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  1. 1. Project management software Milestones Professional Livia Dronca, anul IV CTI
  2. 2. Milestone in project management • Within the framework of project management, a milestone is an event that receives special attention. It is often put at the end of a stage to mark the completion of a work package or phase. Milestones can be put before the end of a phase so that corrective actions can be taken, if problems arise, and the deliverable can be completed on time. • In addition to signaling the completion of a key deliverable, a milestone may also signify an important decision or the derivation of a critical piece of information, which outlines or affects the future of a project.
  3. 3. Milestone in project management • A milestone not only signifies distance traveled (key stages in a project) but also indicates direction of travel since key decisions made at milestones may alter the route through the project plan. • When combined with a scheduling methodology such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) or the Critical Path Method(CPM), milestones allow project management to much more accurately determine whether or not the project is on schedule.
  4. 4. Milestone in project management • Milestones are frequently used to monitor the progress, but there are limitations to their effectiveness. • They usually show progress only on the critical path, and ignore non-critical activities. • It is common for resources to be moved from non-critical activities to critical activities to ensure that milestones are met. • This gives the impression that the project is on schedule when actually some activities are being ignored. • Milestones are like dashboard reviews of a project. Number of activities which were planned at the beginning of the project with their individual timelines are reviewed for their status. It also gives an opportunity to check the health of the project.
  5. 5. Milestone Professional • Is a project scheduling software developed by KIDASA Software. • Is a Windows-based program designed to create presentationready Gantt Charts and schedules for users. • Is the fast, easy way to create schedules and reports for projects. schedules for users.
  6. 6. Milestone Professional • Provides businesses and government organizations with a simple and practical approach that makes scheduling any project a breeze. • Makes scheduling, tracking, and presenting projects incredibly fast and easy. • Useful solution for keeping projects organized and ready to be presented at meetings.
  7. 7. Key Features • Make presentation reports in minutes. • A variety of stoplight templates to make it easy to see the status of your project. • Present cost, earned value and more. • Create a PDF, publish HTML for your web site or add to PowerPoint. • Single page presentation reports.
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