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Cadillac CTS Quotes

  1. 1. Cadillac CTS in the News
  2. 2. The Stig tests the Cadillac CTS -V round a very wet Top Gear Track.” “ [Cadillac] developed a high quality interioir that’s simply stunning.” “ I hate the way it bongs whenever you do anything.” Google Video “ Boston.TV covered the unveilling of the Cadillac CTS 2007 at the Intercontinental Hotel.” “ The 2008 Cadillac CTS with the new 263 Hp 3.6-liter V6 engine was one of the rides I got to check out while at the GM event this past week. It was, by far, my favorite pick from GM’s 2008 Collection . Fun and sporty, it’s a nasty car to kick around in.” “ We caught the CTS testing in southern Europe, but clearly all is not well with the diesel fuelling.” Google Blog Search “ Cadillac will get a small rear-wheel-drive car positioned below the CTS sedan, part of General Motors' aggressive plans to expand the brand's U.S. reach. “ “ I think GM worked really hard to improve the CTS in 2007, and the 2008 version looks to kick that up even another notch,” “ One area in which the Cadillac still falls short is storage; the glove box is pitiful, even though it's been reworked, and the trunk remains oddly shaped & less commodious than it should be.” Google News Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  3. 3. “ In their attempt to spread their market appeal to younger customers, Cadillac has invested considerable time/money/testing into the development of the 2008 CTS.” “ It certainly appears that the new CTS and its great reviews are really help move the product. Great job, Cadillac!” “ This is not good news when production has been indefinitely halted by the United Auto Workers strike against General Motors Corp., which produces the vehicle at its Lansing Grand River assembly plant. "We are disappointed. We can't get enough of them," said Leese, who owns Harvey Cadillac/Hummer on 28th Street SE.” BlogPulse “ The one-two finish by the CTS- V race cars extended Cadillac's lead in SPEED GT manufacturers championship to 10 points over Porsche with one race remaining.” “ While the exterior styling of the new CTS has garnered its fair share of praise, it's not until you step inside and realize that Cadillac's design renaissance is not an aberration. Swathed in acres of high-quality material, the textures, colors and layout is provocative enough to get your attention, but subdued in a way that doesn't distract from the task at hand.” “ Once again, the brand’s guardians decided to chase highly-tuned European sports sedans instead of returning to the simple values that made Cadillacs– including the Escalade– American icons. “ Technorati “ The new 2008 Cadillac CTS ($32,245) comes standard with a 263-horsepower V6.” “ The Cadillac CTS seems to be the perfect balance between these two. Far more personality than the C350, far more comfort and luxury (and better steering feel) than the G35” “ If you ask me, whoever reviewed these cars was very biased towards the Cadillac .” Blog Search Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  4. 4. “ General Motors is planning to launch its 2nd generation Cadillac CTS on the European market.” “ The new 2008 Cadillac CTS looks great and is relatively roomy inside. It's got lots of poke for the performance enthusiast with the bigger engine and available all-wheel drive. For those who don't need or want the extra stuff, there's lots of style with the standard V6 and rear-wheel drive.” “ So let's get this straight. The first pictures [of the CTS] that came out definitely showed a regular key sticking out of the steering column. Now, after hearing all of the bitching and moaning, they decide to rectify the issue, and their solution is a half assed one, as per the MO of the General.” Digg “ Cadillac CTS, Cadillac STS and Cadillac SRX continue [production] through 2009, Cadillac CTS wagon and Cadillac CTS coupe beginning in 2009.” :The virtually all-new 2008 CTS is a terrific car, an excellent successor to the very good first-generation CTS .: “ [The Cadillac CTS] is not exactly beautiful, but you won't mistake it for anything else, that's for sure.” Icerocket Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes