Learning to use Blackboard by Karen Watts


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Created by Snead State Instructor of Childhood Care and Learning, Karen Watts.

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Learning to use Blackboard by Karen Watts

  1. Learning to Use Blackboard<br />Karen Watts<br />Snead State Community College<br />2008<br />
  2. WELCOME TO BLACKBOARD!<br />This PowerPoint presentation will walk you through the basics of the Blackboard system. You may print out the presentation for reference as you go through the various Blackboard components. <br />
  3. Click on the Blackboard icon<br />
  4. Log into the system following theinstructions given below the Log In box.<br />
  5. Notice the menu to the left with Assignments, Discussions, Mail, etc.<br />
  6. Notice the My Grades tab.<br />
  7. Use the scroll bar to scroll down so you can see everything listed on the Course Content page.<br />
  8. Click on the assignments tab. The list of open assignments appear. Click on the BLUE of the assignment you wish to open.<br />
  9. Read the assignment. Then scroll down and either type into the submission box or attach a file.<br />
  10. Type assignment directly into this box or attach below using Add Attachments.<br />
  11. After clicking Add Attachments, this screen appears. You must click on My Computer. This will bring up My Documents (which will be your personal files). Find the file you wish to attach. Open the file and attach.<br />
  12. Be sure to click on Submit after you have finished with the assignment by either typing into the submission box or by attaching.<br />If you spend too much time typing into the assignment box, you may get timed out of the system. In that case, when you click on submit it will go back to the sign-in screen because you have spent too much time and you will lose your work. If you think you have timed out, copy what you have typed in BEFORE you submit. Then you can just paste after you log back on.<br />ALWAYS complete your assignments off-line and then copy/paste into the submission box or attach to prevent time out!<br />
  13. To send an e-mail, first click on the Mail tab in the left menu. This box will appear. Click on Create Message.<br />
  14. Click on Browse for Recipients<br />
  15. Remember to<br />put in a subject<br />Type your message and click on Send.<br />
  16. To submit a discussion, first click on the discussion tab in the left menu. Next click on the discussion you wish to enter.<br />
  17. You can use any of the other features in the left menu. <br /><ul><li>Click on My Grades to view your graded assignments.
  18. Click on Web Links to explore any links posted by your instructor.
  19. Click on Syllabus to view the class syllabus if posted there.
  20. A green icon will appear when you have new assignments, assessments, mail, discussions, etc.</li>