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Cld War04 Reactions Web Cld War04 Reactions Web Presentation Transcript

  • The Reaction of the West
  • Soviets in Eastern Europe
    • Western Powers understood need for some soviet influence
      • Accepted USSR needed security
      • Agreed E Europe would be Soviet ‘sphere of influence’
    • Alarmed at USSR’s complete domination
      • Believed democratic gov’ts that were friendly to USSR were possible in E Europe
      • Stalin saw moves as giving USSR security
      • Truman saw them as spreading Communism
    • 1948: E Europe turns red
      • Only Greece & Czechoslovakia not Communist
      • US feared spread of Communism to (F) & Italy
      • Events in Greece & Czech effected US policy
    Police performing Every Move You Make
  • Do these two political cartoons have the same message? Explain.
  • Activity: Soviet Political Cartoon
    • Men: Design a Soviet cartoon or poster commenting on the USSR’s actions. It could either:
      • Attack the attitudes of the West
      • Justify and explain Soviet actions
    • You will have 15 minutes
    • Blank paper & drawing materials will be at the front of the room
    Cartoon from a book called A Shattering Blow by Boris Efimov, Plakat, Moscow, 1985. The caption reads: "Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe - These two old toads love croaking loudly. Their base in an old rubbish bin containing provocations, lies, slander, inventions The Russian folksong Volga Boatsman , sung by the Soviet Army Choir
  • Greece
    • 1944: Nazis leave
      • Two Greek groups wanted to rule: Monarchists & Communists
    • 1945: Churchill sent (E) troops
      • Churchill claimed it was to restore order
      • In fact, it was to support Monarchists
    • 1946: USSR protests
      • USSR protested to UN that (E) threatened peace in Greece. UN did nothing
      • Communists in (G) began civil war
    • 1947: (E) is broke, bankrupt
      • 24 Feb: (E) announced it will pull out troops
      • Truman paid for (E) troops
      • Monarchists stay in power, though weak
    You are listening to Mikis Theodorakis performing Zorba the Greek
  • The Truman Doctrine
    • US intervention in Greece marked new era
    • ‘ Truman Doctrine’ born
      • US prepared to send $$$ , equipment or advice to any countries threatened by Communism
      • Goal: stop the spread of Communism
    • ‘ Containment’, George F. Kennan
      • ‘ Truman Doctrine’ really Kennan’s ‘containment’
      • Some gov’t officials wanted containment to include active US military force against Soviet expansion
      • Korean War would be first use of US troops
    You are listening to excerpts from President Truman’s March 12 1947 ‘Truman Doctrine’ speech to a Joint Session of Congress. It clearly outlines the concept of ‘containment’.
  • Activity: USA Political Cartoon
    • Women: Design a USA cartoon or poster summarizing the Truman Doctrine. It could either:
      • Attack the attitudes of the USSR
      • Justify and explain US actions
    • You have 15 minutes
    • Blank paper & drawing materials are at the front of the room
    Smashmouth sings All Star
  • Fin