How To Find Success By Losing My Mind !
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How To Find Success By Losing My Mind !



Have you ever wondered how is it, We know what we need to do in order to change our lives often have NOTHING to do with being NORMAL, YET WE REPEAT THE SAME SELF DEFEATING HABITS AS THE WEEKS AND ...

Have you ever wondered how is it, We know what we need to do in order to change our lives often have NOTHING to do with being NORMAL, YET WE REPEAT THE SAME SELF DEFEATING HABITS AS THE WEEKS AND MONTHS BEFORE! How To Find Success By Losing Your Mind allows you to see an example of looking at what 90-97% of people are doing and running like HELL!



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How To Find Success By Losing My Mind ! How To Find Success By Losing My Mind ! Document Transcript

  • ==== ====For more info go here ====A GREAT STORY! How I got Started! I first started speaking in 1995. I was divorced, disillusionedand broke when a friend invited me to a seminar held by the legendary motivational speaker LesBrown.Before that day, I spent almost every day feeling sorry for myself, crying on the floor, drinking andparticipating in a never-ending pity party. A close friend invited me to a seminar entitled:LIVE YOUR DREAMSI heard Les Brown tell the story of how he, years ago, while waiting on a fellow student, was askedto solve a problem on the board, to which he responded, "I-I cant sir!" The teacher answered, "Ofcourse you can, I will show you what to do."The young Mr. Brown replied, "No, I cant sir...Im EMR (Educable Mentally Retarded)." Theteacher came from behind his desk and said these words: "Dont EVER say those wordsagain...Someones opinion of you does NOT have to become your reality!"Those words empowered me in ways I find difficult to describe to this day! At the end of theseminar, the entire audience was all given the opportunity to ask questions. I could not help butnotice that all of the questions were just about the same..."Mr. Brown, I just lost you think I can make it?"I could not help but wonder--Did ANYBODY GET IT? Soon came my turn, and to be honest, Iwondered what I was going to say--I had NO IDEA! I raised my hand halfheartedly, to myamazement I was picked.I stood up wondering...Where did all this sweat come from? All I know is that I just opened up mymouth, and this is what came out: "Mr. Brown, do you recognize me?"I had no idea what I was saying! I had never met him before! His response was, "I dont have myglasses on." Without thinking, Just as quickly came my reply, "Well, please put them on and allowme to introduce myself. I am the NEXT ONE!" Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. I just knew it wasSecurity rushing to remove me, but instead, it was the applause of 1000 people! By the end of theevening, people were coming up to me, recognizing me as the "next one." Asking me for myautograph, and reaching out to shake my hand. I thought they wanted money "Next One WHAT?"I thought to myself. It was almost as if I were really watching all that was going on instead of beingINVOLVED.A friend of mine that would become Mrs Crawford told me that she was going to buy the book for
  • me (as I was broke).As I stood in the line for the book to be autographed excited and filled with enthusiasm, someonehanded me a survey to gauge my response of the speech we had heard by Mr. Brown. We weretold upon our completion we were NOT to give it to Mr Brown but his assistants as he hadhundreds of autographs to sign.I remember saying to my girlfriend that I was going to hand my survey to him directly....(I was sooocrazy). She told me that I had already made my splash for the night and that I should calm down,but I could not. Just then as if things could not have gotten any better an older woman who wasstanding in line in front of me turned and asked me if I would answer a question for her. I said thatI would. She asked "Where will your organization be located, on the east or west coast?"But I responded to her accordingly when I said actually maam it will be international (I must havebeen hearing voices because I had NEVER thought of these things had no idea that I was geographically challenged. A few moments later a young man in backof me on line tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could have my autograph, MYAUTOGRAPH?Right then he handed me his brand new copy of Live Your dreams that the author Mr. Brown hadnot yet autograph and asked me to sign it.I nervously thought of something and wrote down these words "to my NUMBER 1 fan MarvinCrawford" Never having taken lessons for being famous I handed him my unautographed copy ofLive Your Dreams that the author Mr Brown had not yet autographed and asked him for hisautograph to which he wrote "See you at the top, Brian Gerber.I was on fire and loving every licking flame of it, right about then it was our time to have our copiesfinally autographed by Mr. Brown himself (what a novel idea) All the other cowards,er I meanpeople gave that survey as they were told to the assistants.I folded mine and placed it into my pockets as another warning to calm down came from mygirlfriend. Somehow I blanked her out and focused on the blur at hand. SMILE I entered the roomas nervous as anyone else thinking what I was going to say.As I approached the desk I attempted to say just how much I enjoyed his presentation. when helooked up to me and said "AH! The next one"...I then removed the survey from my pocket and gave it too him and said excuse me for breakingprotocol but since you are going to employ me I had to give it directly to you. He put the paper inhis shirt-pocket and said "When I call dont say LES WHO"? I dismissed it as something famouspeople say to us when they have nothing else to say. He signed my book and home I went. I wason fire for the rest of the night in fact, I STILL am smouldering 13 years later well, about a weeklater I converted back into the couch potato of my former self and while watching TV the phonerang, to which I answered it Praise the lord.The voiced enquired "Has God touched you today Marvin"? I replied "well actually he touched me
  • years ago and never removed his hand" (I had never said this before either) to which he laughed.Not that it really mattered but since I was curious I asked "excuse me who is calling? To which hereplied Mamie Browns baby boy...I was shocked I signalled for my girlfriend to turn down thealready muted television. she did anyway if only to amuse me. here is what my crazy self said "OHMY GOD LES BROWN...paid to speak to fortune 500 companies around the world and here youare calling me, why am I doing the talking and you,should be doing the talking...O caught myself"and I apologized to which he responded " You are doing exactly what I wanted you to.He went onto say "Every since that night I have not been able to get you off of my mind". I thought,was I really hearing these words or had I already passed out onto the hard floor waiting to berevived?I began to ask him all type of questions that had been asked in the survey. Did he want me tospeak etc...he said not now but he had to give me another call at a later date.I then remembered that he was engaged to world renowned singer and my personal idol GladysKnight.So I asked him "Mr Brown I Does she sing to you? he said "You know,its strange I sing to her andshe laughs...I cant believe it, but I actually said dont quit your day job! both he and I laughed. Ican remember as I hung the phone up transforming myself from WOW! LES BROWN CALLEDME to yes he called me. NOW WHERE ARE ALL THOSE OTHER CELEBRITIES THAT SHOULDBE CALLING ME...(The ego is amazing) Ladies and gentlemen, this one event so sparked my lifeand mind in such a way that I too now attempt to give people this same sort of expectancyupgrade. That night, I came to know my purpose in life, which is something I had been doing mywhole life anyway, and that is to inspire other people to answer lifes true call, which isPURPOSE...the reason we all were put here in the first place! LOVOMG CORE-FULLY Sureyoure afraid but DO IT ANYWAY!Little did I know that I would share the stage with Mr. Brown two years later! which can be found inThe day I lost my 2What would happen if you and I lost our present minds? Trading in who we are for who we canbecome. My primary purpose as an inspirational speaker is to help people discover the truth withinthemselves, and to stop them from believing just the circumstances that surround us all. Choosingyour lifes purpose is not easy. But understanding your lifes real purpose will give you the power tohave anything you want--anything at all! Once you can figure out exactly what that is, getting therewill be that much easier. Just DECIDE who you want to be or what you want to do- and BE it. DOit. I want to represent an idea. I want to represent possibilities! I want to represent magic. Theresan incredible power that making a choice has! MAKE A CHOICE. Just decide and then from thatpoint the universe is going to get our of your way! Will Smith on DECIDING to be who you are.Article Source:
  • ==== ====For more info go here ====