E2EVC SCVMM / Windows Azure Pack
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E2EVC SCVMM / Windows Azure Pack



SCVMM 2012 R2, new Features

SCVMM 2012 R2, new Features
Fabric Management
Self Service and Orchestration



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    E2EVC SCVMM / Windows Azure Pack E2EVC SCVMM / Windows Azure Pack Presentation Transcript

    • SCVMM 2012 R2 & Windows Azure Pack: The Cockpit for your private cloud Michael Rüefli Cloud Architect INSERTO AG www.miru.ch Thomas Maurer Cloud Architect & MVP itnetx gmbh www.thomasmaurer.ch
    • Hybrid Cloud / Fabric Management App Controller Microsoft Azure Windows Azure Pack Service Provider Foundation SCVMM Services VMs Apps Hosts Storage Network
    • Fabric Management Enhancements Broader Support for Storage Arrays Virtual Fibre Channel Management FC Zone Management Scale out File Server Deployment / Management TOR Switch Management Cisco Nexus 1000v end-to-end Support
    • Networking
    • What’s new in Networking Inbox, multitenant NVGRE Gateway Remote Tracing IPAM Integration Cisco Nexus 1000v
    • Network Virtualization Before and Now Tenant A Tenant B VM Network VM Network Logical Network Hyper-V HNV Gateway Physical Network Hyper-V
    • Multi-Tenant HNV Gateway Virtual Machine running Server 2012 R2 with RRAS Role On dedicated Hyper-V Host 50 S2S VPNs / 200 virtual Subnets per single GW Service Template for Scale Out / Redundancy Support for Site-to-Site VPN with 3rd Party Products from Cisco, Juniper, Citrix
    • IPAM – VMM Integration AD DC / NPS / DNS SCVMM IPAM Management Server DNS DHCP • Extend IPAM with virtual IP Addresses managed by VMM
    • DEMO Networking (HNV)
    • Storage Management
    • What’s new in Storage Management SOFS Baremetal Deployment / Management Native iSCSI SMI-S Support for MS Target Extended SMI-S / SMP 3rd Party Array Support ODX Support for VM Cloning / Deployment
    • Fabric: Storage SCVMM Storage Management FC/iSCSI SMB3 SMB3 Scaleout Fileserver (SOFS) SAN 3rd Party NAS Devices Node Node SAS SAS JBOD
    • EMC's view on SMB3 http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/solution-overview/h11912-vnx-with-ms-smb-3.0-so.pdf
    • DEMO Storage
    • Windows Azure Pack
    • Windows Azure Pack Brings Azure Capabilities on Premise
    • Cloud OS Consistent Experiences Windows Azure Web Sites Apps Database VMs Customer Subscriber Self-Service Portal Self Service Portal Moves On-Premises Service Plans Users Provider Portal Service Provider Web Sites Apps Database VMs Consumer Self-Service Portal Common Mgt. Experience Worker Role Web Sites VMs SQL Service Bus Caching Other Services CDN. Media,, etc. Cloud-Enabled Services Move On-Premises Web Sites VMs SQL Service Bus Future Services R2 w/ Service Provider Foundation Workloads R2 Consistent Dev. Experience
    • Service Consumers Consume infrastructure and apps from service providers as “off the shelf” solutions Service Providers Offer and administer services that are provided to customers self-service administration extreme focus on cost acquire capacity on demand maximize per-customer profit empowered operations hardware efficiency predictable costs automate everything get up & running quickly differentiate on SLAs
    • Cloud Offerings for Service Consumers
    • Web Sites Build highly scalable web applications Iterate with integrated source control Manage your app with real-time telemetry Scale up with one click Support for .Net, Node.js, PHP, Python
    • Service Bus Messaging service for cloud apps Guaranteed message delivery Publish-subscribe messaging patterns Standard protocols (REST, AMQP, WS*) Interoperability (.NET, Java/JMS, C/C++) Now integrated with management portal
    • Virtual Machines Windows Azure-consistent IaaS - User Experience & API Virtual Machine Roles - Portable - Elastic - Gallery - Windows and Linux Support Virtual Networks - Site to Site connectivity - Tenant supplied IP addresses
    • Additional Services Identity - Active Directory - ADFS Federation - Co-administrators Database Services - SQL Server - MySQL Custom services from provider Programmatic access to cloud services - Windows Azure Consistent REST APIs
    • Deployment Architecture Tenant Portal Tenant Public API Internet Firewall ADFS Admin Portal Admin API Tenant API SQL (for config data) Resource Providers
    • Enabling Service Providers
    • Administration Offer Services to Tenants via Plans Provide Add-ons to subscriptions Manage subscriptions Administer Services Extend and customize
    • Automation Optimize and extend services using runbooks Powershell workflows Web-based runbook authoring Manage runbooks and jobs Integrates with other systems including System Center
    • Usage and Reporting Continuous usage metering per tenant subscription Per-subscription Billing APIs IaaS Data Warehouse Server Inventory Reports
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • IaaS Architecture Tenant Portal Service Admin Portal Service Management API Service Provider Foundation (Tenant, Admin, Usage) Virtual Machine Manager Orchestrator Windows Server Hyper-V Operations Manager
    • De-Mystifing SPF Enables Hosted IaaS Features • • Service management • Self-service VM networks • Virtual Machines Virtual Machine Manager VM management Multi-tenancy / Multi-stamp • Self-service tenant administration • Enterprise identity for SPF • Extensibility for hosted cloud API • Usage Metering via SCOM
    • Service Admin Gallery Import and Manage Gallery Items Resource Definition Package Publish / Unpublish Gallery Items to Tenants Immediate impact when unpublishing Add Gallery Items to Plans Scopes access based on plan and subscription Gallery Item authorization from SPF Resource extension from VMM
    • Tenant Virtual Machine Features  Cloud OS Virtual Machine Role  Scale-out and Scale-In of a Virtual Machine Role  Update settings  Upgrade to new version  Change networks  Start/Stop/Shutdown VMs  Add/Remove Devices  Support for VM Templates  Active Directory Authentication  Co-admins can share subscription
    • Tenant Networks Tenants create their own networks Site to Site VPN Network Address Translation (NAT) Configuration of topology and border gateway protocol (BGP) Tenant IP addresses with network virtualization Consistent user experience with Azure
    • Enable Remote Console Access for Tenants VMs can be: On isolated network/no network Windows/Linux/No OS Requires RDP client supporting Remote Desktop Protocol 8.1 Windows Azure Pack Service Management Portal System Center 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Remote Desktop Gateway
    • Windows Azure Pack IaaS Demo
    • Other Areas of VMM R2 Improvements Live Cloning Virtual Machines & Services File Injection Deployment Scripts Differencing Disks Roles / Delegation Per User Role / Cloud Permissions
    • Upgrading an existing Private Cloud
    • Upgrading your Private Cloud to R2 1. 2. 3. 4. No In-Place Upgrade Path (except Databases) Uninstall SCVMM / App Controller Install SCVMM R2 / App Controller R2 Upgrade VMM Mgmt Agent on Managed Hyper-V Hosts Library Servers PXE Servers 5. Side-by-Side Upgrade of Hyper-V Clusters
    • THANK YOU! Michael Rüefli Cloud Architect INSERTO AG www.miru.ch @drmiru Thomas Maurer Cloud Architect & MVP itnetx gmbh www.thomasmaurer.ch @ThomasMaurer