Green will glow


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Green will glow

  1. 1. Green will glow<br /> Maimuna Ashraf<br />We have enough seen and spoken depressing about Pakistan especially in some previous days particularly due to Karachi chaos. Every time when I switched on the television to get my mind off the gloomy bits and pieces around, I could find nothing except the bloodshed and moans. Every one including me will be surely tired of the disturbing situation of Karachi. Things may not be all glowing, as Pakistani we may have many reasons to be unhappy about but while looking constantly at dark sides we are badly missing the silver shines. There are definitely many reasons to keep our chins up.The same exploded Karachi for which we were being so pessimist, that Karachi shown us a ray of optimism and gave us the best gift on Independence Day. Enthusiasts gathered in Karachi to create a new record for the most number of people singing a national anthem simultaneously and they succeeded in it. It has been assured by witness and event management that 5,857 people gathered at a stadium in Khadda market area of Karachi and beat the previous record of 5,248 achieved by students, staff, faculty and alumni of MSU-IIT (Philippines) who sang ‘Lupang Hinirang’ Philippines National Anthem at the MSU-IIT gymnasium, in Iligan, Philippines on 1 September 2009. This record breaking attempt was prearranged online by using Facebook and Twitter and these social blogs also played a vital role in calling the few hundred people additional, when the record attempt seemed to face failure. Definitely it was the patriotism and the love of people for their country that drag them out from their houses towards ground to hoist their flag high. It was a slap on the face of pessimism. Nevertheless at sharp 12 the required number of people were gathered in ground and the triumphant multitude started singing the National Anthem to mark Pakistan’s 64th independence day as a memorable day and to set a new world record. It will be set as a Guinness World Record after formal recognition. At last it was optimistic news from Karachi. Karachi’s youth have accomplished a pretty amazing thing. Hope cost nothing and the event showed out that there is always some light at every dark tunnel. It showed that our youth is patriotic, ambitious and together.I noticed that most of the writers in papers and on blogs presented a blur picture of Pakistan’s present and future on Independence Day. They seemed lost in the mystification that what we achieved and what we have lost; what our problems are and to what extent they seem to get resolved. At least in this month we should spread optimism instead of negativity, it’s the month of revival of promises, the month of our Independence. We have many reasons to speak positive, we are very resilient people who created Pakistan from nothing and have survived enormous lethal problems in our history. Our nerves have been tested several times so we should be certain to survive ever and forever as we are the born survivors and we are used to fighting against all probabilities. We should strive hard to win the war of our survival. Apart all the issues Pakistanis are not meant to run out from their country, we should strive hard to win the war of our endurance and we should remember that we exist because we always dare to resist!In recent days due to some upheavals and propagandas an ugliest picture about Pakistan has been represented in front of the world, a black picture without any colours. It’s a month to recall the bright picture of Pakistan. Pakistanis is a patriotic and enthusiastic nation and it showed it on 64th Independence Day, Pakistan marked its name many times in Guinness Book of World Record. In this month we should count our achievements and should appreciate the people who made us proud. Lets recall our achievements as a nation, it’s a nation whose Ali Nawazish made a World record by passing 23 A, Air Commodore MM Alam has a world record of shooting down five Indian planes in less than a minute, Shoaib Akhtar threw fastest ball of a cricket ball, Dr. Muhammad Mustansar made record for having largest collection of dummies, Lipton Yellow Label of Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd made the largest tea bag, Network Television Marketing Ltd in Faisalabad set record by making largest cake. Its a nation having Muhammad Ilyas as the youngest civil judge, Jansher Khan who has world most champion squash title, Jahangir Khan having the most world championship squash titles, largest Shah Faisal Mosque, largest football (soccer) by Ihsan Sports of Hajipura, Zafar Gill who set record as heaviest weight lifter, Abdul Sattar Edhi running largest volunteer ambulance organization. Pakistan has world records for largest appendix removed from a 55-year old Pakistani man, smallest published Quran book, and the largest flaming candle image took at the Serena Hotel Faisalabad, most tree plantation in a day, largest silver ring made by Master jewellers Amin and company. Nineteen ladies from Karachi made a record recently by squeezing themselves in a two-door smart car. Moreover there are many other records which deserve admiration.South Korea is a tiny country having fewer resources yet has risen from the ruins of war, same is Singapore. But unlike Singapore and South Korea our land is blessed with the world’s best resources. Moreover the examples of Turkey and Sri Lanka are there. They were once facing the same problems which Pakistan is facing today but now they are moving on the road of success. History is evident that Europeans also took a lot of time in their development after various disturbances including wars, revolutions, violence etcetera; the prosperous nation which we see today is here after learning many lessons from their mistakes. In the same way Pakistan will also row up in the list of prosperous nations one day. It has all the reasons to progress. Pakistan is a country which has seventh largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world and the country is ranked as ninth in the world where English language is spoken and used as an official language. Its seventh nuclear power, has seventh largest standing Armed Force in the world. It has the second highest mountain peak K2, highest railway station ‘Kan Mehtarazai’. Pakistan’s ‘Lalazar’ often termed as most beautiful place on earth. Its Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest peak in the world, its Shundur Polo festival takes place at the world’s highest Polo ground. Its Karakoram Highway is famous as the eighth wonder of the world. Its Gwadar is the world’s largest deep sea port, Khewra Mines are the second largest salt mine in the world. The Haleji Lake is the Asia’s largest bird sanctuary while Tharparker Desert is one among the largest deserts in the world. It’s the land of oldest civilization, Indus Valley and Mohenjo-Daro. In short the greener pasture is made to progress along with other affluent countries. Let’s keep the Pakistan high. Green will glow one day on its full, things will really get changed as compared to present situation but for this we should be courageous and strong enough to bear tough circumstances and propagated world. Besides there is dire need to be optimistic rather than blowing the glimmer of hope. Media which brings all the gloomy things can surely bring the gleaming things up in order to illuminate the already gloomy faces and shattered hopes.<br />