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7 steps

  1. 1. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemThe Cheapskates 7 Step Backlinking SystemBacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 1
  2. 2. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemContentsContents......................................................................... 2Introduction.................................................................... 3Before Starting – Tools Of The Trade...............................4Step 1 – Optimize Your Blog Content..............................5Step 2 – Writing Content For Backlinks...........................7Step 3 – Backlinks From Blogs.........................................9Step 4 – Social Bookmarking ........................................ 11Step 5 – Mass Article Submissions................................14Step 6 – How To Blast Your Backlinks............................16Step 7 – Rinse It Out And Repeat!!...............................18Conclusion.................................................................... 20Copyright 2011 –By reading this document, you assume all risksassociated with using the advice given below, with a fullunderstanding that you, solely, are responsible foranything that may occur as a result of putting thisinformation into action in any way, and regardless ofyour interpretation of the advice.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 2
  3. 3. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemIntroductionThere are a lot of people stressing over how to getbacklinks to their blogs and websites.Some people think that you need to buy “backlinkpackages” and then start manually linking. While othersthink that they have to spend a lot of money on someprogram like SENuke or SEO Link Robot.Although all of these methods are able to give you somebacklinks to your site. And, in some cases, a lot ofbacklinks. They arent necessary.Before there was SEO Link Robot...before there wasArticle Marketing Robot...before there was BookmarkingDemon...there was....nothing.But, even though all those high powered programswerent around, there was still a lot of backlinking goingon.The system that youre about put in place will show youa step by step process for building targeted anchor textbacklinks to your money site and then get them indexedreally quickly helping to drive more traffic to your blog.Lets get started...BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 3
  4. 4. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemBefore Starting – Tools Of The TradeBefore you start this link building program there are afew things that youre going to need to have in place.Youre going to need to keep track of exactly where youare building your backlinks. This is because youre goingto have to make sure that these backlinks get indexed.So, youre going to want to know where they are.The short list of tools is as follows: 1. A dedicated folder on your desktop or in your documents folder. 2. A dedicated “throw away” email address from Yahoo or Google. Preferably optimized for your specific keyword campaign. 3. A dedicated Notepad/Wordpad file to record/save the RSS feeds, domains and URLs where youre building the backlinks. 4. A short 1-5 targeted keyword/phrase list. 5. A short 1-3 list of blogs in your niche that you find interesting and want to comment on.This will be your command and control center on yourcomputer to keep track of what steps youve completedand which steps need to be completed.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 4
  5. 5. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemStep 1 – Optimize Your Blog ContentTo actually start getting backlinks to your site, you needto have your blog/website content optimized for thekeywords that youre targeting.Google and the other search engines are in the businessof locating relevant content. Because of this fact, yourblog/website should have at least 5 pages of keywordoptimized content.But, dont confuse Google. Make sure that only onepage is optimized for one keyword. You can have morethan one page optimized for the same keyword. But,dont try to optimize on page for 2 or more keywords.Now, the focus of this digital PDF isnt specifically “on-page SEO”. But to optimize your blog content, you haveto do some of this. You want to make sure that thetarget keywords are included in each pages URL, title,h1, and h2 tags.When you have this in place, dont publish yet becausewere going to try to get a trackback (backlink) to eachpage.In step one, you researched 1-3 blogs that were in yourniche and that you want to link to. Now, pick a blogpost that youve actually read from one of those blogs.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 5
  6. 6. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemThe easiest way to do this is to write a short paragraphabout this blog post and link to it. This short paragraphwill go at the end of your blog post.Heres an example:If you want to get a really good idea about“niche topic”, you should read this blog post.“john doe” (use the bloggers name here) madesome good points that I think are pretty relevant.Go read it now.The reason that you write your paragraph this way is toencourage the approval of the blog owner that yourelinking to. If there is a hint of spam, the blog owner maynot approve the link and give you a track back.Another way to do this is to include it into the text ofyour blog post/article. It looks a little more natural andflows a little better if you include it in the body of theblog post.Make sure that you copy and paste each of your blogURLs into the notepad file that you made in step 1 andsave it.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 6
  7. 7. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemStep 2 – Writing Content For BacklinksIn this step you will start posting your backlinks toarticle directories.Now, since youre going to start writing content forbacklinks, youre going to want a good article spinner.I stumbled across a good article spinner that is prettysimple to use and wont cost you anything. Its calledSpinnerChief.While this free version doesnt have all the features, sayof SpinChimp, or, The Best Spinner, it does haveeverything you need to use right now.So, if you cant afford to make an investment right now,go over to SpinnerChief and sign up to get started withthis step.While this content should be good quality, you donthave to spend hours trying to “get it right”.The reason for this is that youre not trying to get thiscontent to rank for any keywords. You only want thebacklink that these articles are going to give you.So, heres the plan: 1. You sign up for accounts at the following article directories. 2. You take each of your blog articles and spin it to a unique version (make sure you have read itBacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 7
  8. 8. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink System and it makes sense. This will save you a lot of headache and time). 3. You submit to EzineArticles first and wait until its approved and published – do I need to repeat that? 4. After its published, you submit another version to each of the other article directories.Make sure that you have included a link back to yourmoney site/blog in the resource box that is provided bythe article directories.Try to make the links “deep”. In other words, dont justlink to your domain. Actually link to a blog post URL onyour domain using the specific keyword that post isoptimized for.The resource box used to be used for a short bio of theauthor. However, times have changed and theres abetter way to use the resource box.Instead of including a name or short bio, add somethinglike:this blog post summarizes the concepts of“anchor text-put your link here” and explains itfurther.Or,BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 8
  9. 9. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemOthers find that more information about“anchor text-heres your link again” helps themreach their goals faster.As your articles are being published, record each RSSfeed and URL into your notepad file that you saved ontoyour desktop in step 1 and save it.Go sign up to the following article directories: 1. EzineArticles 2. GoArticles 3. Amazines 4. Article Alley 5. Article Blast 6. Isnare 7. The Free LibraryStep 3 – Backlinks From BlogsIn this step youll be building blogs and linking them toyour money site or primary blog site.This step is a little different from the last step. Yourestill going to be spinning content. But, theres a twist.Youre gonna add, or embed, a YouTube video in yourweb 2.0 pages and blog posts for faster indexing.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 9
  10. 10. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemSo, youre still going to need spun content to post tothese blog 2.0 sites. You can have gotten this from yourprimary blog, or, you could combine a couple of articlesfrom EzineArticles and spin them together to make onenew, unique article.Disclaimer: DO NOT PLAGARIZE OTHERS WORK.So, the plan for this step is to: 1. Sign up for accounts at the web properties listed (use a variation of your dedicated email username and password to make it easy). 2. Optimize that blog by deleting any default attributes that dont have anything to do with your niche. For instance, on WordPress.com blogs there is a default 1st post, comment, and “about” page. Get rid of everything like this. You can definitely add your own “about” page if you want to, however. 3. Search for a YouTube video by using your niche keyword and choose to embed the first video on the results page. 4. After you have embedded the video, add your blog post/article with a deep anchor text link back to your primary site.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 10
  11. 11. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink System 5. Publish the post and copy and past the RSS feed, domain, and URL into your notepad file that you made in step 1 and save.Dont get caught up in stylizing the blog or squidoolense too much. You may want to add a short “aboutme” bio. While you dont want the sites to reek of spam,remember, you arent trying to get these sites to rankfor anything. Just get the backlink.Blogs and Web 2.0 Sites to sign up for: 1. Wordpress.com 2. Blogger 3. LiveJournal 4. Posterous 5. TumblrRemember, youre copying and pasting the RSS feed,domain (subdomain), and URL of the post into yournotepad file.Step 4 – Social BookmarkingSo, now you have your content on the web. Its timethat you gave it some “social proof” with bookmarking.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 11
  12. 12. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemThere are tons of social bookmarking sites that are outthere. But, for this guide, were only going to use a few.And, there are a few good paid automatic bookmarksubmitters like bookmarking demon, but you dont haveto use these if you dont want or cant afford it.There are a couple of ways that I suggest gettingbacklinks using social bookmarking. One way ismanually and the other is automatically.For the manual way I am going to suggest a few options.They are all basically the same with only minordifferences.You could use Social Marking, Social Poster, or, SocialMarker. Each of these services requires you to manuallybookmark your URLs on your own account.One cool thing about Social Marking is that you can draga little bookmarklet to your tool bar. Then open up yourbacklink page and bookmark it by hitting this littlebookmarklet button.In addition, if you happen to come across a page or URLthat is not directly a part of your backlink system youcan still bookmark it the same way.So, you can do it the manual way but you dont have to.You can use a service like SocialAdr to get others tobookmark your pages for you. As of this writing, thereBacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 12
  13. 13. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink Systemare free and paid options for SocialAdr and they havemade it brain dead simple to use.SocialAdr works on the principle of “reciprocity”. If yousubmit other members bookmarks to your accounts,youll generate credits to your account. For each credit,you get a backlink.And still, theres even another tool called IMAutomatorthat has a free option for their automatic bookmarksubmitter.Why not use both of their free versions to get your URLsautomatically submitted to bookmarking sites to getmore backlinks.With each of these there is a minimal amount of manualdata input. But they do make it pretty simple to do.Once your URL data and descriptions are put in, just hitsubmit and the service takes care of the rest.With SocialAdr, youll want to go back to the sitefrequently to generate more credits. The more creditsyou have, the more backlinks youre going to get.As you can with your manual submissions, copy andpast the URLs and the RSS feeds to your notepad file.Social Bookmarking Sites: 1. Digg 2. StumbleUponBacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 13
  14. 14. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink System 3. Reddit 4. Bibsonomy 5. Diigo 6. Jumptags 7. BlinklistIf you think that you might be using SocialAdr, it may bea good idea to set up that account first. This is becausethey are connected to several bookmarking sites. If youare going to be signing up for accounts itll save youtime by doing it for SocialAdr.Remember to get your URLs and RSS feeds from thesebookmark sites as youre able and paste them into thenotepad file.Step 5 – Mass Article SubmissionsIn this step I am going to show you how you can get aton of backlinks back to your direct layer of backlinks.You are going to be using another free tool located overat Free Traffic System. They have both free and paidservices. But, again, why not just use the free option toget your backlink system up and running?BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 14
  15. 15. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemThe Free Traffic System is a user generated network ofblogs that lets you post articles on different blogs.You get two backlinks per article you post and that onearticle is distributed to up to 30 different blogs. Also,you can post as many articles as you want.Now, step back and let this sink in a little...2 backlinks x 30 blogs x unlimited articles = how manybacklinks?There are a few things to know before using the FreeTraffic System. 1. 1) Since the network is “user generated”, you have to “donate” a blog to the system so others can post to it. I just took a domain that I wasnt using and installed wordpress on it. I didnt optimize it or anything. 2) The Free Traffic System uses a “spintax” different from most article spinners. Its easy enough to learn, but you need to know this if youre adding “pre-spun” articles to it. Luckily I use The Best Spinner which exports spun articles in several different “spintax” structures. 3) The Free Traffic System does have some kind of “duplicate content” filter running. I have tried toBacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 15
  16. 16. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink System upload PLR content and it has told me that “this article already exists” or something like that. If that happens just change some of the text or paragraph structure and try it again.The way that I use Free Traffic System is to take one ofmy articles and spin it using The Best Spinner and exportin the proper “spintax”. I dont add backlinks to mymoney site. Instead, I add backlinks to my articles andblog posts using the appropriate anchor text.Since I get 2 anchor text backlinks in each article, I add abacklink to one of my articles and then another to oneof my blog posts. This way I get all of my direct linksconvered.One drawback about the Free Traffic System is that theydont provide you with the URL of where your articlewas posted. So, you cant bookmark it or get backlinksfrom the URL. Hopefully this will change.Go see how cool Free Traffic System is right here.Step 6 – How To Blast Your BacklinksIn this step you will blast your backlinks out onto theweb. This is going to get your links indexed and also helpbuild even more backlinks to your primary site.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 16
  17. 17. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemYoure going to be using another absolutely free toollocated at Bulkping.com. Can I say it again? This is acrazy and incredible free service.There are several things that Bulkping does. You canping the web servers and let them know that you havenew content published.You can take the RSS feeds from your websites andsubmit them to multiple RSS directories at the sametime.You can also use the Index Tool to get your main site andblog sites indexed quicker and build more backlinks tothem at the same time.There are a couple of other things that you can Do withBulkping. But this is all we need to do right now to getyour backlinks indexed.This is why youve been copying and pasting your URLsand stuff into your notepad file.So, heres the plan to this step: 1. Copy all of your URLs into Bulkpings “mass ping” page. Yep. The URL of each page of your main site, each article, each web 2.0 page and blog page, follow the directions and hit submit.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 17
  18. 18. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink System 2. One at a time, copy and paste each RSS feed into Bulkpings Rss submitter and follow the directions. Youll need your dedicated email again. And hit “submit”. 3. Go to Bulkpings fast index tool and enter your main domain and then the subdomains of each blog (not the post URL or article URL). Then hit submit.Step 7 – Rinse It Out And Repeat!!This is the basics of any backlinking system. Each timeyou publish a blog post just follow these steps. 1. Have a way of tracking your work and progress 2. Post keyword optimized content to your blog 3. Spin your content to unique articles 4. Submit to other article directories and blog 2.0 sites 5. Ping your RSS Feeds, URLs, and Index your subdomainsSure, there are bookmarking, forum profiles and blogcommenting. But, the bulk of your backlinking is goingto come from producing lotsa content that others willlink to.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 18
  19. 19. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemPosting articles on article directories will always give youthe opportunity to get your backlinks to the mostpeople in the quickest way.Writing articles and posting on blog 2.0 sites is the bestway that you can control which articles and blog postsare actually getting links to them.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 19
  20. 20. Cheapskates 7 Step Backlink SystemConclusionThis is the basics of any backlinking system. All youredoing is making web content point back to your mainmoney page. There is no mystery at all.Getting this system in place is not difficult either. In fact,its probably a lot easier than what youve been doing sofar.The only difficult thing for most people is actuallygetting their backlinks indexed and counted by Google.But, Ive shown you a couple of sure fire ways to getyour backlinks indexed. And so, that solves thatproblem.The only thing left for you to do right now is get started.BacklinkStrategyThatWorks.com Page 20