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Recommended antenatal &post natal exercises
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Recommended antenatal &post natal exercises


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual

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  • 1. Prof. M.C. Bansal MBBS.,MS. FICOG ., MICOG. Ex . Principal & controller Jhalawar Medical College & Hospital & M.G.M.C & Hospital . Sitapura ., Jaipur .
  • 2. General advice  Avoid wrong postures during standing and sitting.  Pregnant woman should do regular non-strenuous exercises.  Deep & slow breathing with expansion of chest and abdomen wall will increase oxygen perfusion in the lungs, thereby providing plenty of oxygen to the fetus and the mother.  Yoga techniques like Anulom-Vilom, bhramari , Pranayam etc. will help a lot her and her baby in giving mental and physical relaxation.
  • 3. General advise-  Swimming for half an hour is the best exercise for a pregnant women if she knows swimming safely.  Other than exercise sitting , standing , lifting and sleeping in right posture will protect her from backache , leg cramps and muscle pulling.  Forthcoming pictures will help the women to do exercises on her own.
  • 4. Instructions while doing exercise Put on suitable comfortable cloths & shoes.  Warm up the body by brisk walking for ten minutes on carpet.  Take proper positions ( sitting , lying down or standing), take deep breath , do limbs/ arms/ head or back movements as per mode of exercise.  Maintain this posture and hold breath for 10 ten counts.  Return back to original position.
  • 5. Instructions while doing exercise--  Repeat the same posture with opposite side of limb/ arm and head alternatively.  Perform each exercise (posture as shown in forth coming slides) for ten times.  Stop doing exercise in case you feel exhausted or short of breath.  After completion of exercise lie down on your back and relax for ten minutes (Shavian) .  It is advisable to start these exercises under the guidance of physiotherapist/ obstetrician for first two or three days than you may do on your own at your residence.  For further reading please log on to-----------
  • 6. When not to do exercise ??  If you are suffering from blood pressure , low haemoglobin (anaemia) , lung or heart disease, disc prolapse, bleeding per vagina in cases of previous/ present miscarriage and bleeding in later half of the pregnancy.  In doubt always better to consult your obtetrician.
  • 7. Leg raising in supine position
  • 8. Hip raising in supine position
  • 9. Lower Limbs raising and head raising in supine position
  • 10. Different exercises in lying down and sitting position
  • 11. Upper leg raising in lateral position
  • 12. Side bending
  • 13. Right posture to sleep
  • 14. Leg raising in prone position
  • 15. Leg raising in prone position
  • 16. Abdomen blowing in and out in knee wrist position
  • 17. Deep abdomino-thoracic breathing
  • 18. Do up and down thigh movements after sitting in position shown
  • 19. Deep respiration while raising the hands till ten counts
  • 20. Shoulder movement
  • 21. Back bending with stretched hand support in sitting position
  • 22. Side bending in sitting position
  • 23. Forward bending to touch toes with extended leg
  • 24. Crossing hands in sitting position
  • 25. Abdominal twist
  • 26. Forward bending in sitting position
  • 27. Forward bending to touch toes with extended knee
  • 28. Back stretching
  • 29. Hand raising with deep inspiration till ten counts
  • 30. Knee bending in standing position
  • 31. Hand raising with both legs apart
  • 32. Hand stretching, head twist with stretched legs in standing position
  • 33. Overhead hand stretching with legs apart