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Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
Cld War03 Begins Web
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Cld War03 Begins Web


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  • 1. The Cold War
  • 2.
    • By 1946 wartime Allies now hostile
      • Distrust so great that US & USSR talked openly of threat of war between the two countries
      • Propaganda war developed w/ each side denouncing policies of the other
      • The term ‘Cold War’ began to be used
      • Cold War lasted from late 1940s to 1991
    The cold War Begins Write your own definition of the term ‘Cold War’ as it might appear in a historical document Mr. Grinch, from the 1966 Dr. Seuss cartoon-story, How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • 3. What point is the cartoonist making about the alliance?
  • 4. Why was the USA so worried about Communism?
    • Wartime alliance due to common enemy, not mutual friendship
      • FDR & S got along well, but not countries
      • < WWII each had distrusted the other greatly
      • US troops sent to fight Reds in Russia (1918-21)
      • Before war US citizens trusted USSR less than Nazi Germany
      • USA appalled @ Nazi-Soviet Pact
      • (E) & US delay @ 2 nd front always angered S
    • Differences too great to be overcome easily
    Righteous Brothers’ You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ from their Best Of … album Russia U S A
  • 5. Fact File: USA compared to USSR
    • Democracy: gov’t chosen by the people
    • Capitalist: Businesses & property privately owned
    • World’s wealthiest country, but extremes of rich & poor
    • Americans believed freedom from gov’t control more important than economic or social equality
    • Americans believed other countries should run ‘the American way’
    • Many Americans bitterly opposed to atheist communism
    • Communist one-party state: elections held, but only party candidates could run
    • Economic superpower because of 5-year plans, but standard of living much lower than USA. Still, unemployment low, and extreme poverty almost non-existent
    • Communists believed rights of individuals less important that society as a whole, so OK to tightly control peoples’ lives
    • Soviet leaders believed in Communism
    • Many people in USSR bitterly opposed to ‘decadent’ capitalism
  • 6. Comparisons Elections Industries Individual Rights USSR - Communist USA – Capitalist & Democratic Communist Communist Democrat Republican State-Owned Private Property
  • 7.
    • On the left is a reconstruction of Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms poster promoting the causes for which the USA was purporting to fight WWII (you have already seen this)
    … freedom of speech … freedom of worship … freedom from want … freedom from fear Ours to fight for …
    • Which of these freedoms do you think the Soviet Union would also believe in? Explain.
    • Which would it think unimportant? Explain.
    • What might be an equivalent poster (with four freedoms Soviet-style) for the USSR in WWII?
  • 8.
    • Differences existed in 1920s, ’30s w/o Cold War
    • 1940s differences more significant
      • > WWII both were only superpowers left
      • (E), (F), (G) (J) now 2 nd rate powers
    • USA now willing to take on respons-ibilities as only democratic superpower
      • ‘ Til 1930s USA was isolationist … no more!
      • Not willing to repeat mistakes of the past
      • No more appeasement of dictators
      • Every Communist action would meet strong American response
    • ‘ [America] will have to take responsibility for world collaboration or we shall have to bear the responsibilities for another world conflict’
      • FDR to Congress, March 1945, after Yalta
    Why was the USA so worried about Communism? Kate Smith performing God Bless America . To many Americans, she owned this song!
  • 9. Focus Task: How did the USSR gain control of Eastern Europe?
    • It is 1948. As a high-ranking member of the State Department’s Europe Bureau, produce a briefing paper to update President Truman on the situation in Eastern Europe. Your report should mention:
      • The Communist successes in Eastern Europe between 1945 & 1948 and the reasons for them
      • Stalin’s plan for Eastern Europe
      • The methods being used by Stalin to control Eastern Europe
      • Whether you think the USA should be worried and why
    Tears for Fears’ much maligned hit, Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  • 10. Fin
  • 11. PSDs for the Cold War
    • Unless Russia is faced with an iron fist and strong language another war is in the making. Only one language do they understand – ‘how many [army] divisions have you got?’ … I’m tired of babying the Soviets.
      • President Truman, writing to his Secretary of State in January 1946