are you trying to sell a product?
    Are you a service provider offering an online niche service?
    Listen, Respond, Monitor & Review.
    Social Media Engagement, how can it be measured?
  • 107. Questions?
  • 108. Apps
  • 109. Apps?
    What is an App?
    Do you need an App?
    How to monetise Apps
    HTML5 what it will mean for online in the coming years
  • 110. Questions?
  • 111. Online CRM
  • 112. Online CRM
    • Online Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • 113. EDM & DM
    • 114. Mail Chimp & An Post, the difference, between the 2.
    • 115. Online lead generation
    • 116. Mailing lists, Internet gold!
  • Questions?
  • 117. Online Reporting & Reputation Management
  • 118. Online Reporting & Reputation Management
    Google Analytics
    Google Alerts
    3rd Party
    Online Market Research
  • 119. Questions?
  • 120. SEO?
  • 121. Search Engine Optimisation
  • Questions?
  • 127. Online Advertising
  • 128. Online Advertising
  • Questions?
  • 135. Site Clinic/Q&A Session
  • 136. Thank You
    Presentation Download:
    Niall Flynnniall@dropp.ie0867844450