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Spay it-forward presentation for greece 2012
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Spay it-forward presentation for greece 2012


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  • 1. Spay-It-ForwardDr Jeffrey young graduated from Colorado State University School ofVeterinary Medicine in 1989. He established Planned Pethood Plus,Inc (PPP) in 1990. PPP is best know for its low-cost mobile neuteringservices, Native American Reservation work, and training ofveterinarians from around the world in more efficient surgicaltechniques. Dr. Young has served on numerous Human Societyboards and has been an advisor from mobile surgical units all acrossAmerica. He has founded his own non-profit group called PlannedPethood International. Planned Pethood International was establishedto help fund spay/neuter work and veterinary training from its newstate of the art veterinary hospitals in Bratislava, Slovakia and Merida,Mexico. Dr. Young believes his human ethics come from being anAnimal Control Officer during his veterinary college training. He ismost proud of having personally sterilized over 165,000 animals in thelast 20 years, and he is an outspoken proponent of early age neuteringfor companion animals population control. Dr. Young is driven by asimple underlying mission “to significantly reduce companion animaloverpopulation through out the world.” “Think Globally Act Locally “
  • 2. Spaying-It-Forward• Enhance the sustainability of basic health care for companion animals.• Enhance the human-animal bond.• Enhance the overall health and welfare of companion animals and their care takers.
  • 3. The only real solution to companion animaloverpopulation; Paradigm shift in socialattitudes. No euthanasia of Dogs and cats will healthy, adoptable be valued as animals. companion animals.
  • 4. What is the magnitude of the problem?• Social attitudes – solastalgia.• Carrying capacity of the environment.• Concept of ownership.• Supply vs Demand.• Human-animal bond.• Zoonosis.
  • 5. Working for a paradigm shift! Animal control – NGO’s – Government Agencies- EducationalInstitutions- Humanitarians- Environmentalist- Veterinary Profession- Health Care Profession Legislation Education The Big 3 Spay/Neuter (Sterilization) Tip of spear
  • 6. Negative Realities We Operate Under• 70% rule does not apply.• Dogs are 15X and cats 45X more prolific than humans.• Euthanasia and culling is the number 1 cause of death for companion animals.• Warehousing companion animals is costly and does little to affect overpopulation.• Adoption contracts do not work.• “No kill” is a goal only after you obtain a stable population. (low-kill)• Money is a limiting factor so use it wisely, not emotionally.
  • 7. Absolute Necessities Of Any Humane Organization• Have active spay/neuter program.• Have active feral/stray cat program.• Have active training and behavioral Sustainability modification program. VS• Have active educational program. Return on Investment• Have active animal friendly Vs legislative initiatives. un sustainability
  • 8. What Does Your Facility look like and what our your objectives?Humane organizations (NGO’s) For-profit vs Non-profitKill VS No kill Mobile WorkFoster Homes Hoarding SituationsShelters Facility Veterinary FacilityConventional vs Non-Conventional Conventional vs Non-Conventional “Think Sustainability First”
  • 9. Veterinary Profession Is Changing•Increase in females – decrease in males.•We need to incorporate veterinary medicine into NGO’s.•We need incorporate NGO’s into veterinary medicine . -Best of Both Worlds-
  • 10. You Must Customize To Your Needs • But the basic principles remains the same. • Learn from other peoples mistakes.
  • 11. When starting into veterinary work• Basic health care model - expand as you grow.• Build sustainable income “First”- shots, grooming, flea and tick control, de worming, boarding.• Think outside the box - what fits your community. - where is your support.
  • 12. Full service veterinary hospital should be the goal• +/- food sales• +/- toy sales• +/-animal behavioral classes• +/- adoption• +/-educational program• +/- foster programs• +/- grooming• +- veterinary training
  • 13. PPP Inc. Denver, Co First for profit full Planned Pethood Plus Inc service veterinary hospital in the U.S. that requires neutering for all client animalsTraining Veterinarians Training VeterinariansWorking with NGO’s Works with NGO’sHelp fund PPI work Built Hospital in Built Hospital Help Fund PPI workDoes free to low cost Bratislava, Slovaki In Merida, Mexico, 2007 Does free to low- costwork a, 2003 work PPI Active adoption programs Planned Pethood Training Veterinarians Education programs International Funds spay/neuter Work with local government Non-Profit Funds building projects Provide financial Support to smaller groups
  • 14. Planned Pethood Slovakia Planned Pethood Mexico 2003 2008Internships from Romania, Internships from Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Panama, Costa Russia, Czech Republic, Rica, Canada, U.S. Slovakia 2008- Total gross $62,484 2011- Total gross $200,475 Free Surgeries Free Surgeries 2009-1365 2010-1305 2010- 1725 2011-1742 2011- 1827 2012-1975 OFFICE PHONE: 02 4552 1224 OFFICE PHONE: 01 999 9 44 23 10 EMAIL: EMAIL: ADDRESS: Popradská 32 ADDRESS: Calle 10 No. 344 x 3 y 3-C 82106 Bratislava, Slovakia Colonia Gonzalo Guerrero , Merida Yucatan
  • 15. Good Surgical Technique Allows For Early Age Neutering.
  • 16. Surgical Conditions Vary Worldwide
  • 17. Five Free Freedoms• Freedom from hunger• Freedom from fear and distress• Freedom from pain, injury and disease• Freedom from discomfort• Freedom to express normal behavior Improvise * Adapt * Overcome
  • 18. Jeff Young D.V.M Planned Pethood Plus Inc 4170 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212 Cell:720-937-5082 Work:303-433-3291