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Health portal ppt

  1. 1. ‘ WELLNESS ON WEB’ Health - Wellness Stress Management & Work BY DR MEENA SHAH Life Balance Women & Family’s Health INFORMATION & A-V FOR COMPANY’S WEBSITE
  2. 2. Health Info On Company’s Portal Health Awareness, Health, Lifestyle & Stress Management & Disease Care Are Key Issues Today Two Ways To Impact Both Are :  Training & Empowerment  Knowledge Building & Constant Reminders To All PEOPLE Using COMPANY’S Portal For Promoting Health & Motivating PEOPLE is a unique, high impact initiative with high ROI
  3. 3. Health Info On PortalLarge company population is computer literate and uses emailand web extensivelyWe Can take Up That As An Opportunity To Reach Many On Health Care InformationHealth Problems Does Not Allow PEOPLE To Live & Work To Best Of Their Capabilities. 40% of lost work days are dueto avoidable diseases.It Only Takes Creative & Bold Initiative To Make Big Difference
  4. 4. Health Portal With Dr Meena Shah• We Want PEOPLE To Be Energetic , Healthy & Productive• We want employees to feel cared for• We want employees to feel empowered in their professional and personal lives physically and mentally• Medical Check Up Only Tells About Health Problems & Providing Facilities For Treatment Helps In Taking Care Of Diseases
  5. 5. WHAT DOES IT MEANWe will provide pertinent information (selected by you) infour formats1.Video Clips (2-3) minutes2.PPTs3.Articles4.Weekly tips (complimentary)Weekly tips may be mass emailed and can include links tovideo clips/ppts/articles.
  6. 6. Video ClipsDr. Meena Shah has created hundreds of films, appeared in thousandsof TV shows and created a large bank of videos on wellness in Indiansocio cultural contextWe will provide 2-3 Health & Wellness. on a variety of heredifferent topics on minute video clips See SampleHighlights Of Video ClipsInteresting And Practical Video Clips Are An Excellent And Unique Way Of CommunicationShort, Scientific And Crisp To Hold Viewer’s InterestEdited To Incorporate Company Name, Logo, Slogan EtcVideo Will Be Motivating To Put Viewer In Daily Action Mode
  7. 7. Presentation - PPTs Presentations are very effective to communicate a lot of information in an interesting manner We will provide 25-30 slide PPTs on a variety of different topics on Health & WellnessHighlights Of PPTS Sample PPTScientific And Crisp To HoldViewer’s InterestEdited To Incorporate CompanyName, Logo, Slogan Etc.Matching and appropriategraphics and animationsincorporated
  8. 8. Articles & Weekly TipsDr Meena Shah is a renowned contributor to numerous dailies and magazinesHighlights Of Articles Articles are well written Will be delivered in PDF format Edited To Incorporate Company Colors, Name, Logo, Slogan Etc Matching and appropriate pictures are includedHighlights of Weekly TipsWeekly tips are simple yet effective health tips that serve two purposes1. Remind employees about their health with interesting tips2. Promote the videos/PPTs and articles that have been published
  9. 9. Articles Sample
  10. 10. Some ClientsTata ChemicalsIFFCOAditya BirlaAhmedabad Municipal CorpONGCAtul IndustriesGMDCTimes Wellness
  11. 11. Sample Health Portal
  12. 12. Regular Tips, Videos, PPTs and Articles ImpactThis Can Translate In PEOPLE Having Better Physical & Mental Health Fewer Health Complaints Lesser ‘Time Off Work’ Reduced Medical Expense Balance Of Medical Care & Self Care Greater Productivity
  13. 13. Why Medico Media & Dr Meena Shah1. Premier corporate wellness coach in India since 25years. Completed 3000+ workshops in 200 companies.This translates to perfect understanding of occupationalhealth concerns in Corporate India2. Active in creating A/V material, videos, CDS etc.Created over 1000 videos, recorded thousands of TVshows and created numerous award winningdocumentaries for the Govt Of GujaratResult: Unique combination of health training and A/Vproduction. Largest bank of health A/Vs for corporates inIndia
  14. 14. Common SubjectsHealthy NutritionEating Healthy – Anytime & EverywhereFitnessYoga For Busy PeopleHygiene- CleanlinessErgonomics & Posture CareOccupational HealthWeight ManagementStress managementWork Life Balance
  15. 15. Common SubjectsDiabetesHigh BPHeart careBackache / Neck painJoint Pain - ArthritisIndigestionGood SleepAvoiding fatigueHigh Energy Lifestyle.Common diseases their prevention & careMedical check ups & self evaluationDental careEye care
  16. 16. Common SubjectsWomen’s healthWomen & Family’s Health CareAdolescent Health & FitnessPregnancy CareEasy Child BirthPostnatal recoveryChild CareWellness In Menopause & Beyond