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Cgm life sdk_droidcon_2014_v3


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  • 1. CGM LIFE – a New Dimension in Consumer Healthcare Introduction to CGM LIFE Client SDK for Android Holger Oestreich – Senior Software Developer Android
  • 2. CompuGroup Medical – Key Figures Key figures (2013) ● ca. 400.000 Customers in 43 countries ● ca. 4.000 Employees ● Revenue: € 460 M ● EBITDA: € 97 M Goals ● Best provider of IT solutions for high quality and efficiency in the healthcare system ● Worldwide market leader in Medical Information Technology
  • 3. CompuGroup Medical – Medical Information Technology Software for doctors and dentists in private offices e. g. MEDISTAR, TURBOMED, CGM Z1 Software for hospitals, physical therapy and social services e. g. TAKE CARE, SYSTEMA mpa, CGM CLINICAL Software for pharmacies e. g. WINAPO, MIRA Software for laboratories e. g. CGM LAB ANALYTIX, CGM LAB MOLIS Health Provider Services (HPS)Health Provider Services (HPS) Software Assisted Medicine e. g. SAM Diabetes Workflow - Integrated Communication e. g. Intermedix, CGM Cardtrust, CGM RABATT-INFO Medication Database e. g. ifap praxisCENTER 3, ifap index® KLINIK, i:fox Clearing and Billing Services Privadis Patient Services e. g. CGM LIFE, Medication Account, Arznei aktuell Health Connectivity Services (HCS)Health Connectivity Services (HCS)
  • 4. CGM LIFE CGM LIFE Personal Health Records (PHR) Provider Provider Lifestyle Prevention CureCare Specialist GP Hospital Pharmacy Lab Reha ● > 5.000 registered providers ● 180.000 registered patients ● Live in 6 countries
  • 5. myPharmacy App • Pharmacies • Drugs / Medications • Drug order service
  • 6. myPharmacy App - Medications • Medicationlist • Active medications of the user • Stored encrypted in CGM LIFE account • Dayplan • Drugs the user has to take per day • Medication details • Product details • Intake and dosage plan • End date of treatment • Add new medication to list • Enter intake reason • Enter intake and dosage plan • Enter end date of treatment
  • 7. myPharmacy App - Drugs • Drug search • Search drugs by name or producer • Scan barcode from packaging • Drug details • Product info • Patient information leaflet • Add drug to medication list • Place an order
  • 8. myPharmacy App - Pharmacies • Pharmacy search • Search by name or city • Search for pharmacies nearby • Pharmacy details • Address, opening time • Position on map • Place a call, write an email • Emergency pharmacy search • Search pharmacies nearby • Show nearest pharmacy on top
  • 9. myPharmacy App – Drug ordering • Drug ordering • Add multiple drugs • Add prescription photo • Select deliver type • Select notification type
  • 10. CGM LIFE – Medical Cloud Overview
  • 11. CGM LIFE Consumer Apps CGM LIFE Client SDK CGM LIFE Medical Cloud CGM LIFE Client API - Overview Account Service Login Service Medical Service Contact Service Drug Service Drug Order Service Catalog Service Pharmacy Service Practice Service
  • 12. CGM LIFE Client API – Code Example 1 HttpClient httpClient = Shell.createDefaultHttpClient(); 2 Shell shell = new Shell(httpClient); 3 shell.setAppId(appId, „1.0.0“); 4 shell.setServer(„“); 5 shell.setLocale(„de_DE“); 6 7 LoginService loginService = shell.getLoginService(); 8 loginService.login(„“, „password“); 9 10 MedicalService medSrv = shell.getMedicalService(); 11 MDO<Medication> mdo = medSrv.getEntry(id, Medication.class); 12 13 loginService.logout();
  • 13. CGM LIFE Client API – Medical / Contact Service • Manages medical data objects (MDOs) • Provides CRUD methods • Get modified MDOs • E.g. medication ● Product details ● Intake and dosage plan ● Intake reason ● End date of treatment
  • 14. CGM LIFE Client API – Medical Data Objects (MDO) ● The core of CGM LIFE, organized in Personal Health Records (PHR) ● The PHR is the “life-time” medical history of a patient and comprises a list of MDOs ● Stored in a secure and server based data storage ● Tight integration in existing health care applications ● New MDOs can easily be defined by using JSON Schema Prescription Appointment Medication DiagnosisContact
  • 15. CGM LIFE Consumer Apps CGM LIFE Client SDK CGM LIFE Medical Cloud Medical Data CGM LIFE Client API – Encryption ● The content of the MDOs is highly confidential ● CGM LIFE uses a hybrid cryptosystem to protect the MDOs ● Medical data in clear text form available on client side only ● En-/Decryption takes place on client side ● Server provides authentication, authorization and storage services, it cannot decrypt the MDOs en-/decrypt Medical Data
  • 16. CGM LIFE Client API – Drug / Catalog Service ● A catalog maps short codes to version-controlled and localized data ● E.g. drug catalog ● Get drug by PZN ● Drug details ● Product info ● Patient information leaflet ● New catalogs are easy to integrate
  • 17. CGM LIFE Client API – Catalogs ● Medical catalogs: ● ATC catalog (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System with Defined Daily Doses) ● Diagnosis catalog (ICD-10_GM - International Classification of Diseases) ● Drug catalog (Products in the pharmacy sector identified by PZN) ● Administrative catalogs: ● Country catalog (Countries listed by ISO-2166) ● Unit catalog (Commonly Used UCUM Codes for Healthcare Units)
  • 18. CGM LIFE Client API – Pharmacy / Practice Service • Search pharmacy / practice • Search emergency pharmacy • Get pharmacy / practice by id • E.g. pharmacy ● Address ● Opening time ● Additional services ● Coordinates
  • 19. CGM LIFE Client API – Directories ● Directories are a special kind of yellow pages for medical and health ● Contains address, coordinates, contact data, opening times, etc. ● Search full text ● New Directories are easy to integrate ● Available directories: ● Pharmacies ● Emergency pharmacies ● Medical practices
  • 20. CGM LIFE Client API – Drug Order Service • Order drugs ● Prescription photo ● Deliver type ● Notification type • Tight integration in pharmacy systems
  • 21. CGM LIFE Client API – Account / Login Service • Create account (PHR) • Login • Logout • Change password • Change username
  • 22. CGM LIFE Client SDK ● The SDK provides access to the medical data and services directly from the app ● App with various health topics can be developed, e.g. fitness, women health, medication compliance ● The SDK comes with ● an easy to integrate library package for the use of CGM LIFE functionality ● a transparent en-/decrypt implementation in the library ● the API to use CGM LIFE services ● a documentation with descriptions and examples ● SDK available autumn 2014 ● License / Terms Of Use in definition
  • 23. Thank you for your attention.