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Our class developed the space concept for the OSC action center. This was the final presentation that Weiden & Kennedy put together based on our design input.

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Osc creative development jan 2012 pnca

  1. 1. Oregon Sustainability CenterCreative DevelopmentJanuary 12
  2. 2. The OSC exists to lead and celebrate thegreen economy of Oregon’s future. It actsas a portal to Oregon’s green economy.It is a response to the Living BuildingChallenge, which asks how every aspect ofdesign and construction can make the worlda better place.It will be home to Oregons leaders insustainable business, government, andeducation.It will act as a laboratory for green technologyregionally and globally, designed to be thegreenest high-rise ever built — sourcing itsmaterials locally, creating its own energy, andcollecting and treating its water on-site.
  3. 3. 1. To define a positioning for the Oregon Sustainability Center.The Challenge 2. To tell the story of the OSC using an interactive and engaging space. The role of the Action Center is to show all visitors that the OSC represents the cutting edge of urban sustainable design. And to place its innovation in context of Oregon’s ambitions to remain a world leader in building green cities. It must be flexible enough to welcome new partners and content, to host temporary exhibitions and respond to developments in sustainable innovation, while retaining a consistent experience and purpose.
  4. 4. Towards a positioning
  5. 5. The OSC is a paradox.A high rise tower with the footprint of a flower. A building that can save us from buildings. And help cities be part of a natural cycle. It refuses to believe in that old conflict Culture vs. Nature
  6. 6. It connects economic growth to sustainable development
  7. 7. The location speaks to the intent of the building.It connects the worlds of education, commerce, city policy and residential.Park blocks create a series of green corridors converging on the OSC.
  8. 8. The OSC is a Living BuildingBuilt by the people, industries andnatural resources of Oregonto help us thrive.
  10. 10. Built by the people and industries of Oregon Over 90% materials coming from Oregon/Pacific NorthWest Over 100 different companies involved in the construction. 780 jobs created. $100m pumped into the Oregon economy. Supports 4 of the 5 largest, and 3 of the 5 fastest growing industry segments in Oregon.
  11. 11. Oregon Electric Group, Portland Charter Mechanical, Tualatin Orenco Systems, Sutherlin Benson Industries, Gresham Madden Fabrication, Portland Marine Lumber, Tualatin Skyline Sheet Metal, Troutdale Advanced Metal and Wire Products, Wood Village Dura Industries, Portland 11 West Coast Paper, Eugene Hartung Glass, Wilsonville KPFF, Portland B&G Builders, Portland Collins, Portland
  12. 12. Oregon’s business has always come from its richnatural resources, its manufacturing andcreative workforceThe OSC continues this tradition andestablishes leadership for the green economyThe building provides leadership at a time ofeconomic growth powered by sustainability
  13. 13. To connect the OSC with communities in Oregon and beyond To drive people to the OSC Action Centre and to inspire change in their livesRoles for brandingand communications To promote the OSC as a center for education, research and knowledge To demonstrate the clear connection between sustainable and economic development, specifically linking green building, the green economy and jobs for Oregon
  14. 14. Regular Visitors UsersAlign building and organisations’ aims Invite participation, share knowledge,Remain involved and excited by OSC innovation inspire personal action
  16. 16. Permanent Space
  17. 17. The Building(construction, operation)WaterEnergy(solar, geothermal)Waste
  18. 18. As we show the building’s systems, its working and its health, let’s make any representationEmotional Intuitive(You feel the building’s health, before you have to think about it) (A child can tell what’s going on)Embedded Responsive(Part of the building’s walls, ceilings, floor) (Encouraging feedback, or a change in behavior)
  19. 19. All of us, then, have been born into a world full of abstract technologies and systems. We are forced to adapt to them in order to survive.The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and Berries, grassland, birds and clouds have long since ceased to be thethe rational mind is a faithful servant. things we need to read in order to survive.We have created a society that honors Insofar as these elements still exist in our environment, they have taken on a recreational role.the servant and has forgotten the gift. Instead, we live in a world of screens.-Einstein -Koert Van Mensvoort, Our Environment as an Information Carrier
  20. 20. view3 50 view1 33 view4 50 view2 15
  21. 21. VisualLanguageWe will use the building’s rawmaterials as a consistent designelement throughout thebuilding.To show that the OSC was builtby the people and industries ofOregon
  22. 22. During the launch period we will connect the materials to the industries and the people behind them
  23. 23. Strips of the differentmaterials will flowcontinuously across theAction Center surfaces, andbeyond: into the Lobby andoutside.LEDs will line certain parts ofthe structure.A curved, organic, flowingsurface and overall shape.With sharp transitionsbetween materials. Points ofintense light.We will work with Oregonbased artists to create aunique, inspirational space.
  24. 24. Ceiling: SolarPole: WasteWall: WaterFloor: Geothermal
  25. 25. Continuing the metaphor of the livingbuilding, we want the LEDs to represent itshealth.When systems are working well, and thereis plenty of energy, there should be aregular flow of lights. The lights breathe ina calm fashion (like a sleeping Macbook).Reduced energy production/overconsumption can be indicated by morerapid flashing (showing distress)The number of lights in operation canreflect the building’s available resources.
  26. 26. But looking like this...The Building - operationA 5ft high model, realistic, but colorful andinviting. Inspired by plant and animalnervous systemsMoving parts to show PV and blinds.Light representing energy, water and waste.Based on this...
  27. 27. Throughout the building, we will A single LED will help users understandcontinue to signal the health of the energy and resource status.building through a simplified identity Breathing:that refers to the Action Center materials Healthy. Flashing: Shortage. Use sparingly. On: In useThe visual language will show the health of the building throughout
  28. 28. FiretablesLED firepits will offer places for people togather, socialise and learn more aboutthe OSC.
  29. 29. FiretablesAnother way to communicateinformation about the building, and toencourage people to explore Portland,and to make changes in their lives.A place to capture and share feedback.
  30. 30. Seasonal stories
  31. 31. We want to tell each seasonal theme from different perspectives, showing how differentstakeholders are connected WORK WATER ENERGY WASTE FOOD TRANS- ETC PORT personal/ education/ business osc oregon world community research
  32. 32. WORK How the green economy works for you The OSC is built by the people and industry of Oregon. We will highlight the companies and individuals responsible for the center, show the jobs it created and offer ways for OSC visitors to be part of Oregon’s economy. personal/ education/ business osc oregon worldcommunity research
  33. 33. Building the OSCLeading up to the openingand for the first few monthsof its operation we want totell the stories of the peopleand industries connected tothe construction of the OSC.Showing that many Oregonindustries are part ofsustainable solutions.And that the OSC hasbenefitted from andsupported local industry andcreated jobs.
  34. 34. Profiles of the people and industries of Oregon involved in building the OSC.Surrounded by figures related to total number of companies involved, jobs created, etc
  35. 35. We will use the profiles of the people and industriesinvolved in the OSC to start a broader conversationabout work.We will invite Oregon companies to show howthey are part of the green economy. What if thelaunch weekend was also a job fair, connectingthe companies of Oregon with the workers, andhelping them to discover new opportunities?Visitors will be able to upload their own photos of people that they feelhave been positively affected by the OSC to a Facebook gallery. Forexample, an Umpua bank employee can add her team’s photographs or aPSU student can add his professor.We will feature PSU, OSU, etc sustainability courses and talk about the kindof employment opportunities they lead to.
  36. 36. ENERGY How Oregon’s green energy is repowering the state Represent the diversity of sustainable energy solutions across Oregon. Show guests how they can repower their life with Oregon’s green energy. Highlight the companies involved in the building of the OSC’s energy portfolio and the businesses that can help bring clean energy to the people in the OSC’s community. Show how people can make a change by making the tech innovation in the building’s energy systems accessible to the visitor in a DIY format. personal/ education/ business osc oregon world community research
  37. 37. We want make the techinnovation in the building’senergy systems accessible tothe visitor in a DIY format,to highlight the companiesinvolved in the building ofthe OSC’s energy portfolioand show the businessesthat can help bring cleanenergy to the people in theOSC’s community.We also want to show thevariety of clean energysolutions that are beingexplored in Oregon
  38. 38. We will create a large map of Oregon on theexhibition wall of the Action Centre, with keyenergy locations highlighted.Online/mobile, people can find out more about thedifferent projects highlighted on the map and addtheir own energy saving projects to the Oregonenergy map.Visitors will be able to link  through to relevantorganizations to make a change in their life,through going solar, having an energy audit,getting a green loan.Energy experts will be available at the fire tables totalk through personal green energy options.
  39. 39. Our main partners will be Panasonic, with their focus on solar and energy saving appliances andUmpqua, with their green street product which finances energy efficiency. The map will showpeople in Portland and beyond how many people are making the switch to a more efficienthome, and we’ll link directly to Umpqua so that visitors are able to take action online.In the event space, we’ll make sure that visitors are led to the Umpqua store for moreinformation on making energy changes in their homes, perhaps even using the Panasonicproducts that they’ve learned about on the map.
  40. 40. People will be able to use the fire tables or their mobileapp to find out more about the specific examples ofinnovative energy use on the map.The community will also be able to add their ownhouses or businesses to the map if they’ve made apositive change: eg had an energy audit, solar panelsinstalled, geo-thermal put in or offset their power.The concept is designed to show the diversity andprevalence of clean energyin Oregon, to encourageinteraction and to get the community excited aboutcleaning up their energy.