Eastern Europe DroidCon Barcamp apps


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Eastern Europe DroidCon Barcamp apps

  1. 1. Nexus LocatorWith this application you can locate the position of any mobile phoneand you can generate reports regarding the movement of that phone.The idea of this application is to replace the GPS Tracking Devices thatcompanies use to locate their car fleet. Instead of locating the cars youcan locate the driver. The phone application is integrated with a webapplication for GPS tracking. The server receives the data from the phoneand transfers it to the web application where the administrator canaccess it. You can access the web application using the web browser fromyour smartphone.In the end you will have all kind of reports regarding the movement ofthe phone. You can see the phones route on the map.The application was not posted on google play or any other marketplace,we are still working on some stuff.
  2. 2. Relative Engine 3 BenchmarkOVERVIEWThis app will benchmark top of the line Android phones andtablets capabilities of rendering a console quality game.FEATURES:Custom shaders for all the 100+ distinct materials, terrainshader with blend maps, transparency sorting, Post ProcessingEffects : High Dynamic Range, Bloom, Depth of Field.SCORESIf you would like to, you can post your scores along with yoursettings and device in the app review section. After oneplaythrough you will get an average framerate when youtouch the screen. Use that for comparisons.At a later time, an online leaderboard will be added tocompare scores.
  3. 3. Style JukeboxStyle Jukebox is an app for everyone who listens music on the go and is tired ofalways having to sync their content. Jukebox is the easiest way to wirelesslylisten the entire music library from any device, share music interests with friendsand discover new tracks based on personal tastes. Unlike other solutions ofmusic in the Cloud, Jukebox is available as a native app for all major platforms,so that everything is automatically handled by the app, with nothing to set up orconfigure. Users can stream playlists over mobile network or Wi-Fi and even savemusic and play it offline. Jukebox for Android lets you play your music playlistsright from your phone. Once you log in all your playlists, songs andmusic queues will be constantly updated with your computer.FEATURES: Play music from your Android phone, Play music from your JukeboxCloud account, Stream songs or save them offline, Build and play dynamic songsqueue, Organize songs in playlists, Album art support, Beautiful widget for yourhome screen
  4. 4. PraiserThis is an app designed to motivate, inspire, encourage,increase the user confidence and self-esteem.The App contains over 200 unique and personalized praisesordered in five categories. You have the option to rate yourfavorite praises, build a top 20 list or even create and addyour own praises to the database.
  5. 5. Transport UrbanTransport Urban - Public transport route planner.Available cities: Bucharest and Iasi (more to be added soon)Whether you are a student, a tourist or a local, Transport Urban is the perfect journeyplanner "kit": map, stations, tools, directions and everything else you might need, allwrapped up in a smooth interface. Plan your routes in seconds, buy tickets &subscriptions*, share them with your friends or save them for later viewing.Features: clean and easy to use interface, map + subway / bus / tram stations, easy tounderstand, step-by-step directions, estimated distances, times and journey costs, visualfeedback: view / explore your route on the map,search: streets & places of interest, gps:set your current location as departure / arrival point, advanced planningoptions,Romanian & English languages.
  6. 6. TrawellTraWell is an application designed to be an intelligent and touristicguide which can provide you simple but very fun navigation in the town ofSkopje, the capital city of Macedonia. This application is easy to use and itcan provide complete and organized visit through all the places inthe old town: cafes, museums, galleries, churches, mosques, monuments,traditional Turkish Hamas, restaurants, bars.. and many more places to seein this particular traditional old part of Skopje. Once the user starts usingthis application, he can get full insight of a complete and fun visit whichincludes gallery of pictures, maps, description of the places and rankingsand comments from other users. But what it makes this application evenmore interesting to use is its features such as: Reality +, Tour Plan.This application can also be used offline. Once you downloadthe application the user can get full guidewith pictures, maps and description of the places.
  7. 7. AvtobuskoAvtobusko is application which provides information aboutpublic transport in Skopje.According your position, the application will provide you quickand precise suggestions how to reach the desireddestination.Besides that, the application can show you the timetable,next buses on the given station in certain time, stations of allcity lines on the map etc.
  8. 8. Zonga Music streaming app Subscription based Play from a library of 16 million songs Create and download playlists for offline use Share your playlists with other people Share in realtime on facebook what you are listening to and whatsongs you like (favorites) Listen to our recommendations by listening to the Radio or aspecific Genre radio