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Table 2 Foramina Of Skull
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Table 2 Foramina Of Skull


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Table 2 Foramina of the Skull and Their Contents By Dr. Noura Osman., 29-11-2009 Foramen Location on Skull Bone(s) Location on Bone Contents Parietal Anterior to lambda Parietal On superior aspect Emissary vein to superior sagittal on either side of near the sagittal sinus, sometimes a branch of the sagittal suture suture occipital artery Pharyngeal canal External base of Sphenoid Between the Pharyngeal nerve, pharyngeal skull; medial to and vaginal process of artery medial pterygoid palatine the sphenoid and plate the sphenoid process of the palatine Posterior ethmoidal Medial wall of orbit Frontal Fronto-ethmoidal Posterior ethmoidal nerve and and suture, posterior to vessels (when present) ethmoidal the anterior ethmoidal foramen Posterosuperior Anterior to the Maxilla Infratemporal Posterosuperior alveolar nerves alveolar pterygomaxillary surface and and vessels fissure maxillary tuberosity Pterygoid canal Extends from Sphenoid Body of sphenoid Nerve and vessels of the (vidian canal) foramen lacerum to just above the pterygoid canal (vidian nerve and pterygopalatine pterygoid processes vessel) fossa Rotundum Middle cranial fossa Sphenoid Greater wing Maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve Sphenopalatine Medial wall of Sphenoid Between Sphenopalatine artery and pterygopalatine and sphenoidal and posterior superior nasal brs. fossa palatine orbital processes (nasopalatine) nerves Spinosum Middle cranial fossa Sphenoid Spine of the Middle meningeal vessels and sphenoid recurrent meningeal branch of mandibular division of cranial nerve V Stylomastoid Between styloid and Temporal Posterior to the Facial nerve, stylomastoid mastoid processes base of the styloid vessels process Superior orbital Postero superior Sphenoid Between roof and Cranial nerves III, IV, VI, fissure aspect of orbit and frontal lateral wall, lateral ophthalmic division of V; to apex sympathetic fibers; branches of middle meningeal artery; recurrent branch of lacrimal artery; superior ophthalmic vein Supraorbital Superior rim of Frontal Below superciliary Supraorbital nerve and vessels orbit arch Zygomaticofacial Lateral to the Zygoma Malar surface, Zygomaticofacial nerve and inferolateral angle above the origin of vessels of the orbital rim zygomaticus major muscle Zygomatico-orbital Anterior floor of Zygoma Orbital surface Zygomaticofacial and orbit zygomaticotemporal nerves and vessels Zygomaticotemporal Temporal fossa Zygoma Temporal surface Zygomaticotemporal nerve and vessels