Free Useful applications
For bookmarking, researching, knowledge sharing:
Deturl:                                                        Free Useful applications
To find royalty free music and sounds:                                               Free Useful applications
Buzdeo:                                                     Free Useful applications
To create short professionally produced videos:                                    Free Useful applications
   Animoto: ht...
For recording speech or text-to-speech:                                              Free Useful applications
For digital storytelling resources:                                                 Free Useful applications
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Toolbox for Freeapps


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[size=1]Free tools listed in one document[/size]
Unfortunately, the inbuilt links work only after you download the document, but not on Slideshare

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Toolbox for Freeapps

  1. 1. Free Useful applications For bookmarking, researching, knowledge sharing: Furl: Delicious: Blinklist: Ma.gnolia: Slashdot: Digg: FriendFeed: reddit: Diigo: For access to shareware and freeware: Snapfiles: Soundforge: Osalt: For recording, editing, and sharing audio files: Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor: Audacity manual: LAME MP3 Encoder – Allows you to export Audacity files as MP3 files; available at: CallBurner (records Skype calls): For managing audio files iTunes works on both Macs and PCs. There are many other software options. I like iTunes: Instructions for recording, editing, and sharing audio files from Skype, using Callburner and Audacity: To create a podcast from a telephone: Gcast: Talkshoe: Yodio: Gcast: For other podcasting resources: Podpress: To create electronic music: Hobnox audio tool: To download youtube and other online video files: MPEG Streamclip: 1 of 7.
  2. 2. Deturl: Free Useful applications Mediaconverter: Zamzar: Listen to Youtube (creates mp3 files of youtube videos): = For PPT to Flash Conversion: iSpring: For screen capturing: These applications enable you to record video of what you do or see on your computer screen or snap a picture of anything on your desktop. Directory of Screen Capture, Screencasting and Software Demo Tools: CamStudio: Screencast-o-matic: Jing: oRipa Screen Recorder: Taksi: CaptureMe: For creating online surveys: A Survey of Survey Tools: For transcoding/converting/editing audio and video files: MPEG Streamclip: Zamzar: FFmpeg: HandBrake: Super: For online video editing: Jaycut: For creating collaborative documents, hosting web sites, wikis, blogs: Google docs: Google sites: Writeboard: Scriblink: Zoho: VoiceThread: 2 of 7.
  3. 3. To find royalty free music and sounds: Free Useful applications FindSounds: Partners in Rhyme: For images and visuals: FreeRangeStock: Open Stock Photography: Finding Images Online by Paula Berinstein: Favorite 10 Free Stock Photo Download Sites by DazzlinDonna: How to Find Pictures for Your eLearning: Google Images: For image maniputaion, editing photos, creating slideshows, etc.: Picasa (from Google): GIMP: Autostitch: Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows XP: Picnik: Aviary: For scheduling meetings: MeetingWizard: Doodle: For hosting webcasts and webinars: DimDim: Vyew: For posting media: YouTube: TeacherTube: SchoolTube: Ustream:: Vimeo: Viddler: Open Source Movies: 3 of 7. MetaCafe:
  4. 4. Buzdeo: Free Useful applications Bubbleshare: Flickr: Picasa: To find, play, and enjoy the latest audio & video from around the web Odeo: For mind mapping and brainstorming: Mind Meister: For video conferencing: Skype: Google Video and Chat: iChat (mac): AIM: Meebo: VoIP: SightSpeed (Logitech): Oovoo: For create a personal home page without worrying about HTML: Homemaker: For creating blogs: Blogger: Class Blogmeister: 21Classes: Gaggle: Wordpress: For creating wikis: Wetpaint: pbwiki: Wikispaces: To create your own social network: Ning: For a free alternative to Microsoft Office: 4 of 7. Open Office:
  5. 5. To create short professionally produced videos: Free Useful applications Animoto: To create slide shows, presentations, and concept maps: Prezi: Slide Rocket: Voicethread: 280 Slides: For making digital creations to share with others: Smilebox: For making quizzes: Qedoc: ClassMarker: Hot Potatoes: For note taking: Evernote: Google Notebook: GTD Tiddly Wiki: For uploading and sharing PPT and Word documents: SlideShare: Slideboom: For hosting and sharing files: YouSendIt Lite (claims to be HIPAA compliant): FileDropper: Rapidshare: For making to-do lists and task management: Toodledo: For project and event management: Viewpath: To capture, share, and organize things you find on the web: SimplyBox: 5 of 7.
  6. 6. For recording speech or text-to-speech: Free Useful applications ReadTheWords: vozMe (converts text to mp3 files that you can download): Voicaroo: To create your own music: Imeem: Pandora: iTunes genius: ccMixter: For shortening URLs: Moourl: Tiny URL: To create word clouds: Wordle: To send invitations: Evite: For producing animated "whiteboard lectures" from a tablet PC or electronic whiteboard: LectureScribe: For free storage, applications, a virtual desktop, and backup accessible from any computer connected to the Internet: icloud: To create a single digital identity across the internet: OpenID: To post thing son the web from your email: Posterous: For search and a computational knowledge engine: Wolfram/alpha: For a free calculator: Google calculator: 6 of 7.
  7. 7. For digital storytelling resources: Free Useful applications 50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story: Digital Storytelling in the Curriculum: For web authoring: KompoZer: Some applications lists from others (not all apps on these lists are free): Learning Professionals: Free Tools: Free Mac software: The Fifty Tools: Welcome to Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day: Tom Kuhlmann’s 9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning: learning/#comment-5488 The 100 top Web apps for 2008: The 100 top Web apps for 2009: For HTML and CSS Editors: Open content sites: Many Books: SpinXpress: Merlot: Academic Earth: Open Courseware Consortium: Stanford Engineering Everywhere: UC Princeton: MIT Opencourseware: OpenLearn: YouTube Edu: Ck-12: iTunes Podcasts: