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  • 1. Penguins Andrea Morales
  • 2. Table Of Contents
  • 3. Habitat • Live in snow packs or rocky shore lines • Swim mostly in Southern Oceans • Humbolt Penguins live along the cost of Peru and Chile in South America • Also live in burrows • Some Humbolt penguins live in rocky caves along the clift
  • 4. Food And Water • They drink the water but get rid of the salt to not get sick • Most penguins take short naps • Penguins are fast and powerful to catch their prey • Grab their prey with there pointy bills • May travel 620 miles to catch there food.
  • 5. Daily Behaviors • Penguins can’t breath under the for a while they need to come out and take a breath • Most penguins spend 3 quarters of there life in the ocean hunting for food • When penguins are in land they need to meet a mate and get married forever • Live in large groups called rookies • Preen themselves everyday to take care of themselves
  • 6. Family Structure • Share taking care of food and responsibility • Throw up there food to feed there babies instead • Penguin eggs must be worm to be healthy to protect themselves • After a few months penguins lose there feathers and get new ones • The male penguin and the female penguin share there baby together
  • 7. Interesting Facts • When chicks are born they take five years to grow adults • Chicks stand together to keep themselves warm • Illegal to take a penguins chick; it could die without there parents • Mostly live in Antartica • Some penguins don’t live in cold places
  • 8. Bibliography Hall, Margaret. Penguins and Their Chicks Mankato: Capstone Press, 2004. Squire, Ann. Penguins a True Book Canada: Children’s Press, 2007.